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March 15, 2002
The Next Steps:

1)  We Must Put The "Electric" Record Of The Hearing Into The Hands Of Every Member Of Congress

2)  We Must Deliver Deafening Demands To Our Elected Representatives

3)  We Must Spread News Of This Crisis Across America


On February 27 and 28, 2002, the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education sponsored the long-awaited Truth-In-Taxation Hearing. This historic event exposed to the public the irrefutable facts about how the three branches of the federal government have intentionally and systematically conspired to deprive the American People of our Constitutional rights and reduce our citizens to indentured servants of a corrupt federal government bureaucracy.

Expert, credentialed witnesses (including ex-IRS agents, ex-IRS counsel, CPAs and tax attorneys) publicly testified, under oath, to almost 500 questions directly challenging the legal jurisdiction of the Department of Justice to enforce U.S. income tax laws against ordinary Americans and challenging the authority of the IRS to force citizens to file a return, pay any taxes on their wages and to seize Americans’ property without due process or valid court orders.

The formal record of the hearing removes any doubt that this nation's income tax system is unconstitutional in its origin, fraudulent and abusive in its operation, and ultimately repugnant to every principle of equal justice, due process of law and personal liberty that we cherish as Americans.

The hearing establishes that the People are now confronted with an unjust and uncivil government operating unlawfully and without legal authority. The People are entitled by right, to immediate reform and restructuring of the federal tax system.

The People have repeatedly Petitioned for Redress in the most humble and respected manner but their Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.

Resonating with the experiences of our Founding Fathers, the People are now morally and legally justified in taking yet stronger actions to force this government to behave in a constitutional, lawful manner.

Whatever the future may hold regarding the free Sovereign People of this Republic and the incompatible income tax, neither Congress nor the President will hereafter be able to assert that they did not know the causes that impelled the People to act. History will determine that  the People were justified.

The People need now to properly and publicly put the electric record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing into the hands of every member of Congress and the President.

Next, it is time for the People to loudly voice their demands for a remedy to their grievances.

The government must hear the collective voice of the Sovereign People:

Either order the IRS and DOJ to stop forcing employers to withhold the tax and stop forcing People to file a tax return and to pay the tax OR, schedule a formal congressional hearing requiring IRS and DOJ to answer the questions which were asked and answered under oath at the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing.

Finally, the People must mobilize to educate and inform our families, coworkers, neighbors and countrymen about the constitutional crisis that has been provoked by our own government’s refusal to answer the questions and by our major media that prefers to quote officialdom and blanket the citizenry with its propaganda.

  • The facts are irrefutable.
  • This nation faces a crisis.
  • The Truth must be revealed -- now.

We have thought and prayed about what history’s mirror should reflect regarding the People’s struggle to bring the government back within the boundaries the People have drawn around its taxing power.

Please ponder these "next steps".   Listen to your heart.   Act now.   


Here is what is planned:

March 18th through April 5th

1)  The People deliver prepared press releases to their local print and broadcast media organizations asking them to watch, a FREE live, one-hour web cast of a press conference from the National Press Club on April 8th at 1:00 Eastern time. This is a significant development having to do with the future of the federal income tax. Click here to obtain a copy of the press release. Under "Local contact" add your name and phone number before delivering it to you local media organizations. Click here to identify your local print and broadcast media.

2)  The People send personally prepared letters to their editors for publication in their local daily and weekly newspapers, alerting people in the community to watch the FREE live webcast on April 8th. Click here for a copy of the letter to the editor and instructions on how to send it electronically to your local newspaper(s).

3)  The People deliver flyers to every commercial radio station and every place of business in America, asking them to watch the FREE live webcast on April 8th. Click here to obtain a copy of the flyer.

4)  The People call their local talk radio shows to tell listeners to watch the one-hour, FREE live webcast on April 8th. Click here for talking points.

5)  The People broadcast to their e-mail lists a personal statement about the FREE live April 8 webcast and encouraging recipients to follow through on the "action items."

6)  People from all 435 Congressional Districts commit to travel and gather in Washington DC on April 14th and 15th. Click here to sign up.

7)  The People raise and send $70 to the Foundation to cover the cost of delivering a customized hearing and demand "package" to every member of Congress and to the President on Monday, April 15th.   Click here to sponsor the cost of a package.   The package can be sponsored with or without a "demand" letter to a Representative or Senator.


Friday, April 5, 2002

The Foundation will deliver press releases to all 376 members of the "DC Circuit," (press & news agencies, the White House and Congressional leadership) notifying them of the DC press conference, scheduled for April 8th at the National Press Club.


