GML2004 Conference
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The Give Me Liberty 2004 conference was held in Arlington, Virginia in January, 2004. The sole purpose of the conference was to publicly unveil WTP's fight to restore Constitutional Order to our Republic through the exercise of the long-forgotten 1st Amendment Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances.

The conference brought together some of the leading conservative voices, legal experts and liberty activists of our time. The 3-day conference squarely examined the risks our nation currently faces as a result of the relentless attacks on our Constitution, the nature and contemporary application of the Right to Petition and the decisive actions the People must take to reclaim our freedom and restore the order of Law to our Constitutional Republic.

The conference resulted in a number of outstanding oratories that may one day be viewed as historically significant and detailed panel discussions by nationally renowned experts and activists exposing the constitutional abuses that have greatly withered our most treasured constitutional protections against tyranny and have now placed our nation at significant risk. These panel discussions covered the areas of gun control, the unconstitutional “Federal” Reserve, widespread judicial misconduct, control of the dominant media, the Right to Petition and the rapidly faltering federal income tax fraud.

Beyond the topical panel discussions, conference attendees heard approximately ten substantial (and moving) addresses that will be long remembered from freedom leaders including former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes, film producer Aaron Russo, syndicated columnist and author Joseph Sobran, author Bay Buchanan and Hutton Gibson, father of producer/actor Mel Gibson.

The full conference record contains over 25 hours of professionally produced video. It will be released on 8 CD-ROMs (or 4 VHS tapes) and covers the full conference proceedings, including the GML2004 banquet speeches. The video products themselves have been professionally edited, engineered and packaged to provide you with a complete, high-value record of the WTP conference that may, indeed, have marked a change for the course of this nation's future.

NOTE: The WTP-tv PPV archives are as the conference was first broadcast.


The “GML2004 Freedom Speeches”

(Note: The following featured speakers spoke at the GML2004 conference. Their outstanding speeches occur throughout the GML2004 conference archives)

Each of these prominent speakers spoke directly from their heart regarding the state of our Constitutional crisis and about what they view must be done to reclaim our Republic and our freedom before our nation expires.

This collection of extraordinary, soul-rendering speeches constitute the primary (non-panel related) speakers from the GML2004 conference. The speeches were captured from across the duration of the conference and include the keynote banquet speeches.

Although it's nothing less than a shame if you were not there to personally share these speaker's energy and visions in Washington – this is the next best thing. All these addresses have been consolidated in this single, high-value offering that every Patriot needs to experience in order to find the inspiration to further the defense of freedom to which our nation now calls.

Here a few excerpts from Alan Keyes banquet speech:

“...The Storm is not ComingIt has Arrived!...This generation will decide the fate of liberty and self-government...Unless we correct the current course, many of us will live to know that the republic is simply dead...Some how we go on believing that after we have knocked away every support, destroyed the foundation, pulverized the basis of everything that makes our freedom possible—it will still stand—we are kidding ourselves. We cannot expect to pulverize the foundation and expect the house to survive.... I’m not against taxation—I’m against taxation that is inconsistent with the liberty of a free people... this is a travesty and demeans us as a free people.

(Keyes continuing...)

“...This leaves us subject to the politics of manipulation. We are moved about like puppets supposedly in response to what the government will or will not do for us until we have reached that sad pathetic point where we think that somebody has actually done us a favor because they cut the rate at which they expropriate our resources.... What are we supposed to do when the lawyers and judges say something is in the constitution, when it is not? — According to some we are supposed to bow down and act as though the emperor has clothes when we just noticed that he is naked. They claim that this is something about the rule of law....We don’t have the rule of law—we have a dictatorship of the judges... WE have already passed the crisis—at this moment, we no longer live in the Constitutional Republic established by our founders...Do we have the courage?...”

Here are a few quotes from Joseph Sobran's primary conference address:

Today the Government is the Wolf at the Door...and it keeps crying wolf...The greatest threat to us is our own government... We are being methodically robbed in quiet ways by our own government... Liberals say get government out of the bedroom—well at least there is one room they don’t want government in...95 percent of the government’s powers are usurped—they are unconstitutional... The problem is not the constitution---the problem is the judiciary...You don’t amend the Constitution every time some quirky liberal judge makes a ruling—you impeach him...

...The 13th amendment abolished slavery, the 16th amendment restored it...If Americans could get in touch with the Founders—what a great country this could become again... Anyone who understands how the system was designed to work becomes an 'outsider' or 'extremist'...”

