IRS Put on Notice Again:
Show Us Where We’re Wrong

Day 17: Income Tax Hunger Strike

Today Bob Schulz, Chairman, We The People Foundation, faxed
written notice to the IRS Area Director in California informing him that he will be speaking in public this Sunday afternoon in Irvine, California to educate company officials, workers and independent contractors about their true legal duties under U.S. tax law and about the fraudulent origin and unlawful enforcement of U.S. income tax laws.

Schulz encouraged the IRS Director to send the most knowledgeable people in his organization to come and listen to Schulz’s speech and to inform him if anything he is saying is either incorrect or misleading.

Schulz also encouraged the IRS to bring legal experts from the central California office of the Department of Justice to attend and to rebut his understanding of the law if it is wrong.

We The People recently initiated a nationwide education initiative to inform employers and workers of their true legal obligations regarding wage and payroll tax withholding. IRS headquarters and other government officials were previously notified by Schulz of this initiative and made the identical challenge.

Instructions and forms for legally terminating withholding agreements and wage withholding are available for NO CHARGE at www.GiveMeLiberty.org. The legal forms provide a structured, formal process of notice between employers and employees to terminate wage withholding. This process conforms to the Internal Revenue Code and the specific requirements as set forth in the U.S. income tax regulations.

The forms contain numerous citations from U.S. tax law and court decisions regarding the Right to work, social security numbers, termination and applicability of withholding and the nature of being classified as a legal "Protected Individual" – i.e., not subject to withholding.

Schulz is currently scheduling a series of meetings around the nation to educate employers, union officials, employees, independent contractors and businessmen about their rights – and obligations -- if any -- under U.S. tax law.

These actions are being taken pursuant to the government’s steadfast refusal to respond to the formal Petitions of the People that directly challenge the jurisdiction of the federal government to impose a direct income tax upon the People and the unconstitutional means by which it is being administered and enforced by IRS and the DOJ.

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Day 17: Rose Lear Hungers in DC

Rose Lear completes her 17th day without food today.

She sits tonight in a Washington hotel room, far from her home and her husband, William. Bill Lear was incarcerated March 11th because he was forced by a federal judge to defend himself at trial -- without counsel -- against four US Attorneys prosecuting him under an indictment that failed to declare which specific tax he was under a legal obligation to pay -- and failed to file a return for.

Today, Rose Lear had a brief phone call with David Allen, an aide from Michigan Senator Carl Levin’s office. According to Lear, Lear’s sister Anna Mesbergen initially received the call from Allen and was engaged by Allen in a discussion that seemed to be moving toward citing and arguing specific tax statutes, tax regulations, etc., etc.

Rose relayed that after a few minutes of overhearing this conversation she took over the call directly and "cut to the chase" with the Senator’s aide, "Senator Levin is in default. He solicited for the votes of the People of Michigan to come and represent the People in Congress. He took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution. He is required get answers to these questions. I will not eat until these questions are answered."

Her conversation moved to Rose reiterating to the Allen that it is she, Rose Lear that possesses the unalienable Right to Petition. According to Lear, Allen responded tersely, "You may have the Right to Petition, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get an answer."

Rose terminated the conversation.

Rose reported feeling lethargic and slept many hours today in an effort to conserve her energy. She relayed to the WTP office that her legs were looking like "toothpicks." She plans to get back to Capitol Hill and to IRS headquarters on Monday.

Rose has released information that she is staying at the Washington Plaza hotel. The phone number of the hotel is 202-842-1300. She says she will take phone calls as she is able to.

Rose again has asked WTP to convey that she needs everyone to repeatedly call, write and fax their Congressman and demand that the tax Petitions be answered. WTP reminds everyone that e-mails, although easy to send, are generally ignored. Talk to a real person and leave your message. Send an overnight or priority letter that will be seen. Call everyday – "Are You going to Answer?"

Please write to Bill Lear:

William Lear
10875-040 Dorm 208
Federal Prison Camp
Box 1000
Duluth, Minnesota 55814

Click Here to find the phone and fax numbers of your Congressman, the President and your local media.

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