E-mail Censoring by
Internet Service Providers

Updated May, 2008

To our Supporters:

Unfortunately, you are using an ISP that is currently
censoring e-mail
from our website
, www.GiveMeLiberty.org.

We have been unable to correct this situation.

Despite the fact that WTP has rarely, if ever appeared on any
SPAM monitoring website, we have confirmation that
the following  ISP's are blocking most, if not all email
from WTP for unknown reasons


To join our e-mail list, make a donation, or access any of the secured
functions on the WTP websites, you must be able to receive e-mailed
generated from our primary website, GiveMeLiberty.org.

Secured functions include encrypted financial transactions hosted directly from
our website such as secured donations, joining the WTP Congress, etc. Other secured supporter functions include signing Petitions, accessing Coordinator
resources, and accessing certain data gathering and volunteer processes.

NOTE: Our on-line e-stores are generally NOT affected.

To avoid these problems, we strongly recommend you select an
alternative email provider such as (FREE) gmail.com or (FREE) hotmail.com.

In most cases, you can still support our organization by making donations, etc.
via regular U.S. Mail using our printable information forms.

You may also wish to complain directly to your ISP or consider stronger
actions such as refusing to use/purchase any of their corporate services
or products.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


We The People Congress
We The People Foundation