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We The People Foundation
For Constitutional Education, Inc.

 Give Me Liberty 2004
First Annual National Conference

Crystal City Marriott, Arlington, Virginia

January 22-24, 2004 


Wednesday, January 21 

6-9 PM   Early registration

Thursday, January 22

7:30 AM    Registration

9:00     Welcome, Devvy Kidd

9:05     Opening Remarks, Bob Schulz, Chairman WTP, “The Courage of Our Convictions.”

9:15     Speaker, Charlie Beall, Not Possible: Separation of God and State.”

9:45   Speaker:  Joseph Sobran, nationally syndicated columnist, author, publisher, What Must A Free People Do With Evidence That The Servant Government Is Taking Over The House ?”

10:30   Panel Session #1:   The Right to Petition the Government
                                       for Redress of Grievances

This panel will examine the nature, meaning and contemporary application of the
“re-discovered” 1st Amendment Right to Petition and discuss its far-reaching
implications for the future of our Republic and its essential principles.

Moderator:   Joseph Sobran, nationally syndicated columnist, author, publisher

             Panel:   Gregory Mark, Professor, Rutgers University School of Law, Law Review
                               author, “
THE VESTIGIAL CONSTITUTION: The History and Significance
                               of the Right to Petition
                          Mark Lane, Attorney, author, “Rush to Judgment”, lead counsel, pending
                               Right to Petition class-action lawsuit.
                          John Wolfgram, attorney, Law Review author, “
How the Judiciary Stole The Right
                               To Petition

12:30    Book Signings & Lunch Break  

2:00     Speaker:  Joseph Sobran, Firearms: To Protect The Country From The Government.”

2:45      Panel Session #2: The Constitution v. Gun Control 

This panel will discuss the 2nd Amendment. The discussion will consider original intent, the recent decision by the Supreme Court to leave undisturbed the decision by the 9th Circuit in Silveira that the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee an individuals Right to keep and bear arms, and the means to arrest future abuses.

            Moderator:   Angel Shamaya, founder, Keep and Bear         

            Panel:    Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
                         Peter Mancus, attorney, author, “Reflections Upon the
U.S. Supreme Court's 
                               Rejection of Silveira.”
                         Donald Kilmer, attorney specializing in 2nd Amendment defense issues
                         Samuel Francis, nationally syndicated columnist
                         John Lott,* Professor, author, “More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-
                              Control Laws.”

5:00      Book Signings & Dinner Break                       

7:00     WTP Congress Workshop:  The Constitution v.
                                                    Income Tax Withholding

This 2-hour workshop is for workers, employers, independent contractors, business owners and tax professionals on the legality of the non-voluntary, forceful taking by businesses of  “bread from the mouths of labor,” and the means to prevent future abuses.

            Instructors:  Tax Attorney Paul Chappell (Former IRS Office of Chief Counsel,
                                      Washington, DC),
                               Lynda Wall (Paralegal and expert on withholding of payroll taxes),
                               Tim Randolph (highly rated professional employee one day, fired the next
                                      for asking his employer to terminate his W-4  Agreement) and
                               Bob Schulz (Chairman, We The People Congress)


Friday, January 23

9:00      Speaker:  Aaron Russo, film and music producer,  “We Can and Must Hold Government

9:30      Panel Session #3:   The Constitution v. The Federal Reserve System

This panel will address the constitutionality of the Federal Reserve System and the
economic risks that stem from this privately owned banking cartel. Specific legal
allegations contained in the WTP Petition for Redress regarding the Federal Reserve
 System will also be covered.

Moderator:  G. Edward Griffin, author, documentarian, The Creature From Jekyll Island


Panel:   Dr. Edwin Veira*, attorney, author, “PIECES of EIGHT: THE legal history of the
                   United States of America’s monetary system
,” and
                   “CRA$HMAKER: A Federal Affaire.”

            Bill Still, author, “The Money Masters”.
            Bernard von NotHaus, Monetary Architect, author, “
The Liberty Dollar Solution To

                   The Federal Reserve.”            

12:00    Book Signings & Lunch Break                       

1:00      Speaker:  McColl III,  “Sixth Amendment At Risk: Dick Simkanin Was Denied His
                           Right To Formulate a Defense and to Present Evidence In Support of His Beliefs.

