Bob Schulz has an engineering degree from the United States Merchant Marine Academy (1963), and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Xavier University (1969). He completed most of the course work for a Ph. D. in Public Administration at the Graduate School of Public Affairs , State University of NY.

Bob has held significant positions in industry (General Electric), in government (Connecticut, New York State, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), on Wall Street (Prudential-Bache), in business (founder and CEO of a consulting firm), and on the radio as a talk-show host (with WROW in Albany, New York).

Bob received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force in 1959 and he answered his country's call by volunteering as a ship's engineer during the sea- lift to Vietnam in 1966.

However, this work and these assignments are not Bob's principal reason for being.

Although he is not an attorney, he is not unskilled in the law. For the past 22 years Bob has been occupied with an abiding concern about wrongful governmental behavior and has been carefully evaluating governmental behavior, comparing that behavior with the requirements of the State and Federal Constitutions and unhesitatingly confronting improprieties and conflicts, in the courts, professionally, intelligently and rationally. Bob has performed the research, prepared the briefs and argued cases in the highest state and federal courts. At least one hundred fourteen (114) decisions have been rendered in cases he has brought against unconstitutional and illegal governmental behavior, often with other citizen-plaintiffs.

Be assured, Bob is not some legal crank, interested in making a reputation. The things he has been dealing with are painful to him and costly. He has done much of this on his own, but he has received the encouragement and support and participation of a growing number of people in New York State and elsewhere. Click here for a list of the citations of the 99 state court decisions and 15 federal court decisions in the cases Bob has brought against governmental wrongdoing.

Bob and his wife, Judy, of 38 years live on a small farm on the east side of Lake George, NY, where they raised four children, each of whom has graduated from one of America's finest universities.