Monday, April 8, 2002

1.  The Foundation press conference will commence at 1 pm Eastern at the National Press Club (DC), and will be webcast live on the internet. The web address: ConnectLive.com/events/wethepeople. (Requires the free RealPlayer G2 software -- can be downloaded from the ConnectLive web site).

2.  The purpose of the press conference is to announce what actions the People will initiate on April 14th and April 15th in Washington DC, in response to the government’s repeated failure to respond to the People’s Petition for Redress and the irrefutable, electric legal record established at the Truth-in-Taxation hearing.


Sunday, April 14, 2002

Constituents representing every congressional district in this nation will gather in DC to go over the schedule of the next day’s activities, and to receive, assemble and finalize the contents of their individual "package" to be hand delivered to each member of Congress.

The packages contain signed Letters of Demand to their Representatives and Senators requesting that they review the hearing material, act to uphold the Constitution and formally respond to the constituent.

Exact details of the location of the constituents’ meeting, procedures, agenda, etc. to be announced later. The Foundation's van and a large trailer will be permitted to park either at the Capitol end of the mall or near the Smithsonian metro stop.


Monday, April 15, 2002

1. Constituents of every member of the House of Representatives visit the White House and their three Congressional offices on Capitol Hill to deliver the hearing packages (the office of their Representative and the offices of their two U.S. Senators)

2. Each package for each Congressman contains:

  • A full record, on a set of CD-ROMs, of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing, which was held in Washington DC on February 27 and 28, 2002 (CDs include the video, hundreds of evidence exhibits & a transcript);
  • A full record, on a set of VHS tapes, of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing (video only);
  • A certified, written transcript, of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing.
  • The list of over 500 legal questions which were the subject of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing, (including 460 questions which were answered under oath by expert attorneys, CPAs, former IRS agents and tax law researchers, and almost 100 questions which were not answered due to the shortage of time);
  • A copy of the Peoples’ Petition for Redress of Grievances (or "Remonstrance") signed by thousands of American citizens.
  • The Petition calls on Congress and the President to formally, and publicly, order the IRS and DOJ by June 1, 2002, to:

a.  Stop enforcing the Internal Revenue Code as though filing a tax return and payment of the tax was compulsory for ordinary Americans, when in fact, it is not required by U.S. law.

b.  Stop forcing employers to withhold the taxes from the paychecks of their employees.

c.  Stop forcing legally exempt Americans to file a tax return and to pay the tax.


Schedule, by June 1, 2002, a formal congressional hearing requiring DOJ and IRS to appear in public to respond to the evidence.

The People demand that government publicly refute or rebut the answers the expert witnesses have given under oath or cease and desist the unlawful enforcement of the U.S. income tax laws against the Sovereign citizens.

  • Finally, each package will contain a letter addressed to the constituent’s Representative and his/her two Senators, signed by the constituent, on the stationery of We The People Foundation, formally transmitting the package and notifying the Congressmen that:

a)  The elected representative has been served formal Notice and has received the People’s Petition for Redress regarding the U.S. income tax system and a full record of the Truth-in-Taxation hearing.

b)  A reminder that they have taken an oath of office, which requires them, as a condition of the public trust, to uphold the Constitution of this nation.

c)  The constituent demands that this issue receive their immediate review and consideration.

d)  The constituent respectfully demands that the representative formally, and officially, respond directly to the constituent with their specific position and comment, for all of history to witness, to the specific legal charges brought in the Petition for Redress and brought forth in the Truth-in-Taxation hearing.

3)  Following delivery of the delivery of the "packages" to the Congressional offices, the People’s delegation will reassemble at the White House, where a small group of constituents will meet inside, in a video-taped meeting with President Bush or an appropriate representative, to deliver a copy of the package, including the Petition for Redress, the hearing record and the People’s formal demands.


April 15th and Beyond:

Every American citizen should directly contact their elected officials, government agencies and the media. Let the government hear your voice.

Every American should spread word of this across the nation. Tell your families. Tell your coworkers. Tell your neighbors.  The moment of truth is at our door.

Every American should offer prayers for our elected officials so they may find the strength and light to guide them as they execute their duties as required under the Constitution. As more of our nation learns of these truths we will all need to join together to resolve this difficult Constitutional crisis in a peaceful, orderly, and lawful manner.

And finally, please consider a donation to help the Foundation cover the significant financial costs of this on-going effort. click here


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