July 9, 2006

Coalesce or Capitulate 

An Open Invitation

All organizations concerned about the steady erosion of Freedom in America must coalesce and set joint strategies if we are to compete against the new world order and restore the Constitution.  Until recently, this was an outlier concept, lying away from the operational orientation of many organizations. Today, many leaders of these organizations, by necessity and the realization of our situation, have begun to trumpet the idea.  

But can dozens of individual freedom organizations, each fighting as best it can to defend their piece of constitutional turf  - in other words, territory where “my way” and “my issue” is treasured as holy writ - ever find a way to pull together against the forces arrayed by a tough, challenging new world order? 

How competitive can the Freedom Movement be if its narrowly drawn organizations ignore and otherwise seal off other valuable but possibly “poverty-plagued” organizations? How effective will our collective progress be if both income-hungry and elitist organizations practice exclusionary practices, focus on single-issue politics or throw up barriers to new developments that effectively bar new freedom fighters from joining the fight? 

These are examples of the challenges facing the Freedom movement.  

This Foundation is committed to the concept of coalescence in the defense of our Constitution and we are putting our money where our hearts are. Although we believe that all organizations can participate in a common Liberty alliance without sacrificing their individual autonomy or proprietary interests, this fact remains: Freedom Keepers must coalesce or face capitulation.  

Our goal is to get the freedom-oriented organizations to perceive themselves as an interconnected whole, dedicated to securing shared objectives, operating under a common strategic vision and marketing itself as a recognized force of high potential, ready to work together, overcome our common shortcomings and effectively confront and repel the new world order and those who stain our Constitution. 

We believe there is a growing respect for the concept of shared stewardship of the Constitution and its underlying, essential principles.  It is this vision we offer to you.  

It’s a tall order. But to the degree the concept works, the Freedom movement will have strengthened itself dramatically through a new, inclusionary civics that builds confidence and demonstrates strength within our assembled ranks, while commanding respect from both the public and our servant government.  

It was with the commitment to coalesce Liberty organizations across America that that this Foundation has invested almost $50,000 on equipment and the logistical means to transport that equipment to 70 cities across America this summer. It was with this commitment to integrate our forces that this Foundation is spending almost $1000 each day to rent facilities to conduct our events, broadcast live Internet coverage of the events and cover the significant (and continuing) expenses related to travel, lodging, food and event insurance.

Webcasting From a City Near You: Coalescing Made Easy 

It is easier than ever for individual Freedom Keepers and organizations to coalesce and bond.  WTP is renting facilities in and webcasting Right-to-Petition events from 70 different locations this summer. We will be in all 50 states. All Freedom Keepers are invited to join us at one or more of the locations. No event should be more than a few hours distant.

Representatives and leaders from every Liberty organization are invited to appear on the webcast, free of charge, to talk about one or more of the threats to our Freedom, what they are doing about it and how people can join or find out more about their organization. This is a great way for them to reach a nationwide audience, and it’s free. The webcasts are streamed live and archived for later viewing.

Contact Our Producer 

Please contact us and let us know if you desire to appear on one of our live Internet webcasts (at no cost).
Send your request via e-mail to astrupv@hotmail.com

Preparing For Constitution Day 

It is with coalescence in mind that this Foundation is planning to conclude this tour on September 18th, Constitution Day in Washington D.C. where we and other constitution-minded individuals and organizations that want responses from our servant government about violations of our Laws and infringements of our Rights, will formally serve a new series of Petitions for Redress of Grievances upon our servant government officials. We will inform them that we expect them to meet with us, in public, on October 9th to respond to our Petitions.  Regional RTP events around the nation are also planned. 

On October 9th we will return, en masse to Washington D.C. to await our servants’ responses. Our government officials will answer our questions, in a public forum, live on the Internet and television, or we will immediately initiate protest activities including a hunger fast right there upon the steps to the government’s front doors until it answers and responds. The People will NOT accept a “non-responsive response” from our servant government.

What strategy could be more powerful than the direct exercise of the Right of Popular Sovereignty from which our government was created to serve the People?

Would our government officials or courts dare be so bold as to attempt to publicly negate, or ignore the formal Petitions from the very People that are empowered via our Declaration, if necessary, to abolish it -- i.e., government of, by and for the People?

Thus far, Judge Emmet Sullivan, speaking for the lowest level federal court has ruled, "the government does not need to listen nor respond to the peoples' petitions".

Will we accept his answer?  Will YOU?

It is time to follow the path of peaceful, but forceful transition articulated by Mahatma Gandhi.

We must be proactive.
We must be non-violent.
We must coalesce our aggrieved masses under a unified voice: “Answer our Petitions.”

Please join us.
Please support us.


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