The other featured speakers included:

  • Bob Schulz (Chairman of WTP), opening remarks

  • Joseph Sobran (nationally syndicated columnist) on “What Must A Free People Do...”
    plus his banquet address...

  • Hutton Gibson (father of producer Mel Gibson) on the loss of our liberties.

  • Aaron Russo (film producer)

  • Bay Buchanan on illegal immigration and corporate greed destroying America

  • Joseph Farah (publisher, WorldNetDaily.com) on constitutional abuses

  • G. Edward Griffith (author) on “Those without power cannot defend Freedom” and his plan to reclaim power.

  • Charlie Beall, “Not Possible: The Separation of God and State”



The Right to Petition The Government For Redress of Grievances”
and “The Constitution vs. Gun Control”

The Right to Petition panel closely examined long-forgotten Right to Petition and announced the formal initiation of the historic RTP class-action lawsuit to force the government to properly and formally respond to the People’s Petitions and to declare the Right of the People to withhold their taxes until Redress is peaceably secured.

The RTP panel consisted of several key Constitutional legal scholars and attorneys including:

  • Gregory Mark, Professor from Rutgers University School of Law and Right to Petition researcher

  • Mark Lane, Attorney and author, “Rush to Judgment” and lead counsel for the RTP class-action lawsuit.

  • John Wolfgram, Attorney and author, “How The Judiciary Stole the Right to Petition”

The Gun Control panel brought together leaders of the nation's leading Gun Rights initiatives and discussed the continuing erosion 2nd Amendment through attacks on our Constitution. The panel covered the recent decision by the Supreme Court to leave undisturbed the decision by the recent 9th Circuit in Silveira that the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee an individuals Right to keep and bear arms, and the means to arrest future abuses.

The panel opened with Joseph Sobran providing an overview of the 2nd Amendment Right and its relationship to the People in controlling “government gone tyrannical.”

The balance of this wide-ranging and engaging discussion involved substantial discourse of the defense of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and its implications in the defense of our Constitution. The discussion moved openly and somewhat strongly into language reminding the conference about the real reason for the 2nd Amendment – it is the “ultimate” check and balance in the securing of freedom against the agents of abusive government.

Every Gun Rights advocate – NO – every American -- needs to listen to these thoughtful and powerful commentaries and understand the frank words and warnings coming from those that have closely studied the history of our Republic and know what may inevitably await this nation should our government continue to deny us the peaceful and non-violent avenues to secure Redress that are guaranteed per Natural Right and our Constitution.

This panel minced no words: the 2nd Amendment is the “canary in the mineshaft” of freedom.

The panel consisted of:

  • Angel Shamaya, founder, Keep And Bear Arms.com
  • Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
  • Peter Mancus, Attorney and author, “Reflections Upon the U.S. Supreme Court's
    Rejection of Silveira.”
  • Donald Kilmer, Attorney specializing in 2nd Amendment defense issues
  • Samuel Francis, nationally syndicated columnist

  • Dane Von B. , Attorney and founder Bill of Rights Foundation, (Washington, DC)


“The Constitution vs. The Income Tax & Judicial/Prosecutorial Misconduct – PART 1” and “The Constitution vs. the Federal Reserve System”


The Income Tax and Judicial & Prosecutorial Misconduct Panel delved into the significant and on-going abuses of the federal Judiciary and the Department of Justice in their goal of further sustaining the faltering federal income tax fraud.

The panel consisted primarily of attorneys bringing forth details of the constitutional abuses inside courtroom where the general public, as well as grand and trial juries, are virtually ignorant of the acts of tyranny perpetrated those entrusted to fairly execute our trials and prosecute our criminals with fairness and Due Process.

A central topic to the several hour discussion was the recent criminal tax trial of employer Dick Simkanin who was convicted in January, 2004 on 29 of 31 felony counts stemming from his justifiable decision to stop withholding and filing.

Simkanin Attorney Arch McColl and constitutional attorney Larry Becraft review the Simkanin and other criminal tax cases in detail and go into extensive discussion of the how our government officials systemically violate the public trust, mislead juries, and deny Due Process in criminal tax trials and what the People can do to thwart these abuses using education, preparation, and well executed courtroom and legal tactics.

In short – this content of this panel should be required viewing for anyone in the Truth-in-Taxation Movement and should be mandatory for anyone engaged with directly confronting the IRS.

  • Clay Conrad, Attorney and Chairman of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) addressed the conference regarding jury nullification, and jury education. He also prosecuted the Judicial Misconduct case against Texas federal judge John McBryde who presided over employer Dick Simkanin's trial)

  • Mark Lane, Attorney talked about his perceptions of the system's problems and potential ways to improve the current judicial process.

