November 5, 2006

"V" Goes To DC:
WTP Admonishes US Officials

On Monday November 6th, Bob Schulz Chairman of We The People Foundation and an unnamed volunteer, appearing in the costume of “V”, (the lead character from the Hollywood blockbuster “V for Vendetta”), will make several stops in the nation’s Capital to deliver a communication to Government officials regarding the People’s First Amendment Right to Petition, the Government’s constitutional obligation to respond.

Schultz's letter, which is addressed to the President, the Treasury Secretary, the Attorney General, the IRS Commissioner, as well as the Senate and House leadership, once again admonishes the political branches of the Government for their failure to respond to any of the Petitions for Redress of Grievances formally served upon them over the last several years regarding constitutional torts against the People.

The letter also informs the officials that on November 14th, a group of Citizens will once more, await their official responses to the Petitions and march to their offices if no answers are forthcoming. The marchers will all be costumed in the character “V”.

As reported previously, the marchers will assemble in Lafayette Park across from the White House and march down
Constitution Avenue, past IRS and the Department of Justice ending at the reflecting pool by the Capitol.

Video recordings are being made  will be available for on-line viewing during the days following the events.

Click here to read Schulz's letter to US Officials and the advance notice regarding the presence and purpose of costumed Petitioners.

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(Includes links to preview the movie “V For Vendetta”)

Please click here to volunteer to be in DC on November 14th to participate in this important Right-to-Petition event and access links to obtain a “V for Vendetta” costume. 

f you have not already done so, we strongly urge you to watch the preview links below to experience the film's central themes regarding the nature of Liberty and organized resistance to tyranny and fascism.  We fully encourage everyone to rent (or purchase) the movie, which was recently released commercially on DVD.

Click here for the preview-trailer #2 for “V for Vendetta"
Click here for additional clips from the movie: Clip A   Clip B

Please note the Foundation may be able to provide a costume for a limited number of individuals unable to afford one.  If so, please indicate your need in the comment section of the on-line form.



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