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January 31, 2002

Ms. Lisa Wright
Press Aide to Rep. Roscoe Bartlett
2412 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Lisa,

Last August, as you know, Congressman Bartlett's aide, Sallie Taylor, took myself and Mike Bodine (also from the Foundation) on a tour of two House committee hearing rooms for the purpose of determining which of the two rooms would be more acceptable to the We The People Foundation for the purpose of holding the Citizens' Truth-In-Taxation hearing, which was then scheduled for September 25 and 26, 2001.

One room was the House Small Business Committee Hearing Room. The other was the much larger House Science Committee Hearing Room. Because of the size and technology capabilities of the room, our first preference was the House Science Committee Hearing Room.

As you know, Ms. Taylor went on to determine that due to scheduling conflicts the Science room was not available for the late September hearing and that we had to settle for the Small Business Committee Room.

As you also know, on September 12th I requested, in conjunction with Rep. Bartlett, a postponement of the hearing date because of the events of September 11th.

I only agreed to put the hearing off until February 27-28, 2002 because I was informed directly by you, Ms. Wright, that the Science room would be available to us on those dates. After we agreed on the dates, I was informed directly by you, Ms. Wright, that the room had been reserved for the two-day hearing on behalf of Congressman Bartlett.

As you know, on October 12, 2001, Congressman Bartlett stated in his letter to me,

"We have rescheduled the forum (symposium) for February 27 and 28 in the Science and Technology Committee Hearing Room in the Rayburn House Office Building beginning at 9:00 a.m. each day. (emphasis added) A letter of support and confirmation signed by myself and other members of Congress has been drafted, circulated, and will be sent to officials at the Department of Justice, Treasury and IRS, informing them of the dates and times and requiring their attendance. I will personally chair the event and have invited other members of the Congress to attend and sit on the panel."

Yesterday, (January 30, 2002) WorldNetDaily reported that Jeff Donald, the employee of the House Science Committee who is responsible for scheduling the hearing rooms, was quoted as saying that "no one from Congressman Bartlett's office ever reserved the House Science Committee Hearing Room for the citizens' tax hearing".  In a direct contradiction to Mr. Donald's statement, you now repeatedly have been quoted as saying, "We reserved the room."

As you know, Ms. Wright, you were also quoted in another recent WorldNetDaily article as saying that your office had received a letter from the Justice Department, dated last November, informing Congressman Bartlett that neither DOJ nor the IRS would send a representative to the income tax hearing.

You were directly quoted as saying that you kept me apprised all along, and that I had been informed by you that neither agency would keep their written commitment to the American People to show up and answer our questions at the income tax hearing. You claimed that the DOJ and IRS position was already known to me before you received the letter because these facts had been communicated to me by your office even before the letter was sent, and that the letter was "merely a formality." 

As it is now known, your statements to WorldNetDaily were not true. I was never informed by you, or anyone else in Congressman Bartlett's office, that you had received a letter from DOJ or IRS stating that they would violate their pledge to attend the tax hearing. Further, neither myself, nor the Foundation, has ever seen a copy of this alleged letter.

Since early this week, the Foundation has heard from a number of citizens who have contacted Congressman Bartlett's office in regard to the canceled hearing. They have relayed that you and/or other members of the Congressman's staff are now claiming yet another reason that Congressman Bartlett has canceled the hearing. The reason being that our Foundation is charging a nominal viewing fee to see the live 2-day live webcast of the tax hearing event from Washington.

What you have failed to tell these citizens is that We The People had specifically, and early on, brought up the potential of having this event broadcast live on Congressman Bartlett's web page or the House internet system. Ms. Taylor went so far as to contact the Information Technology department of the House facilities group and made a specific inquiry in that regard. She was told that if hundreds, much less thousands (or even millions) of homes and businesses across the country "clicked on" to see a "free" government webcast video stream, it would "crash the (House) computer system in a nanosecond".

This technical limitation is why our Foundation had no option but to purchase the significant commercial "bandwidth" capacity needed for the webcast, and why the Foundation needs to request a small fee to recover the substantial fixed and incremental costs for each individual viewer of the worldwide transmission.

In addition, it comes as no surprise that C-SPAN, CNN and all the other major broadcast outlets have shunned public interest in this tax hearing. A privately funded nationwide webcast was, and remains, our only viable option to bring this historic public event and full documentation of the legal evidence to the American People - live, coast-to-coast and gavel-to-gavel.

Within this context, it is important to note that even "free" television is not really free. Cable subscribers (via cable operators) directly underwrite the operations of C-SPAN (from which our Foundation has apparently been censored) and commercial television pays for news coverage of events like ours via the mass consumer, in the form of paid corporate advertising spots.

