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Download Our Full Page Ads run in USA Today and NY Times!!

In response to this popular demand, we are making it possible for newspapers and print shops around the country to download the USA TODAY and NY Times ads directly off our web site, in camera ready form. The ads are available in color PDF format and TEXT ONLY format.  Other file formats can be made available for professional printing.

February 10, 2002 -- NY Times --  IRS & DOJ:  Why Won't You Answer?

IRS and DOJ are directly challenged to publicly and officially answer the hundreds of legal questions challenging the jurisdiction of the federal government and the legal authority to collect the federal income tax.

PDF File (635 kb)

March 23, 2001 -- USA Today -- The Experts Speak

Experts speak out on why you do not have to file a federal tax return or pay an income tax.  Read the facts and judge the truth for yourself.

PDF File (2547 kb)
70 kb)

March 2, 2001 -- USA Today -- Employers Stop Withholding

Employers that have stopped withholding taxes from their workers' paychecks because NO law requires income tax withholding.

PDF File (2123 kb)
52 kb)

Feb 16, 2001 -- USA Today -- IRS Agents Speak Out

Ex-IRS Agents Who Have Resigned Their Positions And Joined A Growing Number of Former And Present IRS Officers, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, And Retired Judges Who Believe And Assert That ...

PDF File (2571 kb)

July 7, 2000 -- USA Today -- There is NO law

There is No Law that Requires You to File, The 16th is a Fraud, You Waive the 5th When You File a Return.

PDF File (2554 kb)

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Run the Ads in Your Own Local Papers !

IMPORTANT: Anyone planning to spend a large sum of money to run the ads in a newspaper (or to have a local print shop print a large number of copies), may want to follow what some others are doing. Ask your newspaper for their "not for profit" rate. Send, or wire that amount to us. We will immediately resend that money to your newspaper. You could save a lot of money if We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc is a sponsor of the ad. For instance, the cost of the Kansas City ad was lowered from $29,000 to $16,000. Please note also, that if you pay income taxes, the cost of the ad is tax deductible if you send (donate) the money to the Foundation, and the Foundation, as the sponsor of the ad, sends the money to the newspaper.