The Right to Petition

Court Documents
& Orders

 Date  Description  Notes
2008-Feb-25 U.S. Supreme Court DENIES Petition for Rehearing  
2008-Jan-31 WTP files Petition for Rehearing at U.S. Supreme Court  
2008-Jan-4 U.S. Supreme Court Order DENYING, without comment,
WTP Petition for Certiorari
2007-Dec-7 U.S. DOJ files WAIVER declining to Respond to WTP Petition for Cert.  
2007-Nov-27 U.S. Supreme Court dockets WTP Petition for Certiorari  
2007-Oct-17 WTP Files Petition for Writ of Certiorari at the US Supreme Court
including its Appendix
2007-Aug-3 U.S. Court of Appeals denies Petition for Rehearing En Banc  
2007-June-22 WTP files Petition for Rehearing En Banc (i.e., for the full Court)  
2007-May-11 U.S. Court of Appeals Order DENYING appeal of WTP The Court erroneously relies on two inapposite cases.
Full explanation here
2006-Oct-31 WTP files Post Argument Communication to clarify issues  
2006-Oct-27 WTP Files Motion to Expedite Emergency Injunction  
2006-Oct-18 WTP Replies to DOJ Response Opposing Injunction  
2006-Oct- DOJ Responds to Motion For Injunction  
2006-Oct-6 Transcript Oral Arguments, DC Court of Appeals Attorney Mark Lane representing WTP
2006-Oct-4 WTP files Emergency Motion for Injunctive Protection
and Declaration By Schulz
For affidavit links see web update
2006-Sep DC Court Of Appeals Issues Orders Re Arguments
on Sov. Immunity/Jurisdiction and Oral Argue Schedule
USCOA directs parties to argue significant Sovereign Immunity question as it affects establishing jurisidiction
2006-May-8 WTP Reply brief to Government's April 24 Response  
2006-Apr-24 DOJ's Response brief opposing the WTP Appeal  
2006-Mar-01 Amicus Appellate Brief filed by John Wolfgram Filed late, approval by USCOA pending
2006-Feb-22 WTP files Appeal in U.S. Court of Appeals, Right-click to download. The appeal Tables
2005-Sept-09 WTP files Notice of Appeal  
2005-Aug-31 USDC Dismisses RTP Lawsuit Judge rules First Amendment Petition clause VOID
2005-Feb-28 Schulz Sur Reply to 12-21-04 DOJ Reply Brief,
w/ Attachment A
  USDC Order Granting WTP Sur Reply  
2005-Jan-24 DOJ Motion Opposing Sur Reply  
2005-Jan-10 Schulz Motion, & Lane Motion to submit a Sur Reply Cites IRS fraud and that new issues were raised
2004-Dec-21 DOJ Replies to the WTP Opposition Memorandum New issues raised, IRS commits a FRAUD on the Court
2004-Nov-25 DOJ Motions for Additional Time Court grants the DOJ Motion. Now Due on 12/22/04.
2004-Nov-12 WTP files a Second Amended Complaint More plaintiffs added, Affidavits submitted to court
2004-Nov-12 WTP files a Motion to Amend  
2004-Nov-12 WTP responds to DOJ's MTD: Memorandum in Opposition  
2004-Oct-01 DOJ files a Motion to Dismiss WTP reply due in Nov.
2004 Sept-16 Amended Complaint filed w/ Approx 2000 Named Plaintiffs
2004-Sept-16 Supporting Affidavit of Bob Schulz  
2004-Jul-19 Complaint Filed -- CASE # 04-CV01211 Federal District Court, DC
2004-Jul-19 Supporting Affidavit of Bob Schulz Details Petition process to date
2004-Jan-04 Notice of Claim Filed US Federal Court of Claims, (not prosecuted by WTP)