The materials presented herein contain legal content referencing and directly citing official U.S. tax statutes, tax regulations and federal court decisions regarding the limited authority of the U.S. Government to impose income taxes or withholding, and the legal duties and obligations (or lack thereof) that are allegedly imposed upon American businesses and the Americans that labor for them.

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3-16-03   (updated 2/04)

IRS & DOJ Put On Notice:
National Campaign To Stop Withholding

On March 15, 2003, Bob Schulz officially put the IRS on notice that WTP has initiated a national campaign to educate officials of private companies that under U.S. law, their workers are not subject to withholding, that the companies are not legally "withholding agents" and that the individual income tax is fraudulent in its origin and unlawful in its enforcement and operation.

WTP’s letter was addressed to the new IRS Commissioner, Mark W. Everson. A copy of the full packet of information to be presented to each company during the campaign was enclosed with the letter to Mr. Everson.

Copies of the letter, with the enclosure, were also sent to: President George W. Bush; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist; Speaker J. Dennis Hastert; Attorney General John Ashcroft; Treasury Secretary John Snow; and David Cay Johnston of the New York Times.

Enclosed with each letter was a copy of a blue folder labeled, "Legal Termination of Tax Withholding For Companies, Workers and Independent Contractors." In the folder were the following documents:

  • Letter from Bob Schulz to Chief Executive Officers of American Companies,
  • "Charge To Jury" from Vivian Kellem’s 1950 withholding trial, with a preface by WTP

In his letter, Schulz asks each of the government officials to inform WTP if the withholding information is in any way faulty or misleading.

WTP encourages everyone to freely download the documents and distribute copies to local businesses and all company officials that they may know or have contact with in their area.

If anyone would like WTP to send them a printed copies of the March 15, 2003 letter to the IRS, together with its enclosure, the "Legal Termination of Tax Withholding For Companies, Workers and Independent Contractors" information package, they can order same from our website store for a nominal donation of $20. Let us know if you cannot afford the $20.

We are also encouraging our state and county coordinators to begin arranging and scheduling free 1/2 day seminars for company officials in their area for the purpose of educating the officials about the program and answering all questions. WTP will cover expenses and will either train the local coordinator to conduct the seminar or will send someone to conduct the seminar. Additional details will be forthcoming.

On March 16, from 1-4 PM, Schulz will conduct the first regional meeting to educate American workers and companies about their right to legally terminate withholding at the Nashua, New Hampshire Sheraton, just off Exit 1 on US Route 3. On Monday evening March 17, Schulz will speak at the Regency Suites Hotel on Southbridge Street in Worcester, Massachusetts from 7:30 – 9:30.

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