  • Attorney James Ostrowski, talked further about the abuses and internal conflicts of interest inherent in our current state of judicial process.

  • Paul Chappell, former IRS Office of Counsel attorney talked about the Supreme Court's refusal to uphold the Constitution as related to tax law, tax administration or the prosecution of tax crimes.

The second panel in this package further exposes the fraud of our nation's central bank, the “Federal” Reserve system, and initiates a reasoned discussion about how our nation might move beyond it, and our current system of money to protect us from those that would seize our freedom and our property by the stealth of a government sanctioned – but unconstitutional banking system.

All students of this topic will enjoy the valuable and spirited discussions among the distinguished panel members:

  • G. Edward Griffin, author and documentarian,“The Creature From Jekyll Island

  • Bill Still, author, “The Money Masters”

  • Bernard von NotHaus, Monetary Architect, author, “The Liberty Dollar Solution To The Federal Reserve.”



“The Constitution vs. The Income Tax & Judicial/Prosecutorial Misconduct , PART 2” and “Reclaiming America and the Media”

The first panel discussion of this package delves further still into the federal income tax fraud and features commentaries from some of the leading activists (and victims) of the ongoing attacks of the IRS against those that dare to question its legal authority.

As new voices rise to join and stand with the more established Truth-in-Taxation activists, and more of the horrors and details of the tax fraud are exposed, the truth is beginning to take hold across America.

The words of these activists should be heard and studied by every American. Their stories should become an integral aspect of your knowledge base and system of beliefs regarding the income tax laws. They should also become part of your personal and official records to be used in your defense, should that day come when the armed agents knock on YOUR door.

Americans have a Constitutional Right to keep 100% of the fruits of their labor. Hear from those that have dared to stand and fight the IRS – and even win!

The “PART 2” income tax / judicial abuse panel included:

  • Phil Hart, author & tax law researcher, "Constitutional Income: Do Yo Have Any?" and petitioner to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the legislative intent of the income tax laws.

  • Vernice Kuglin, FedEx pilot acquitted of Willful Failure to File

  • Marcy Brooks, jury foreperson, Whitey Harrel, acquitted of Willful Failure to File

  • Joe Banister, CPA & former Special Agent, Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS

  • John Turner, Enrolled Agent and former IRS Revenue Officer

  • Sherry Jackson, CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner, former IRS Audit Examiner

  • Paul Chappell, Tax Attorney, former counsel IRS Office of Chief Counsel, Washington, DC.

  • Irwin Schiff, tax law researcher, author, "The Federal Mafia..."

  • Larry Becraft, Tax & Constitutional Attorney

  • Tim Randolph, highly rated Silicon Valley technology professional one day, fired the next for attempting to terminate his “voluntary” withholding agreement.

The second part of this GML2004 package begins with a prominent address by the author of “Taking America Back” and on-line publisher of www.WorldNetDaily.com, Joseph Farah. In his talk, Farah returns to further examine the unconstitutional abuses endured by America at the hands of the IRS and the need to arrest a government that is, for all purposes, out of control.

Farah moderated the balance of the panel discussion which focused primarily on enforcing judicial accountability through legislation and activism and fighting the Patriot Act as means to reclaim our Freedoms.

The full panel included:

  • Ron Branson, author, “Judicial Accountability Initiative Law” and founder “J.A.I.L. for Judges”

  • Norman Council, city councilman from Landsdowne, PA spoke on cities across America that have banned the “Patriot Act” and about defending the Bill of Rights.

  • Mark Lane, attorney and (lead counsel for the WTP class-action lawsuit) spoke further on the abuses of the Patriot Act.

  • Dr. Stephen Baskerville, Prof. Political Science at Howard University spoke on the gross constitutional abuses against fathers in domestic disputes.

  • Jacob Roginsky, author, “A Matter of Justice” spoke further about judicial accountability.

In a powerful speech, conservative commentator Angela “Bay” Buchanan (wife of conservative leader Pat Buchanan) , addressed the GML2004 conference concerning the flight of jobs from this nation to foreign countries and the invasion of illegal immigrants.

She articulately argues that our government and our corporations, while attempting to “manage the economy”, maximize profits and “control” our borders, are in reality, gutting the core base of middle-class America and putting this nation a significant risk. Further, these selfish political and economic acts of our government and U.S. based multi-national corporations are ultimately at odds with the fiduciary, Constitutional and moral duties owed to America – and American workers and their families.