October 27, 2006

Right-To-Petition Lawsuit Update:
Government’s Position Is Monarchic

Volunteers Still Needed for Nov. 14 in DC

The Government defendants in the landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit filed their Response to the People’s Emergency Motion for Injunctive Relief.

The Government’s Response brief failed to refute any of the factual assertions put forth by the People charging the government with obstruction of justice and abridging fundamental, natural Rights. 

In the People’s Motion for protection, the Plaintiffs documented a widespread pattern of abusive acts constituting deprivation of fundamental Rights and criminal obstruction of Justice. According to Schulz, the Government’s Response brief focused almost exclusively on its now well-worn claim that the Government is immune from this lawsuit because Congress has not passed legislation specifically waiving its “sovereign immunity.”

In effect, the Government’s legal position is that it can lawfully deprive constitutionally protected Rights and obstruct Justice because the Government can’t be sued without its consent and because Congress passed the Anti-Injunction Act, which allegedly bars lawsuits interfering with the collection or assessment of taxes.  In short, the Government claims it can operate without constitutional restraint and without judicial review. 

Last week, the Foundation filed its Reply Brief. The People, once again, challenged the specious arguments made by the Department of Justice that claim the Government must give its permission before the People can sue it, and (without citing any law or provision of the Constitution) that the Government is under no obligation to respond to the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances.

In their Reply, the People expound further upon the significant and irreparable harms Plaintiffs will continue to suffer if the injunction fails to issue, and the arguably negligible harms the government might potentially suffer if an injunction were to issue that halted all IRS and DOJ enforcement actions against the Plaintiffs.

The proposed protective injunctive order would suspend and nullify all liens, levies and income tax enforcement actions taken against Plaintiffs since August, 2004.

Today, Bob Schulz will travel to Washington, DC to file a
Motion to Expedite the decision on the Emergency Motion for Injunctive Relief.

Click here to read the People’s Reply Brief  (October 18th)

Click here to read the Motion to Expedite the Motion for Emergency Injunction. (filed October 27)

Click here for the Motion for Emergency Protection and Schulz's Supporting
Declaration (filed October 4th)

“People Should Not Be Afraid Of Their Governments,
Governments Should Be Afraid of The People”

Anyone who has watched the controversial film, “V for Vendetta” (or have seen its previews) now knows that the film’s central theme revolves around the tenacious efforts of the protagonist protestor, “V”, to awaken the People of England in 2015, and stir them into standing strong against their abusive, fear-mongering government.

The film’s climatic scene involves untold numbers of ordinary citizens, marching into the city center against the armed ranks of the police state, dressed identically in the costume of historical figure Guy Fawkes. 

In 1605, the real-life Fawkes participated an ill-fated attempt to violently resist the English Crown’s abusive persecution of religious expression.  Today, his acts of
November 5th, 1605 are celebrated widely as Guy Fawkes Day and stand in irreverent infamy as the day a small group of commoners attempted to fight back against a predatory government. 

It should now be of no surprise that this Foundation believes this movie, and particularly the compelling imagery of the film’s final moments and its integral themes of securing
Liberty and resisting tyranny, provide a unique, strategic opportunity to advance the Foundation’s mission.

By borrowing the compelling imagery and concepts that have already been propagated deeply into the pop culture consciousness by this blockbuster film, the Foundation can hopefully attract the attention of the media and those not currently aware of our continuing battles to defend the Constitution.

Reminder: Limited Demonstration in DC November 14 for the purpose of requesting answers to our Petitions for Redress of Grievances relating to the Government’s violations of the war powers, tax, money and privacy clauses of the Constitution. We will wear masks to give expression to the fact that too many people are afraid of our government.  

Please express your commitment to support the initial, small-scale protest event, scheduled for November 14 in Washington, DC.

Please click here to volunteer to be in DC on November 14th to participate in this important Right-to-Petition event and access links to obtain a “V for Vendetta” costume.

Please note the Foundation may be able to provide a costume for a limited number of individuals unable to afford one.  If so, please indicate your need in the comment section of the on-line form.

WTP supporters are urged to begin contacting other rights organizations to elicit their interest in these events.


Please click here to volunteer to be in DC on November 14th to participate in this important Right-to-Petition event.

If you have not already done so, we strongly urge you to watch the preview links below to experience the film's central themes regarding the nature of Liberty and organized resistance to tyranny and fascism.  We fully encourage everyone to rent (or purchase) the movie, which was recently released commercially on DVD.

Click here for the preview-trailer #2 for “V for Vendetta"
Click here for additional clips from the movie: Clip A   Clip B 


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