WTP-tv Pay-Per-View
Instructions, Terms & Conditions


Here's How to Access Your
Internet PPV Selection:


Please note the donation amount required to access your video selection.

2)  LOG-IN

At the beginning of the process you will be prompted to create a unique user ID and password so that you can access the video. No other information is required.

If you already have viewed a video from our WTP site (e.g., the live GML2004 conference webcast) you may opt to use an existing user ID/password combination if you have it handy.  If you don't have your old one OR don't remember it -- just create a new one(You can create any number of unique User-IDs)

You will NOT be e-mailed a copy of your PPV user ID or password  

Please write down your User ID & Password!  
It will be the ONLY record of your PPV password and User-ID!

As an alternative, we strongly suggest you immediately e-mail yourself the User-ID and password you created. The ID/password will be required for any "re-entry" into the video that may be required during the viewing "validation window" associated your video purchase.

Please note: the access and payment systems are NOT under the direct control of WTP, but our streaming provider.  WTP cannot help with lost passwords, etc.


After creating a User-ID, you will be automatically re-directed to proceed with the purchase process.
The payment processing "portal" we are using for PPV streaming is PayPal.  

YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO process you payment through PayPal !!!

If you have an existing PayPal account you can use that option as well.

 PayPal currently accepts:

If you DO use your PayPal account:
Be sure to carefully check which payment option will be selected.  Although you are not required to have a checking account with your PayPal account, PayPal typically defaults to the "checking account" option if you have one linked to your PayPal account. Be sure to select another option if you desire.

You will be e-mailed a receipt for your purchase immediately from PayPal.


After successfully completing your purchase, you can view your video immediately.
In most cases, you will be automatically redirected to your video access point. 
You may be prompted to re-enter your user-id and/or password.

PLEASE NOTE: The PPV access passwords are valid ONLY FOR A LIMITED DURATION that begins at the time of purchase.  The access code can only used by a SINGLE user, but may be used to re-enter  the video during the duration of the "valid viewing window" for your purchase.

The viewing time window for each purchase is set to approximately TWICE the run-time of the video to allow for flexibility in your personal schedule, technical adjustments and interruptions (e.g., lunch, phone calls, network problems, etc.) that may affect your ability to watch it during a single, continuous sitting.  Approximate run-times are posted for each video selection.


A.  No connection? First make sure your payment was processed by PayPal.  Check your e-mail for verification.
B.  Next, check your user-id and password.  Go back to the original link on the WTP web page and re-enter your password and user ID again.
C.  If you are on a dial-up connection and not receiving a steady stream, it is likely you have a sub-standard communications connection or that your ISP is experiencing temporary problems. We suggest you try to connect again later. Remember, all the PPV videos should be able to be accessed on a normal, fully-functioning close-to 56k connection with reasonably updated equipment and software.
D.  Sound only?  You've either got a slow connection or video card/software compatibility problem....Remember, Windows Media Player software will attempt to drop the picture or diminish the video refresh rate while keeping the sound track viable for listening...


All WTP videos are encoded and streamed in "Windows Media" file format.
You need Windows Media Player to access and view the video stream.  To test your connection in advance of the event and make sure you have the correct software version of Windows Media Player, use the free test link on the main WTP-tv page to test your connection and software. 

It is strongly suggested that you upgrade your existing Windows Media software to the latest
version (Version 9) so that your computer can optimize the reception on your computer. 

For a **FREE** download of Windows Media Player software, click here:

To avoid missing any of you selected video due to software compatibility problems, please perform this test and upgrade your software PRIOR to purchasing a video.

Streaming Purchases:

To ensure that your video purchase is a high quality, professionally produced and well-delivered experience, We The People has in good faith, and at significant expense, contracted with an established high-capacity Internet streaming provider that is fully capable of supporting technical requirements and bandwidth needs. 
Our streaming provider services many world-wide recognized corporate clients and has the necessary bandwidth capacity and software technology to easily accommodate our broadcast needs. In addition, most of the WTP-tv streaming library consists of high-value, professionally produced (or professional quality) video content.   

Although we have taken these steps to make certain all PPV viewers experience a professional production AND receive a high-quality transmission of our offerings,  WTP can in no way warrant the content of any PPV production or the the quality of the reception you actually experience on your computer.

WTP videos should be able to be fully enjoyed by anyone using a either DSL/cable modem or a dial-up modem connected at close to an effective 56kbps throughput.  Most all the video content has been encoded using "variable rate bit" streaming formats that are "optimized" automatically by the Windows Media player software on your PC while viewing. Obviously, the better your connection, the better the your picture and sound experience will be. 

Please remember -- even if your equipment and software are all compatible and up-to-date, dial up connections in particular can result in intermittent or inconsistent experiences. Even if you have a robust 56k connection, your ISP may still not be able to "fill" the stream as might be needed. 

We hope you understand that because of our inability to control the many technical variations in computer hardware, the uncertainties of your ISP/internet networks/routers, phone/DSL connections, or the access/streaming process itself, etc., there can be NO refunds (or partial refunds) for PPV video selections.

Unless otherwise noted, We The People Foundation owns and controls the copyright for all the video and audio content found in the WTP-tv library. 

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise noted, WTP reserves ALL rights in its intellectual property.  Rebroadcast, recording or retransmission of WTP intellectual property in any form, electronic or otherwise, is strictly prohibited without the express, written consent of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.