 2:00      Panel Session #4:   The Constitution v. Federal Taxes and
                                        Judicial/Prosecutorial Misconduct (PART 1).

This panel will discuss jury rights, defendant’s rights, abuses of the grand jury system, judicial and prosecutorial misconduct and petitions/recommendations for reform.

Moderator:   Arch McColl, III, criminal defense attorney

Panel:   Clay Conrad, attorney, Chairman, Fully Informed Jury Association
                        Kyle Dowd,* National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
                        Larry Becraft, defense attorney specializing in internal revenue laws
                        Paul Chappell, Tax Attorney, former counsel, IRS Office of Chief Counsel                    
                               IRS Headquarters in Washington, DC.
                        James Ostrowski,
attorney specializing in cases against government officials
                        Joseph Sobran, syndicated columnist and author.
                        Mark Lane, Attorney, screen writer, author, “Rush to Judgment”, lead 
counsel, pending
                               Right to Petition class-action lawsuit.

4:45     Ceremony honoring Godfrey Lehman, expert and author on Jury Rights,
           founder Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA).                         

5:00     Speaker: Hutton Gibson, “It Is Often a Matter of States’ Rights.”  

5:30     Private Reception with all speakers

7:00     The Jefferson Banquet                 

Speakers: 8:00  Dr. Alan Keyes,  Our Character, Our Future?”

                8:45  Joe Sobran, The Constitution vs. The Iraq Resolution.
                9:15  Rabbi Lapin,  
America’s Essential Principles.”                


Saturday, January 24

9:00     Speaker: Angela “Bay” Buchanan, "The Flight of Jobs and the Invasion of Illegal Immigrants."

9:45     Panel Session #5:   The Constitution v. Federal Taxes and
                                      Judicial/Prosecutorial Misconduct (PART 2).

            This panel will examine the fraudulent origin and illegal operation and enforcement of the
            federal income tax system.

oderator:  Bob Schulz, Chairman, We The People Foundation 

Panel:    Phil Hart, author, "Constitutional Income: Do Yo Have Any?"
                         Joe Banister, CPA & former Special Agent, Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS
                         John Turner, Enrolled Agent and former IRS Revenue Officer
                         Sherry Jackson, CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner, former IRS Audit Examiner
                         Paul Chappell, Tax Attorney, former counsel in the Chief Counsel’s
                                Office at IRS Headquarters in Washington DC.
                         Irwin Schiff, tax law researcher, author, "The Federal Mafia..."
                         Larry Becraft, Tax & Constitutional Attorney
                         Jan Linday, former FBI agent, expert on mail fraud
 Vernice Kuglin, FedEx pilot acquitted of Willful Failure to File
                         Marcy Brooks, jury foreperson, Whitey Harrel acquittal, (Willful Failure to File)
                         Tim Randolph, highly rated professional employee one day, fired the next                              
                               for asking his employer to terminate his W-4 Agreement.

1:00      Lunch & Book Signings

Speaker:  Joseph Farah, author, Taking America Back, Editor/CEO,, syndicated
                            columnist, radio talk show host,
Taking America Back.”

2:45      Panel Session #6:  Reclaiming America: Petitions and the Media                       

Our final panel will address solutions to current problems – focusing on the application of the Right of Petition to a spectrum of current constitutional abuses. The panel will focus on the media’s current short-comings, the role the media must play in the Petitioning process and its ultimate moral responsibility to aid in the defense of the People’s Freedom.  Our featured speakers bring a unified voice to the significant and varied constitutional battles that could benefit by directly exercising the “re-discovered” Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances. 

Moderator:     Joseph Farah

             Panel:    Norman Council, city councilman, Landsdowne, Pennsylvania
                          Mark Lane, attorney (will discuss USA Patriot Act)
                          Ron Branson, author, “Judicial Accountability Initiative Law.”
                          Dr. Stephen Baskerville, Professor of Political Science,Howard University,                            
                          Don Harkins, publisher, “The Idaho Observer.”
                          Jon Spokes, former reporter, columnist and author  

5:00     Closing Remarks, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz  

* Invited Speakers

All other speakers listed have accepted and are
currently scheduled to appear

Please note: agenda is subject to change