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The First Annual

We The People Foundation &
We The People Congress
National Conference

Arlington, Virginia
January 22-24, 2004

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Seat At the Conference

Only $75 for 3-Full Days
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Package Enhancement Just Announced !

Each request will now also receive a FREE set of CD-ROMs containing the record of the historic conference!  The CD-ROMs will be mailed out several weeks following the conference. 
Be sure to provide your proper mailing address when prompted!  

Here's How to Reserve & Access Your
Internet-PPV Seat at the GML2004 Conference:

1) <<Link Disabled>> to access the secure PPV-donation system and reserve your Internet seat at the
GML2004 conference and to get your FREE set of CD-ROMs.

Note: We will soon offer additional "on-demand" viewing of the Conference & copies of the conference record on CD-ROM and other media...

The payment processing "portal" we are using for this event is PayPal. If you do not have an existing PayPal account, you may be prompted to quickly create a new PayPal account based on your e-mail address in order to process your credit card payment. If you have an existing PayPal account with a checking account tied to it you can use that option as well.
 PayPal accepts:

2)  At the beginning of the registration process you will be prompted to create a unique user ID and password so that you can access the live data stream for WTP event. 

After entering some basic viewer information for the streaming database, you will be redirected to the PayPal website for payment processing.  Once payment is accepted, your password and user ID will allow you entry into the streaming website where you can test your reception of the video stream.  You will receive verification of your payment by e-mail from PayPal.

Please write down & print out
your User ID & Password!

It will be the ONLY record of your PPV ticket password and User-ID!

Because you will NOT be e-mailed a copy of your PPV user ID or password, we strongly suggest you immediately e-mail yourself the following link for the event AND the User-ID and password you created at the time you reserved your access "ticket."

The link to enter the live event OR to obtain a PPV "ticket" is:

Note: <<Link Disabled>>
Note: We will soon offer additional "on-demand" viewing of the Conference & copies of the conference record on CD-ROM and other media...

: The PPV access passwords can only used by a SINGLE user, but may be used repeatedly to enter (and re-enter as necessary) the broadcast during the duration of the conference.  In addition, each PPV access ticket is "metered" and can only be used to view up to a maximum of approximately 27 viewing hours over the conference availability window.

3)  On the actual day of the conference, click on the link provided above and enter the information requested in the EXISTING ID area of the form to begin viewing the event. 

The conference is currently scheduled to run from approximately 9 AM through 5 PM Eastern on each of the three days. (6 AM through 2 PM Pacific) The opening ceremony on Thursday AM, January 22nd is currently scheduled to commence slightly earlier, at 8:50 AM Eastern.
For more details about speakers and times, please see the agenda.

4)  For those that cannot watch the event live in its entirety, or need to view it in a more flexible manner, archives of the major morning and afternoon conference segments will be created and released on a "real-time", incremental basis during the conference, allowing for limited "on-demand" viewing during the live conference streaming window and for a limited time immediately following the conference.  While the archives are open, they will be accessible 24/7. 

For example, this option will allow West Coast viewers to begin to access the conference 3-4 hours after it actually occurs and will allow East Coast viewers to access the conference during the evening hours after live streaming ceases for the day-- or even while live streaming of other conference segments is occurring.

Please note
: Your PPV conference "ticket" is restricted to a single user and cannot be used to view more than approximately 27 total hours of streaming, using either the "live" or (limited) "on-demand" modes. 

5)  The broadcast will be encoded in "Windows Media" format. You will need Windows Media Player to access and view the video stream.  To test your connection in advance of the event and make sure you have the correct software version of Windows Media Player, use the streaming link above to log on and view the short test video.

It is strongly suggested that you upgrade your existing Windows Media software to the latest version (Version 9) so that your computer can optimize the reception on your computer. 

For a **FREE** download of Windows Media Player software, click here:

To avoid missing any of the conference because of software compatibility problems, please perform this test and upgrade your software well in advance of the actual event.    


Other Important Notes Regarding
The Pay-Per-View Broadcast:

To ensure that the PPV event is a high quality, professionally produced experience, We The People has in good faith, (and at significant expense), contracted with an experienced professional video production house and an established high-volume Internet streaming provider to support our conference event. 

Our Internet streaming provider has many world-wide recognized corporate clients and has the necessary bandwidth capacity and software technology to easily accommodate our broadcast needs.   

Although we have taken these steps to make certain all conference viewers experience a professional production and receive a high-quality transmission of the live GML2004 event,  WTP can in no way warrant the content (or length) of the PPV production, or the the quality of the reception you actually experience on your computer. The agenda for the conference is, of course, subject to change at any time.

The broadcast should be able to be fully enjoyed by anyone using a DSL/cable modem or a dial-up modem connected at close to 56kbps.  Obviously, the better your connection, the better the your picture and sound will be.

Due to the significant additional costs involved, video of the evening sessions (i.e., the Jefferson Banquet and the Operation Stop Withholding workshop) will not be broadcast. WTP intends to make videos of these limited portions of the conference available at a later date.

We hope that you understand that due to the nature of our PPV live event, there can be NO refunds or partial refunds.

We The People Foundation owns and controls the copyright for the event.
Rebroadcast, recording or retransmission of the broadcast in any form is strictly prohibited without the express, written consent of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.

If for some reason you should lose your User-ID, password or link for the event or have technical questions please call: (will be identified later)

The link to enter the live event OR to obtain a PPV "ticket" is:

Note: <<Link Disabled>>
Note: We will soon offer additional "on-demand" viewing of the Conference & copies of the conference record on CD-ROM and other media...