Give Me Liberty 2004

The First Annual

We The People Foundation &
We The People Congress
National Conference

Near Washington DC,
Thursday-Saturday, January 22-24, 2004


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We are proud to announce "Give Me Liberty 2004," The first annual WTP Foundation and Congress National Conference. 

Our three day event in Washington DC will feature nationally
renowned speakers, scholars, attorneys and authors coming together to create a historic dialogue regarding the 1st Amendment
Right to Petition and its power as the legal tool to reclaim
Freedom and restore Constitutional Order to our nation. 

The conference is being held simultaneously, in the hotel next-door
to "CPAC 2004", the annual Conservative Political Action
 Conference which attracts thousands of conservative "movers
and shakers." 

WTP will host an information booth at CPAC 2004.

Special discounts will be available for CPAC 2004 attendees that wish to also participate in the the Give Me Liberty 2004 conference.
 Details available at our CPAC booth! 

Give Me Liberty 2004  
The Conference to
Restore the Constitution
&  Reclaim Our Republic
  • Nationally Renowned Speakers, Authors, Legal Scholars & Attorneys
  • Book Signings
  • Academic Panels, Analyses
  • Historical Debates & Dialogues
  • Banquet & Reception (Fri. night)
  • Extras, Entertainment, Information & Unforgettable Moments that will shape history...

Plan now for a special trip to DC
to join with those who cherish
freedom so much that they'll
fight to restore our Constitution.


Crystal City Marriott
at Reagan National Airport

1999 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202

Phone: 703-413-5500

NO More GML2004 Discounted
Rooms Available At This Time!

Click Here for Alternative Hotel
Choices in the Arlington/DC area

We The People has reserved
Marriott's large, plushly furnished
Crystal Forum auditorium for the
conference event including "comfy
chairs", wide row spacing, writing
desks & a large video screen.

Speakers, Agenda & Events  
(subject to change)
Full Agenda

Partial List of Currently Scheduled Speakers:

Dr. Alan Keyes, author & former Ambassador to the UN
Joseph Sobran, nationally syndicated columnist, author
Joseph Farah, author, Taking America Back, Editor/CEO,
Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America 
Aaron Russo, film and music producer (The Rose, Trading Places)
Angel Shamaya, founder, Keep and Bear
Angela “Bay” Buchanan
Mark Lane, Attorney, author, “Rush to Judgment”, lead consul for the pending Right to Petition class-action lawsuit
G. Edward Griffin, author, “The Creature From Jekyll Island
PLUS many, many others including:
Arch McColl III, Defense attorney for Dick Simkanin
Larry Becraft, Constitutional Attorney
Vernice Kuglin, FedEx Pilot acquitted of Failure to File
Former IRS agents Joe Banister, John Turner & Sherry Jackson
Former FBI agent Jan Linday
Hutton Gibson, patriot & father of Mel Gibson
Clay Conrad, attorney, Chairman, Fully Informed Jury Association
Paul Chappell, attorney, former IRS Office of Chief Counsel




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