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We invite you to join with others who wish to hold government accountable to their state and federal Constitutions and the Rule of Law by reviewing and signing these First Amendment Petitions for Redress. Thank goodness Americans get to vote for those who would wield governmental power over them, and we should all vote, but the people must begin to hold those in office accountable, regardless of their political stripe and who they voted for.

The Right to Petition those in government to remedy their violations of the Constitution is the "Capstone" Right," the key to shifting the ultimate power from the government to the people where it was meant to reside in the first place. Claim and Exercise your Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances - - A Right guaranteed by the last ten words of the First Amendment and every State Constitution.


We trust you will agree, these Petitions are intelligent, rational and professional, representing a legal approach to restoring constitutional governance. We need a minimum of 2000 signatures from each of the 435 congressional districts to serve the petitions on our elected officials. Together, we can ensure the Voice of our Constitutions is heard!

Please Read: "Statement of Beliefs" | "Summary of the Petitions for Redress"

The First Amendment Petitions for Redress of Grievances: 

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  1. Unconstitutional Money-and-Monetary-Policy
    (There is NO Constitutional authority to create a debt-based, fiat currency.)
  2. Unconstitutional Public-Debt
    (Public "debt" incurred to pay for UN-constitutional activities is by law, null & void)
  3. Unconstitutional Federal-Reserve-System
    (The privately-owned Federal Reserve banks have NO constitutional authority to 
                                create our money, control its supply, or to fix interest rates.)
  4. Unconstitutional Bailouts-of-Corporations-And-Foreign-Countries
    (It's UN-constitutional to use public funds for private uses or for foreign governments)
  5. Unconstitutional War-Powers
                                (The Iraq and Afghan wars are NOT authorized as mandated by the Constitution)
  6. Unconstitutional Public-Education
    (States have failed to provide instruction on Civic Duties and critical U.S. history)
  7. Unconstitutional Public-Elections and to ban all voting machines
    (Your votes are recorded and counted in secret by e-voting/counting machines)  
  8. Unconstitutional Healthcare
    (The individual mandate violates the Tax Clauses of the Constitution)
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