February 12, 2005

President's Tax Reform Panel Put On Notice

Full-Page Ads To Run Next Week

Schulz Petitions The Panel For Answers

Thanks to the generous and rapid response of the People, our full-page, color ad will appear in the Daily Edition and the National Weekly Edition of a principal Washington DC newspaper, in time for next Wednesday’s first public meeting of the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform in Washington. The ad will reach hundreds of thousands of Washington Times readers on Monday and Tuesday.

The ad challenges the President's Advisory Panel to address the constitutional issues relating to the government's operation and enforcement of the federal income tax system.


The ad highlights the willingness of IRS and DOJ to ignore the Supreme Court's never-overturned holdings regarding the income tax, the collusion of the Executive, the U.S. Congress and the lesser courts to perpetuate the fraud, and the government's steadfast refusal to answer the People's Petitions for Redress regarding constitutional abuses.

(RIGHT-Click here to download a copy of the ad. 800 KB, .pdf format)

Based on the donations received thus far, WTP’s ad will appear in next week’s National Weekly Edition of The Washington Times, which is being mailed this weekend to over 100,000 subscribers nationwide. The ad will also appear on Tuesday, Feb 15, in the Daily Edition of The Washington Times. The Daily Edition is the regular DC-Metro area daily newspaper. The ad in the Weekly Edition was run as the “centerfold” of the paper.

In addition to normal subscribers, those that will see the ad next week include thousands attending the large “CPAC” (Conservative Political Action Committee) conference as well as thousands of other DC area hotel guests that will also receive complimentary copies.

Donations are still needed. As previously announced, we hope to run a continuing series of ads.
Please spread the word.


WTP Confronts The President’s Tax Reform Panel

The We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc., has submitted a Petition package
to each of the nine individual members of the Panel and to the Panel’s Executive Director.

The documents will become part of the Panel’s records that will be available for public viewing at the IRS’s FOIA Reading Room at 1111 Constitution Avenue NW, Room 16121.

The Petition package contains a letter from Schulz, along with copies of the two May 10, 2004 letters transmitted to President Bush and Treasury Secretary Snow and Attorney General John Ashcroft, respectfully requesting answers to a small number of specific legal questions (43 total), derived from the more comprehensive Petitions for Redress served on each member of Congress and the President in 2002.

In its letter to the Panel members, WTP informs the Panel that the questions to be answered focus on
the obvious conflict between two interpretations of the meaning of the word “income” within the
16th Amendment to the Constitution: the never-overturned interpretation provided by the U.S Supreme Court versus the interpretation asserted in self-interest by the political branches.

In its letter to the Panel members, WTP makes an accusation it has not made before – an accusation
that may explain the conflict between these two interpretations of the 16th Amendment, and goes to
the motive behind the unwillingness of the political branches to conform the operation and enforcement
of the federal income tax system to the Supreme Court’s rulings.

WTP accuses the political branches (and the lesser courts) of imposing and enforcing a non-apportioned, direct tax on the salaries, wages and compensation of ordinary Americans, and withholding at the source, in order to provide the federal government’s creditors with the ultimate form of lender security – the labor of its citizens.

WTP is suggesting that in the world’s money markets, our government is trading the labor, and
thus the Freedom, of the working men and women of America. The difference between this form of
slavery and that which the Emancipation Proclamation did away with is public versus private ownership.

Attachment #1 to the letter sent to Snow and Ashcroft is a discussion of the compelling legal and historical research report by Phil Hart, “Constitutional Income, Do You Have Any?” conclusively establishing that ordinary wages and salaries cannot be considered “income” within the meaning of the Constitution, thereby rebutting any claim by the IRS or DOJ that the 16th Amendment provides the legal authority to enforce the income tax laws upon everyday working Americans.  (Attachment #1 included a copy of the full research report.)

Click here for:
An overview of Attachment #1
The full text of Attachment #1
To order a copy of Hart's full research report

Attachment #2 consists of an overview of the comprehensive research compendium entitled, “Analysis of the Federal Income Tax Law.” This well-documented research report on CD-ROM conclusively proves the Treasury Department, the IRS and DOJ have deliberately ignored the Supreme Court and congressional mandates since the Brushaber decision in 1916, in order to perpetuate the “income” tax fraud that was initiated in 1913.

Click here for:
An Overview of Attachment #2
Access to the Full e-version of Attachment #2 as sent to numerous government officials which
       includes scanned copies of many government and legal documents.


The Tax Reform Panel's members are:

Former Senators Connie Mack, a Florida Republican, and John Breaux, a Louisiana Democrat, (as chairman and vice chairman)

William Frenzel, a former congressman and guest scholar at the Brookings Institution;

Elizabeth Garrett, a law professor at the University of Southern California,

Edward Lazear, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a professor at Stanford University's graduate school of business;

Former Federal Trade Commission Chairman Timothy Muris, now a professor at the George Mason School of Law;

James Poterba, associate economics department head at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology;

Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti,
now a senior adviser to the Carlyle Group; and

Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at investment & brokerage house Charles Schwab

Click Here for the contact information for the Panel's members.

Click here to read our May 10, 2004 update announcing the original
 transmission of these documents to the government.

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of the full-page, color Washington Times ad.

Click Here for Schulz's Feb-12 letter to the Tax Reform Panel.

Click Here to read our update about the Second Circuit's recent decision
in Schulz v. IRS telling IRS, "No Court Order, NO Enforcement."

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