WTP Brochure Preview
The timeless brochure is 8.5" x 11" professionally printed on
full-color high-gloss paper stock.

High-quality, inspirational graphics, text and quotations on every page tell the saga of our Nation's constitutional crisis and the critical role WTP has in ending the tyranny.

The cover is printed silver on dark gray and features the new
WTP trademark and a cut-through window showing the Jefferson Memorial illuminated at night.

"To Protect and Defend The Constitution
 Of The United States of America"

Obtain SIX Copies of the Brochure for a $25 Donation
Mailed Priority US Mail on same/next day...

The brochure covers:

  • The Providential history of our nation and Constitution

  • The challenges our Republic now faces

  • The WTP organization, mission and initiatives

  • An overview of the Right to Petition

  • A call to business owners & workers

  • A call to veterans

  • A message from Bob Schulz

Here are several page images from the 12-page brochure: