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January, 2002 Through July, 2002

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Freedom Drive
2002Freedom Drive

Departs From the West Coast for Our Capital
Veteran's Day Weekend, This November

Constitutional Crisis !

Obtain Truth-in-Taxation Hearing Record CD-ROM & VHS   

Contact U.S. Officials & the Media Freedom Drive 2002 Begins Veteran's Day Weekend in CA

"Test Drive" the Multimedia Truth-in-Taxation CD-ROM

See Schulz's Schedule & Meeting Details

Copy & Distribute the Freedom Drive Flyer


Read the Rave Reviews About the 

Truth-in-Taxation Hearing CD-ROM Package

A 30-second television commercial has been produced and is currently being test marketed in 300,000 homes (more to follow). Last week we finalized the WorldNetDaily distribution agreement and they are now offering the set of four CDs, the Tax Termination Package, and the CD/VHS "Combo Package" on their site.

We are witnessing a sea change. The strong testimony of those that have viewed the hearing  resonates with people at a profound level and is clear evidence that the evidence and truths revealed in these materials are nothing less than extraordinary.

We extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone that has submitted his or her suggestions, comments, and reviews of the Truth–in-Taxation educational products.

The multi-media CD-ROM delivery mode allows the truths and documentation exposed at the Hearing to reach people in a manner previously impossible to achieve until just months ago. The reactions described in these comments will be repeated thousands, even millions of times as the content of the hearing spreads.

Click Here to read the reviews and take the new multi-media "Test Drive."

"I am thrilled by my CD's on the Truth In Taxation Hearings. I literally broke down and wept several times at the truths that came out..." 

Elaine, Georgia

"… these are the most important tapes and CDs that have EVER been produced in this country."

Wm. L., Michigan

"… you gave me the ammunition. . . when the IRS does approach me... you have literally put decades of research and education in 4 CDs. You are to be congratulated for a superb product … "

Ted, Dallas Texas

"You people have created the ‘Noah’s Ark’ of tax freedom, by bringing these things to light - the citizens of this country owe you a great debt..."

Clint, Ephrata Washington

Your comments about the Hearing record are encouraged to be sent to our support staff at: support@bostonteapartyii.org

Click Here to read the reviews and take the new multi-media "Test Drive."


Schulz Traveling Across US                                   To Save The Constitution

Freedom Drive 2002:
November, All Roads Lead to DC

Bob Schulz is following through on his personal pledge to do whatever is necessary to defend the unalienable rights of the People.

See Schulz's Schedule & Meeting Details

Schulz, Chairman of the We The People Congress is traveling across the nation to organize Freedom Drive 2002. Freedom Drive is a mass civil action in direct response to the US Government’s failure to respond to the citizens’ repeated petitions for redress of grievances regarding the federal income tax system.

On June 17th, Schulz publicly announced that he will no longer file tax returns or pay income taxes because the federal government, in flagrant violation of the 1st Amendment, refuses to answer to formal charges that the US tax system is unconstitutional, was born of fraud and is enforced without regard to due process or our civil rights.

Among the well documented charges leveled by Schulz (and thousands of others) is that the US Government refuses to officially declare the specific legal basis of their purported jurisdiction to impose income taxes on average Americans. IRS and DOJ persistently refuse to cite any law that specifically imposes a legal duty on average Americans liable to pay income taxes or withhold taxes.  (continued)

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Freedom Drive 2002 Flyer Is Released 

"Enough is Enough."  Help Defend The Constitution.  All Roads Lead to DC This November

Everyone is encouraged to copy the flyer and distribute it widely (and repeatedly) at truck stops, rest areas, grocery stores, bulletin boards, etc.  Details about obtaining bulk quantity color glossy copies of the ad will be available soon.

  RIGHT Click Here to download the flyer. It is  560 KB and is in .pdf format.  


Civil Strife Gets Underway:

Take The Drive.  Don’t Take a Dive.

Veteran’s day is an appropriate day for Americans to remember the sacrifices of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty from earlier generations and to pledge themselves to an equal sacrifice in a modern defense of our Freedoms here at home.

Veteran’s day is an equally appropriate day for all Americans to acknowledge the breadth and depth of the government’s arrogance, abuses and usurpations.

Veteran’s day is an appropriate day for We The People to initiate a formal strategic defense of our Rights against domestic governmental tyranny. It is time to put a collective foot down and say, "Enough is enough."

On Veteran’s Day, Monday November 11, 2002, cars, vans and trucks will leave from cities on the West Coast (e.g., Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and San Diego). They will come together in Salt Lake City, where they will meet with more cars, vans and trucks coming down from the north and up from the south in caravans. 

These travelers will journey on to Denver, where they will meet with more cars, vans and trucks coming down from the north and up from the south in caravans.      (continued)

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Treasury Inspector General Starts Investigation of Illegal IRS Data Tampering

Mike McKinney of the Treasury’s Inspector General office in Washington DC, recently contacted Richard and Victoria Osborn of TPI, a Colorado Springs forensic accounting firm, to inform them that materials produced by TPI were being sent to Treasury field investigators looking into alleged illegal data tampering by IRS personnel.

The Osborns have produced documentation and given sworn testimony that the IRS routinely violates citizens’ due process rights by willfully and intentionally manipulating taxpayers’ Individual Master Files (IMF). This unlawful data tampering is for the purposes of: fabricating time-barred tax assessments; fraudulently certifying official records sent to federal courts to support illegal assessments; "short paying" interest legally owed to taxpayers; seizing Social Security benefits from taxpayers in direct violation of US law and creating fraudulent penalty and interest payments against taxpayers.     (continued)

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Schulz to Speak at Tax Freedom Rally In San Francisco, July 6 and 7

Bob Schulz will speak at the 2-day "Tax Freedom Rally 2002" sponsored by the Free Enterprise Society in Sunnyvale, CA on Saturday and Sunday July 6th and 7th.

Schulz will share the plan for broad-scale, nationwide civil action and for the new We The People Congress. On June 17th, Schulz publicly declared his decision to stop paying federal income taxes and to no longer file returns.

Speakers at the rally also include: former Oklahoma Senator Charles Key, ex-IRS Special Agent Joe Banister, activist and author Devvy Kidd, constitutional attorney Larry Becraft, tax researcher Red Beckman, and others that will cover an array of topics from ending the income tax to defending the Constitutional right to travel.

Special hotel rates of just $75 per night at the Four Points Sheraton (including free airport shuttle from the San Jose airport) have been arranged but reservations must be made by June 28th. Call the hotel at (800) 543-3322 or direct at (408) 738-4888. Entrance to the 2-day conference is $30 for a single, $45 for a couple, less for FES members.

FES can be reached at www.freeenterprisesociety.com or by phone, (209) 966-7040.

Read the brochure for the Freedom Rally (.pdf)


Schiff Fighting Unlawful Bank Seizure

Determined to Defend 4th Amendment from Attacks by Bank of America and the IRS

A Las Vegas Tribune article of June 26th covers Irwin Schiff’s latest court motion to get a Nevada state judge to let his case against the Bank of America proceed to trial. BOA was charged by Schiff for unlawfully giving his BOA bank account to the IRS without a court order or proper legal authority.

Schiff is encouraging citizens to send respectful, supportive notes to Judge Earl to allow Schiff’s case to proceed to a jury trial. Judge Earl’s contact information is in the news article.

Click Here to read the news article "All Nevada Bank Accounts at Risk."


Last Batch of Congressional Responses: The "Hot Potato" Syndrome

On April 15th, people from all over the country met in Washington DC and delivered a packet of documents to all 535 members of Congress. Each packet included letters from constituents respectfully asking Congress to fix the problem of the fraudulent and illegal income tax, and a record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing (which was held on February 27th and 28th).

Approximately 3300 such constituent letters were hand delivered to the offices of the congressmen. In each case, an aide to the congressman was made to sign a form signifying his/her receipt of the materials. In each case, the person who delivered the packet signed a proof of service form.

The purpose of the activity was to put each and every congressman in the position of NOT being able to claim he/she did not know about the People's petition for redress of grievances regarding the income tax. There exists no excuse for not knowing the causes which impelled the people to eventually engage in civil action against the income tax.

Something very strange is going on.

An astonishing 470 congressmen, including Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer from New York, have decided to ignore their constituents altogether, by not responding, at all, to the thousands of constituent letters that were hand delivered to their DC offices.

After two months, this Foundation is aware of only 65 congressmen who have "responded" to their receipt of the April 15th demand letter and record of the Hearing. As can be seen in their correspondence, the congressmen have ignored the sum and substance of the petitions they received from their constituents.           (continued)

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Media Coverage Begins:                                  "Schulz Stops Paying Taxes, Defies IRS"

The same large New York newspaper that started the media coverage of Bob Schulz's hunger strike last summer has again taken notice of Schulz and his letter of this week to the Feds proclaiming publicly his decision to stop paying the income tax and to cease filing.  

  Click here to read the news article


Schulz to Feds:

No Answers, No Taxes.
"The Gloves Are Off.  Enough is Enough."   

Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education today released a letter sent to his regional IRS processing center, IRS Commissioner Rossotti, President Bush, Speaker Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Daschle declaring his total commitment to personally instigate sufficient civil action across the nation to end the income tax as we know it.

Schulz’s letter publicly proclaims and staunchly states that after 45 years of willful compliance he now refuses to file a tax return for 2001, 2002 and for all future years.

Citing the record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing and the government’s steadfast refusal to answer the Foundation’s well-documented charges that the income tax system is fraudulent in its jurisdiction and is unlawfully enforced against the American people, Schulz said, "The gloves are off. Enough is enough.  The evidence phase is over. I will now do everything in my power to mobilize the People in defense of our rights. Our children and our neighbors are entitled to constitutional governance carried out in decency and good order."

"Our liberties have been seized. I call on all right minded citizens to do something – now! Spread the word. Join the We The People Congress. Sign up for duty as a county or state coordinator. Get ready to act."

Schulz’s letter chastises the government for its blatant disregard of the Constitution and his absolute right, as a sovereign citizen, to a formal response from the US Government to the petition for redress of grievances regarding the income tax system.

This letter marks the beginning of a large, orchestrated campaign of civil action designed to bring this conflict to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness and thus, to force the IRS to stop forcing employers to withhold the tax from the paychecks of their employees and to stop forcing people to file the insidiously intrusive tax returns and to pay this abominable tax.

Hundreds of We The People Congress coordinators and thousands of supporters across the country are expected to personally assist specific action initiatives and to build a mass movement capable, as Schulz declares, "of putting the government back in its box."

The plan is designed to utilize proven techniques of a pro-active, non-violent, mass-movement, all meant to raise the level of public awareness and knowledge of what is really going on in government and to bring it to heel.

"The government leaves us no choice," said Schulz. "We have documented their crimes, the abuses and the mechanics of the fraud. We have petitioned. We have pleaded. We have supplicated. We will not grovel. Make no mistake -- we will not passively give up our freedoms to the repugnant acts of a dishonest government."

Details of the civil action plan will be released following additional preparations over the next week.

Schulz plans to spend the foreseeable future traveling around the country meeting with liberty-minded groups to line up support for and participation in the civil action.

Schulz concluded, "There is no middle ground. We have a Constitution or we don’t. We are free or we are not. We are soon to find out where the People stand on the issues of citizen vigilance and the matter of our rights, liberties and freedoms."

Click below for Schulz’s letter to the Federal government. PLEASE pass it on. Tell your friends and coworkers and monitor www.givemeliberty.org for updates and developments.

  Click here to read Schulz's letter


White House Briefing:
Question About Schulz Directed to Bush

WorldNetDaily reports today about Monday's White House press briefing where WND correspondent and Baltimore radio talk show host Les Kinsolving briefly grilled Presidential Press Secretary Ari Fleischer about whether the President will direct DOJ and IRS to answer Schulz's petition for redress of grievances on the income tax. 

Fleischer appeared less than thrilled with the question and his response was evasive.

Click here to hear the brief 6/10 audio segment.

Click here to see the C-SPAN video coverage of the press conference.  The 30 second question is asked at 37:20 of the forty minute briefing. (Real Player required - download free at Real.com)


Coming: Personal Message & Plan from Schulz

June 1st has come and gone.

On April 15 thousands of constituent letters were delivered to the 535 members of Congress, along with a copy of the record of the Hearing. The constituents respectfully requested the Congressmen to review the record of the hearing and let them know by June 1 if they (the congressmen) would move to schedule a full-blown congressional hearing requiring IRS and DOJ to address the evidence and answer our questions regarding the fraudulent jurisdiction of the IRS and the illegal income tax system.

In effect, each congressman received a petition for a redress of grievances relating to abuses of the taxing powers granted to the federal government by the people.

As of June 3, only 53 congressmen have responded.  Of those 53, none mentioned the Citizens Truth-in-Taxation Hearing record or the request for a congressional hearing.

These Congressional "responses" document for history the complete lack of respect given the sovereign People of this nation (and the Constitution) by their elected leaders.

The question now is, "What must a free person do in the face of unconstitutional acts by his government and a government that will not justify its behavior?"

Later this week, Bob Schulz will release a personal message and a plan of action to this nation.  Bob will commit himself fully to these ends, and challenge all Americans to come together and work in unison with others in the We The People Congress to secure our objectives using the strongest, peaceful methods available.

In the meantime, Bob had this to say: "My unalienable rights yield to no one. I will not surrender to the physical control of government. I will not hand over possession of my unalienable rights. I will not submit to unconstitutional acts by government. I will not acknowledge superiority of the government. I will not give up my rights without a fight. I will not yield to any form of tyranny. I will not succumb to the IRS."

Finally, we extend our gratitude to the many people who have joined the We The People Congress in the past two weeks and the hundreds who have volunteered to be county and state coordinators. We ask everyone else to read the article, "Together, With Force," which is located below this article and give serious consideration to joining and supporting the We The People Congress.

Click here to read about the We The People Congress.
Click here to join the We The People Congress
Click here to volunteer to serve the WTP Congress as a local or state coordinator.
Click here to get your copy of the Truth-in-Taxation video & evidence to show your friends and community the proof.
14 hours of sworn testimony, 450 legal exhibits, 537 Questions the Government will not answer. CD-ROM set $29.95. VHS available too!


Together, With Force

Let Us Challenge Those Who Dare Tax Our Labor
Let Us Be Vigilant In This and Other Matters of Liberty!

"Men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties: (1) Those who fear and distrust the people and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes, (2) Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depository of the public interests. In every country these two parties exist; and in every one where they are free to think, speak and write they will declare themselves."

In Jefferson's quotation above, the word "constitution" refers not to the set of fundamental laws and principles that normally govern the operation of a government, but rather to man's composition or make-up, for instance his mental disposition -- his "nature."

What Jefferson was saying, in effect, was that it is in the natural order of organized societies for people to be inclined to either relinquish power into the hands of the "higher classes" of that society or to have power reside in the hands of the common citizenry, even though the people may not always be the most prudent nor most effective managers of that power.

We know how Jefferson and the other framers of the state and federal Constitutions declared themselves on this issue of power.

Jefferson declared himself most succinctly when he wrote, "I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of a society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it away from them, but to inform their discretion by education."  (continued)

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May 15, 2002

More Congressmen Respond
More of the Same: 
Insolence !

One month has passed since all 535 congressmen were petitioned for a redress of grievances regarding the federal income tax. On April 15th, thousands of letters from constituents were hand delivered with copies of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing record to every member of Congress.

Of the 535 Congressmen, 513 have NOT responded to the petition.

Below are some of the "responses" from the handful of Congressmen who did bother to reply. The responses are indicative of the true condition of our Republic.

These letters constitute the formal response from our elected federal officials to the citizenry on one of the most critical issues this nation has encountered. This Foundation considers it a vital responsibility to document for all posterity how our leaders responded during this crisis for our Constitution.

In our last update, we published the first four letters received back from Congressmen. During the last three weeks, the People have heard from another eighteen Congressmen.

As with the four "responses" from the previous article, each of the congressmen has utterly ignored the sum and substance of the appeals they received from their constituents.

Not one congressman has specifically acknowledged the record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing, much less the Hearing’s 537 statements of fact, supporting evidence and conclusions of law.

This, despite the fact that every constituent letter that accompanied the record read in part, "The formal record of the hearing removes any doubt that this nation's income tax system is unconstitutional in its origin, fraudulent and abusive in its operation, and ultimately repugnant to every principle of equal justice, due process of law and personal liberty that we cherish as Americans."  (continued)

  Click here to Read the Full Article

April 28, 2002

Congress Begins to Respond:
Early Returns Deserve Censure

What Must a Free People Do?

Plan For a "Summer of Discontent"

The Peoples’ 535 representatives in Washington DC have begun to respond to the constituent demand letters they received last week in conjunction with the hand delivery of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing record to every member of Congress.

Their responses form an obnoxious and objectionable pattern:

  •  Staff members, rather than representatives, are responding
  • Staff members are not showing the letters to congressmen
  • The replies are non-responsive and plainly insulting
  • Stock “off-the-shelf” replies have nothing to do with our charges
  • A giant “brush off” by Congress is in the making

We again ask: What must a free people do when faced with a government that will not respond to a proper petition for a redress of grievances? What must a free People do with a government that will not answer to the Peoples’ charges of unlawful behavior? What must a free People do with the representatives of a Republic that respond to constituents with inane and irrelevant responses?

Are the People not justified in taking stronger action?

Do the People, as our nation’s history has shown, have a moral duty to take stronger action?

Do the People need a bold plan for a militant, non-violent, mass-movement retort?

Do the People need to initiate a “summer of discontent”?

No matter what the People may do after June 1st, it is important that they continue to RESPECTFULLY request their elected representatives to respond to our petition for a redress of grievances by addressing the evidence of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing.

This Foundation is currently developing a comprehensive “education” and public awareness plan to ensure that the Peoples’ voice will be heeded on this issue. Make no mistake, this is a constitutional crisis. As they have in the past, the People will preserve their rights.

  Click here  to read the full article

Click here to get a copy of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing on CD-ROM or VHS. The 4 disk set contains 14 hours of video, 400+ legal exhibits, 500+ questions, text summaries of key findings and a certified transcript -- all of which can  be accessed simultaneously.  Click here to see some short video previews.  CD-ROM sets are now shipping!

April 21, 2002

Congress Has Been Put on Formal Notice.

Its Members Now Have the Demand Letter and a Copy of the Record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing.

It Took a Team Effort.