No one but We the People Foundation has been willing to bear the significant financial risks of guaranteeing the live, video broadcast of this two-day historic event to thousands, or hopefully, millions of Americans. The live video of the rescheduled hearing will still be webcast on February 27-28, and will enable each user to download and print our evidence regarding the fraudulent origin of the IRS and unlawful enforcement of the income tax system as it is presented to the public.

Ms Wright, it is with great disappointment that I have learned of the aforementioned statements that you have made in behalf of Congressman Bartlett. Statements that are not only false, but that directly contradict the Congressman's own words and actions.

You are well aware that neither you nor anyone else in your office has ever communicated to me with any degree of certainty or specificity that either DOJ or IRS was not going to show up at the tax hearing. We did discuss that the DOJ and IRS were very disturbed about the hearing and were trying to "wiggle off the hook". However, as you clearly know, Congressman Bartlett and Congressman Armey assured me, the Foundation and the American People (in the presence of Ms. Taylor and two other congressional aides) that the DOJ and IRS would be "locked down" and forced to answer the People's questions, and that the income tax hearing would have the support of a score of other members of Congress.

It was not until I read about the purported letter from DOJ in the January 7, 2002 issue of Tax Notes, that I realized the possibility existed that DOJ and IRS would not be showing up at the hearing. To reiterate, to this day I have never seen such a letter. In addition, Warren Rojas, the reporter for Tax Notes, informed me that he asked you for a copy of that letter and was told he could not have it.

So, here are the facts:

A. It has now been verified that Jeff Donald, the person responsible for scheduling all meetings for the Science Committee Room, is on public record as saying that neither you, Congressman Bartlett, nor anyone else from Congressman Bartlett's office has ever reserved the Science room for the tax hearing for any date.

B. Statements you have given publicly to WorldNetDaily and others regarding your communications with the Foundation and/or myself are patently false.

C. The stated reasons for Rep. Bartlett's cancellation of the tax hearing (e.g. the "Wait to File" ad) are at best, highly implausible, and at worst, an intentional misrepresentation by you of the Congressman's position. After receiving the Congressman's courageous and vocal support for the constitutional right of Americans to petition their servant government for redress of grievances, and his own unqualified denunciation of the unjust and immoral income tax system, it is increasingly hard to conceive that Congressman Bartlett would knowingly turn his back on the American People, and the Constitution which he and every member of Congress has sworn to protect and defend.

D. The conduct of the We The People Foundation, myself and each of our representatives regarding the People's petition for redress of grievances and the long-awaited and enormously important income tax hearing, has been honest, respectful and lawful in every regard.  Yet you have been publicly, and deliberately, casting doubts about my integrity, and intentionally misleading the American People regarding Congressman Bartlett's words and actions.

This leads me to believe that you are, in reality, a political operative serving, first and foremost, the Party, and that with respect to the issue of our income tax hearing, you have been under the direction and control of someone other than Congressman Bartlett. A reasonable person could easily conclude that you have been filtering information that was intended for the Congressman's benefit, and that you have otherwise been attempting to manipulate his understanding of the facts, and tragically, have undermined his splendid response on behalf of the Constitution and the People.

I arrived in the doorway of Congressman Bartlett's office on July 9, 2001.  In retrospect I have examined your behavior since that day and this is the only plausible explanation that can be deduced.

As you know, Congressman Bartlett, without consulting you or the Party, chose to honor his oath to serve and defend the Constitution. Not only did he immediately place a top priority on this matter, but he went on to negotiate binding agreements in the People's behalf with IRS Commissioner Rossotti and DOJ's Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant--apparently without consulting you, anyone else in your office, or the Speaker of the House. From the beginning, his courage and independence were resoundingly evident, and served as a great inspiration and patriotic example to all Americans. It was only after you personally began to act in the Congressman's behalf, that he reversed his previously staunch and unwavering support of the income tax hearing.

Please consider one other unfortunate fact for a just a moment. While you sit in your comfortable position of influence, and dine with the politicians and bureaucrats that believe themselves to be the select few who know best how to manage the fruits of the Peoples' labor, there are millions of us across this country who will toil late into the night in an effort to put food on our children's table, all the while carrying the chains of an unjust and unlawful personal income tax on our backs---a tax that Congressman Bartlett stated openly ". . .is inconsistent with the liberty of a free people."

Ms. Wright, your part, however small, in furthering the ongoing effort to derail this long-delayed moment of truth for the American people, has been a disservice to your Congressman, your Constitution, and your Country.

With Due Respect,

Robert L. Schulz Chairman

cc: Congressman Roscoe Bartlett