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March 16, 2003

To Chief Executives of American Companies:

Attached is an important memorandum and packet of information regarding income and employment taxes. The information is the result of research by tax attorneys and CPA’s, a forensic accountant, a Special Agent of the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, a former Revenue Agent of the IRS, a former IRS Auditor and Fraud Examiner, a constitutional attorney and numerous expert tax law researchers and certified paralegals.

We respectfully request that you subject the information to a rigorous review, particularly the information contained in WTP Forms 1-7 and in the seventy-five page "Statement of Beliefs Regarding The Income Tax," which are the beliefs of a rapidly growing number of companies and individuals in America, especially following the Truth-In-Taxation Hearing that was held in Washington DC on February 27 and 28, 2002. (Note: A copy of the full Record of the Hearing is available for a nominal donation. Visit our website.)

We trust that after your review you too will come to believe that your workers are not subject to withholding, that you are legally not a "withholding agent," and that you will utilize the Forms provided to willfully and legally cease withholding.

We realize the government has a vested interest in the status quo, that the IRS has virtually unchecked powers of intimidation and control over U.S. attorneys, judges and journalists and that the IRS routinely violates the due process rights of the People in its day to day activities. If you are concerned about the heavy-handedness of the IRS and the time and expense of possibly having to deal with the IRS as a result of your decision to stop withholding, you may want to consider joining the tax honesty movement in one or both of two ways:

  • Sign the Personal Pledge (included in packet), indicating that if 500 companies agree to stop withholding on July 4, 2003, then you, too, will stop withholding.
  • Join the We The People Legal Defense Association (copy of LDA Agreement included in packet).


Yours truly,

Robert L. Schulz
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer