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March 21, 2005

Tax Panel Chairman:
“Constitutionality of The Income Tax
    Will Not Be Addressed.”

WTP Supporters Confront Tax Panel In Chicago

The “Fix” Is In, Unless We Act.

On Wednesday morning March 16, a group of WTP supporters gathered at the University of Chicago downtown campus with signs, information packets, and reprints of the full-page ad WTP recently ran in The Washington Times to hand out to members of the press and other attendees of the meeting of the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform.

After a minor confrontation with a U.S. Treasury security detail questioning the activities of the WTP group, security officials, with the full blessing of the Chicago police, eventually allowed WTP to continue its activities outside the meeting hall. In addition, members of the group were allowed into the building to attend the meeting.

The modestly sized (7-8) group was successful in engaging and distributing information packets to members of the press, the panel's witnesses, the public and those attending the meeting. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley was one of the people who accepted an ad reprint. He was observed studying it as his limousine pulled away.

During a break before the panel's last two witnesses, several WTP supporters managed to get the attention of the panel's Chairman, former U.S. Senator Connie Mack III. He was asked if the panel was going to answer the substantive questions that have been repeatedly asked of it, and the President, regarding the constitutional problems related to the enforcement of a direct, un-apportioned taxes on wages and salaries.

Senator Mack replied, “I received very specific directives from the President concerning the income tax -- and determining the constitutionality of it is not one of the issues we are to cover.”

At least three WTP supporters heard and witnessed Sen. Mack’s statement and are preparing sworn affidavits relating to the Chairman's historically significant statement.

One panel witness, Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economics, University of Chicago, directly referenced the WTP activists in his speech as he stated, “We are here to discuss ways we can simplify the tax code, not ways we can claim to stop paying taxes like some of the people standing outside holding signs."

When shown a copy of the Right-to-Petition tax information packet by WTP Congress Regional Coordinator Fred Smart, and asked if there were any plans to place its content on the Internet for public inspection, Senator Mack asked if he had ever received a copy. Senator Mack was advised that WTP has mailed both the panel and each individual panel member a full copy of the information packet, and that he had been handed a copy in Florida, during the Panel’s meeting in Tampa. Respectfully, Senator Mack was advised that he and each of the other members of the Panel received a full copy of the legal research that is the basis for the WTP Petitions for Redress of Grievances.

The Chicago meeting, one of four public meetings thus far, was attended by fewer than 60 people. As with every meeting of the Panel, no members of the general public were allowed to speak as witnesses. One supporter noted that the only people that showed any true interest in the work of WTP were the Chicago police assigned to the event.

After this meeting in Chicago, and Chairman Mack's significant, official statement stating that the Panel will not be addressing the constitutional questions related to federal tax reform, several conclusions with disturbing implications for the future of America are apparent:

  1. The President's tax panel, which is charged with providing specific recommendations to overhaul the means by which this nation's government is funded, will not consider, or publicly discuss, any constitutional issue related to the U.S. tax system – current or future.

  2. Except for posting token inputs from the citizens on its website, the panel intends to largely ignore the opinions of the sovereign People as it redesigns the tax system. The few “public” meetings that are being held amount to little more than window dressing, designed to establish a handful of data points for the historical record, and to create the illusion of representative deliberation, honest and vigorous public debate, and constitutional due diligence.

  3. The “fix” is in. Fundamental tax reform is nothing more than an opportunity for the government, intellectual and financial elite to implement more efficient economic, administrative and enforcement machinery capable of generating the taxes required to carry out their elitist agendas, engineer their visions of utopian society, and of course, insure that their fortunes and social statures remain secure and intact.

    The President's selection of panel members, as well as the panel's choice of witnesses, clearly bear these assertions out: self-interested parties, law and tax firm partners, barons of finance and investment, experts in the fields of econometrics, work theory and international trade and finance, etc.

    Although these viewpoints may be necessary in debating and considering fundamental tax reform, the panel is ignoring the larger foundational principles around which our Republic was founded and our society is meant to be ordered, and for which the People have paid dearly. These principles are all that stand between the elite and their ends.

    That the President's panel would ignore the Constitution of this nation, and the unalienable Rights of We the People, while reforming the single most intrusive and dangerous function of government, should give us all great pause.

The panel's recommendations are to be delivered to the President on July 31st. Before then, the voice of freedom needs to be heard by the Panel. Americans in large numbers, who believe their servant government should be held accountable to the Constitution’s taxing clauses, need to speak loudly enough to cause the Panel to take a mid-course correction. Otherwise, our Republic, with its essential principles -- designed by our Founders with divine providence, will continue its “rush to the bottom.”

The power to tax is the power to destroy. Taxes have become a means to an end -- the exercise and protection of political and secular power.

As we have stated previously, the tax panel is on its way to recommending BOTH a new national consumption tax and a continuation of the income tax, probably in the form of a “flat tax.”

Our Founders severely restricted the power of the federal government to tax. Checks and balances were built into the Constitution to insure the protection of the People against tax tyranny. That the People would stand in silence, and fail to repel an attempt to install, or to continue a constitutionally repugnant method of taxation, will haunt the soul of America for generations.

Without doubt, the coming tax “reforms” now envisioned by our leaders are patently incompatible with fundamental constitutional and moral principles.

We the People of America must act – and soon. We need to plan our work and work the Plan.

Ideas and leadership are required.

Send your ideas. Step forward into positions of local leadership.

More soon.

San Francisco

The President's tax panel is meeting again in San Francisco on March 31.

We would encourage everyone in California and the surrounding states to contact our WTPC National Director, Tim Randolph (who is also the acting CA state coordinator), and commit to joining him and other WTP supporters, once again, confront the President's tax reform panel in San Francisco and demand answers to our questions.

We would also like to place a full page ad in a major San Francisco newspaper to coincide with the event. Donations are needed ASAP.

The San Francisco event will be held at the Fort Mason Center, Landmark Building A, in San Francisco, CA, in the Marina District between Fisherman's Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge. Although there is no street address, the entrance to the center is at the intersection of Marina Blvd. and Buchanan Street. The public meeting begins at 9 AM.

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