On Sunday and Monday, April 14-15, 2002, citizens from sea to shining sea gathered in Washington DC.

Liberty was their passion and formally notifying Congress was the mission.

The team accomplished the mission with flying colors. Their success was the result of an extraordinary amount of "esprit de corps" -- an uncommon spirit that unified the members of the group. The delegation embodied enthusiasm, devotion and a strong regard for professionalism, workmanship and the honor of the group.

The group assembled the packages and checked and rechecked them to minimize errors and to expedite the distribution. Many did not quit until 3 am, only after they were sure the hundreds of packages were ready for delivery Monday morning.

All this after making the personal sacrifices in time and money required to be in DC for the event.

On Monday morning, the group marched to Capitol Hill and served all but eleven of the 535 members of Congress with a copy of the record of the Citizens' Truth-In-Taxation Hearing. The packages contain the sworn video testimony and conclusive legal documentation that the IRS lacks the lawful authority to force employers to withhold the income tax from the paychecks of their employees or to force Americans to file a tax return and to pay the tax. Each delivery was formally witnessed via an affidavit of process service.

Congress has now been officially put on Notice by the People:

  • The IRS lacks the legal jurisdiction to enforce the federal income tax within the borders of the 50 states,
  • The federal income tax system is unlawfully applied, and
  • The IRS routinely violates the Peoples' 4th Amendment and due process rights.

Along with the record of the Hearing, the Congressmen received thousands of letters demanding that they move, no later than June 1, 2002, to direct IRS and DOJ to either stop forcing employers to withhold and to stop forcing the People to file and pay, OR schedule a full-blown congressional hearing requiring IRS and DOJ to appear and to address the evidence from the Truth-In-Taxation Hearing record.

In scores of cases, congressmen received a multitude of letters, each from a different constituent.

In all but a few cases, the letters addressed to each of the 535 congressmen came directly from constituents.

While delivering the packages some citizens were able to actually meet and speak briefly with their congressman.

In all but six cases congressional aides in every office willingly and graciously accepted and signed for the package. This was not the case in the offices of Senators Jim Bunning (KY), Lincoln Chafee (RI) and Pete Domenici (NM), and in the offices of Representatives Howard Berman (CA), Hilda Solis (CA), Jerry Weller (IL). In those cases, the aides refused to accept the packages, saying they wanted the packages delivered through the mail.

Those six packages that were refused have now been mailed.

Editor’s note: This is obviously not a formal Senate or House policy. Each congressman appears to have the discretion to require all letters be sent through the mail. Regardless, it is a sad commentary on America if citizens are now to be restricted from personally delivering letters to congressional offices. This, coupled with the concrete barriers and fences that now ring the Capitol, the White House and most major federal buildings, and the installation of metal detectors and electronic sensors at all public entrances of all government buildings causes us to wonder why our government feels it must protect itself from the People.

There were no constituent letters for Representatives Ed. Whitfield (KY), Wayne Gilchrest (MD), Karen McCarthy (MO), Mark Udall (CO) and John Thune (SD).

Anyone who lives in these five congressional districts and would like to have a demand letter and record of the hearing sent from him/her to their congressman, is asked to contact the offices of We The People. E-mail to: Bob@givemeliberty.org.

April 12, 2002

We Are Putting Congress On Notice. It is a Vital Step in the Process.

Last Call For Letters From Constituents.

On Monday, April 15th, citizens from around the country will be in Washington, DC to deliver copies of the full record and evidence of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing, to every Congressman, along with a formal transmittal letter.  

For maximum effectiveness, these letters should come directly from constituents.   We need the assistance of many more citizen-constituents, and we need it immediately for Monday's events.  It is not necessary for you to be in DC but we do need you to spread the word and send many constituent letters to Washington. 

We are asking everyone to read the sample letter and to provide us with their personal constituent information ASAP so we can prepare these letters and deliver them to your Representative and/or Senator(s) next Monday.  For those not planning to personally be in DC this weekend, Bob Schulz will sign the letters on your behalf.

Click here to read the sample constituent letter.

Click here to send the letter to your Senators and/or Representative.

Please note that at this point we are not concerned about recovering the cost of delivering the record. If you can send a donation later, fine, if not that is fine also. What we need now are additional constituent letters from every Congressional district.

Please give this your immediate attention. Time is of the essence.  Thank you.

April 9, 2002

Press conference seen by thousands Details for Sunday's DC Mall gathering &  Congressional deliveries set

As of this morning, almost 7,000 internet viewers and countless others served by media network news services have now seen yesterday's DC press conference where evidence of unlawful alteration of IRS taxpayer "Master" computer files was unveiled by this Foundation.  Several Ex-IRS agents also spoke telling the press that they now know IRS agents have NO statutory authority to assess taxes or seize citizens' property. The video archive of the press conference can be seen by clicking here.

This Sunday's mass "Stand And Be Counted" gathering on the DC mall begins at 1 p.m.  Participants should meet on the Mall, outside the entrance to the "Smithsonian" Metro subway station.  A full afternoon of activities is planned, not the least of which will be making final preparations for Monday's delivery of the full record of the Truth-in-Taxation hearing packages to every Congressman.  WTP will have a blue and white van, and possibly a "billboard" trailer parked just outside the Metro station entrance.

Monday's events (April 15) in DC begin at the same location at 9:30 a.m.  Those "citizen-constituents" hand delivering the sponsored hearing packages to Congressmen will either walk to the Capitol Hill office complex or take the Metro down another station or two.  At 2:30 in afternoon, after delivering the Congressional packages and allowing time for a quick lunch, we will meet again at this location and walk, as a group, to deliver the final hearing package to The White House.  Other details concerning the delivery of packages will be released in DC.  Monday's participants should wear walking shoes and comfortable but appropriate dress.  If possible, flash cameras should be used to record the delivery of the packages to the Congressmen.

Those attending these events should make hotel reservations ASAP.  The Washington Plaza Hotel is the only hotel we have a block of rooms reserved for and they are reportedly sold out for our discount rate of $99 for the 15th.  Their telephone number is 1-800-424-1140. 

Aside from Internet travel services such as Expedia.com, Travelocity.com, etc. you may want to call "DC Accommodations" at 1-800-503-3330.  They specialize in booking room for DC travelers.  If money is a significant barrier, ask for an inexpensive hotel room in Virginia or Maryland that is next to a Metro station.  Travel in DC by the Metro is fast, cheap, and very safe.  Typical fares run a dollar or two.  They can also provide you with maps, other information, etc.

PLEASE, DO NOT call the WTP office with travel related questions.  See you next weekend! 

Click here to financially sponsor a hearing package for a Congressman for delivery next Monday (April 15).
Click here to see the April 8 WTP press conference
Click here to get your own copy of the Hearing and evidence on CD-ROM or VHS.  Click here to see a few video previews.


April 7, 2002

Racketeering at IRS:                             Press Conference Monday, 1 PM Eastern
Schulz to Senate Finance Committee:
Stop the Propaganda.   Stop the Intimidation.  Answer the Questions.  Go After the Real Criminals.

The press conference begins at 1 PM from the National Press Club in DC.  Click here to watch it live.  We are expecting thousands across the nation to watch this live broadcast.  Should you experience trouble getting logged in during the webcast, an archive of  the event will be available immediately following the live press conference.  It is expected the event will run approximately an hour. 

Several Ex-IRS Agents and a forensic accountant will make brief remarks and expose hard evidence of blatantly illegal activities by IRS personnel, including illegal alteration of IRS taxpayer computer files, unlawful tax assessments and fraudulent certification of Federal court tax documents. 

Bob Schulz, Chairman of the Foundation, will deliver tomorrow morning a letter to the Senate Finance Committee.  They are holding their second hearing on tax "Schemes, Scams and Cons."  In his letter, Schulz challenges the Senators to stop the real scam being perpetrated upon the People and end this Constitutional crisis in a managed and peaceful manner.

Details about meeting places, times, etc. for next Sunday's mass gathering on the DC mall (April 14th) and the hand delivery of the Truth-in-Taxation hearing packages to every Congressman on the 15th will be posted here Monday evening.

Shipments of the record of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing will commence later this week.  Click here to get your own copy on CD-ROM or VHS.  Click here to see a few video shorts.

Click here to read Schulz's letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Senator Max Baucus
Click here to financially sponsor a hearing package for a Congressman. There is an option for a letter of personal demand.
Click here to see the Senate Finance Committee press release about Thursday's "Scams, Schemes and Cons" hearing

April 4, 2002

WTP Press Conference
1 P.M. Eastern, Monday, April 8

Watch it LIVE From The National Press Club by FREE Webcast   click here

Conspiracy And Racketeering  Widespread at IRS

DOJ And IRS Operating Outside the Law

Congress Looks the Other Way

Peaceful Resistance Planned

On April 8th at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern), 10 a.m. (Pacific), there will be a press conference in Washington DC on the federal income tax. The event will be held at the National Press Club.

The press conference will be broadcast live via webcast. Anyone will be able to watch the press conference by logging onto ConnectLive.com/events/wethepeople.

All citizens are respectfully requested to contact reporters and editors at their local newspapers and radio and TV stations.  Ask the financial reporters and editors if they are aware of Monday’s press conference on the conspiracy and racketeering at the IRS and to watch the press conference live on the internet. Get their fax numbers and send a copy of  today’s press release. Click here for a copy of the press release to be faxed to reporters/editors.

Click here to find your local media outlets and easily contact them.

At the press conference, a Forensic Accountant will reveal absolute proof of widespread and intentional illegal tax assessments and accounting procedures performed by agents of the United States Internal Revenue Service—with the full knowledge of the IRS, DOJ, Congress and the Courts.

Irrefutable evidence will be presented that documents a long-standing pattern of IRS fraud and abuse including: the unlawful manipulation of taxpayers’ Individual (IMF) Master Files; the propagation and illegal collection of time-barred tax assessments; the intentional underpayment of interest lawfully owed to taxpayers; the imposition of levies against taxpayers’ Social Security benefits in direct violation of U.S. law, the fraudulent certification of court tax documents and much more.  (continued)

Click here to read the full article
Click here to get the April-4-02 WTP Press Release.
Click for the Findings of the Truth-In-Taxation Hearing.
RIGHT Click here to download the 460 Hearing questions (170 kb .pdf)
Miss the Hearing Webcast?  See a Few Video Shorts.  


March 23, 2002

Loose Ends, Evolving Strategies                               and Action Reminders

The People have reached a watershed moment.

The material issue of fact is the fraudulent jurisdiction of the IRS and the absent, yes, MISSING, legal authority for the IRS to force employers to withhold income taxes from employee paychecks and the lack of authority for the IRS to force the People to file a tax return and to pay income taxes.

Against a backdrop of (a), the government’s gangster-style, brutal, forceful intimidation and enforcement behavior (i.e., unlawfully enforcing the income tax without bona fide legal authority) and (b), the government’s capricious, even freakish, evasion of every opportunity it has been presented with to answer the Peoples’ intelligent and rational petitions regarding such authority, the record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing stands uncontested as incontrovertible proof of a government hoax and tyranny of the most pernicious form.  Our nation must respond.

Far beyond the well documented issues that there is no law that actually makes the average American liable for the tax and the widespread violations of due process and other constitutional rights by the IRS, our hearing broke into new and disturbing areas where testimony and evidence revealed, among many things:

  • IRS agents illegally manipulate IRS computer data files to unlawfully bypass programming that would legally prohibit any tax enforcement actions because of statutory time limits.
  • Massive and illegal manipulation of the core IMF computer database to create fraudulent return records, without legal authority, that are what set in motion the tax collection mechanisms.
  • Testimony and detailed evidence from an ex-IRS Revenue Agent detailing fraudulent IRS training classes for IRS agents in which agents are instructed in creating "substitute" returns for non-filers. The fine print of the training materials carefully avoids the mention of individual income tax statutes or 1040s – although that is presumably most of what these agents work on!  Further testimony revealed this is because there is NO legal authority for an agent to create a "substitute" 1040 return.  Internal memos from the IRS’s Office of Counsel clearly show they know a "substitute for return" cannot stand the scrutiny of a direct legal challenge.
  • Testimony of IRS Agents initiating levy and seizure enforcement actions when they are clearly not authorized under the law to do so. One ex-IRS agent testified that even though an armed "SWAT" team would show up at a citizen’s home, the IRS was not authorized to actually "seize" it --- they would effectively scare the citizen into fleeing his home, thereby surrendering it "voluntarily" to the government!
  • New testimony and evidence uncovering the fraudulent ratification of the 16 Amendment: Far beyond the punctuation and spelling errors cited so casually by legal historians, the hearing delved into new lines of questioning detailing significant and widespread violations of state constitutions which the government clearly knew of in 1913 and that void those states’ amendment votes for all time.
  • An alarming U.S. government research report from 1957 which details clearly that the federal government does not have legislative jurisdiction within the geographical confines of the fifty states unless very specific legal procedures officially relinquish that jurisdiction to the federal government from the state. The evidence makes it clear that without legislative jurisdiction, there is no power to tax.

In summary, for the first time there is a substantial, unambiguous record of facts, sworn to under oath by credentialed professionals, which support the Peoples’ uncontested charge that the federal income tax, represents the greatest hoax, ever, perpetrated by any government in human history –- and this, in the "freest" nation on Earth.  (continued)

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March 15, 2002

The Next Steps:

1)  We Must Put The "Electric" Record Of The Hearing Into The Hands Of Every Member Of Congress

2)  We Must Deliver Deafening Demands To Our Elected Representatives

3)  We Must Spread News Of This Crisis Across America

On February 27 and 28, 2002, the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education sponsored the long-awaited Truth-In-Taxation Hearing.

This historic event exposed to the public the irrefutable facts about how the three branches of the federal government have intentionally and systematically conspired to deprive the American People of our Constitutional rights and reduce our citizens to indentured servants of a corrupt federal government bureaucracy.

Expert, credentialed witnesses (including ex-IRS agents, ex-IRS counsel, CPAs and tax attorneys) publicly testified, under oath, to almost 500 questions directly challenging the legal jurisdiction of the Department of Justice to enforce U.S. income tax laws against ordinary Americans and challenging the authority of the IRS to force citizens to file a return, pay any taxes on their wages and to seize Americans’ property without due process or valid court orders.

The formal record of the hearing removes any doubt that this nation's income tax system is unconstitutional in its origin, fraudulent and abusive in its operation, and ultimately repugnant to every principle of equal justice, due process of law and personal liberty that we cherish as Americans.

The hearing establishes that the People are now confronted with an unjust and uncivil government operating unlawfully and without legal authority. The People are entitled by right, to immediate reform and restructuring of the federal tax system.

The People have repeatedly Petitioned for Redress in the most humble and respected manner but their Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.

Resonating with the experiences of our Founding Fathers, the People are now morally and legally justified in taking yet stronger actions to force this government to behave in a constitutional, lawful manner.

Whatever the future may hold regarding the free Sovereign People of this Republic and the incompatible income tax, neither Congress nor the President will hereafter be able to assert that they did not know the causes that impelled the People to act. History will conclude that the People were justified. (continued...)

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March 2, 2002

Historic Truth-in-Taxation Hearing Exposes Government Fraud --- And Abuse Of Power Against American Citizens.  The Evidence And Record Of Facts Now Stand Irrefutable.

Extensive Documentary Evidence and Expert Testimony Under Oath Established a Factual Public Record That Will Be Used by The People in Upcoming Legal Actions.


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On February 27 and 28, 2002, at the Washington Marriott in Washington DC, the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education sponsored the long-awaited Truth-In-Taxation Hearing. This historic event brought to public attention the facts about how the three branches of the federal government have intentionally and systematically conspired to deprive the American People of our Constitutional rights, and reduce our citizens to indentured servants of a corrupt federal government bureaucracy.

The hearing was but another step in the People's determination to get to the truth regarding the fraudulent origin and operation of the Federal Reserve System, the unconstitutional creation of the Internal Revenue Service, and the illegal operations of our nation's income tax system.

Expert witnesses testified, under oath, to various questions challenging the legal authority of the IRS to force employers to withhold any income tax from the paychecks of their employees and the legal authority of the IRS to force most American citizens to file a tax return and to pay the income tax.

The Foundation's objective was to establish a factual record, to be used by the People in support of their future actions regarding the income tax.

Although we had hoped to have hostile witnesses from DOJ and IRS answer our questions as they agreed to in July, 2001, they arrogantly refused to appear before We The People in this recorded, public forum to answer our questions.

From the Record of the hearing, the reason is obvious: DOJ and IRS can not answer the questions truthfully without admitting to the fraudulent jurisdiction of the IRS and the illegal operation of the income tax system.

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March 1, 2002

The Beginning of the End:  Historic Truth-in-Taxation Hearing Concludes

Yesterday marked the conclusion of the Citizens' Truth-in-Taxation hearing sponsored by the We The People Foundation in Washington, DC.  By any measure, this hearing will be considered a watershed event in the history of the fight for liberty and freedom.

Over 2 days almost 500 detailed legal assertions and supporting evidence were put forth publicly challenging the legal foundations of the tax system, the legislative (taxing) jurisdiction of the U.S. within the 50 states, and for the first time: public exposure of patently illegal activities by IRS personnel including proof of computer record tampering and fraudulently deceptive training practices for IRS agents.

The lines of inquiry were answered under oath by panels of ex-IRS agents/CPAs, ex-IRS counsel, practicing attorneys, and tax law researchers.   

The evidence was wholly compelling and disturbing.     

The 18 hour event was broadcast live in its entirety over the internet with "real-time" access to view and print the legal documentation and evidence as it was presented.  Full copies of the hearing proceedings and electronic copies of the evidence will be made available shortly following post-production work. 

The Foundation will post a comprehensive review of the hearing's testimony, findings and conclusions later this weekend.   

Bob Schulz sends his sincerest thanks to those who have supported this initiative, as participants, viewers or donors. 

February 13, 2002

Text Version of Sunday's Full-Page NY Times Ad Now Posted    
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February 12, 2002

A Message to All Veterans from General  Raymond Davis 

General Raymond Davis (USMC, Ret.), the nation’s most highly decorated living veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, has issued a call for all American veterans to actively support this Foundation’s efforts to have the Peoples’ petition for redress of tax grievances fully answered by the government.

In his letter, General Davis reminds all veterans of their oath to defend the Constitution against "all enemies, foreign or domestic."  

General Davis calls for his letter to be distributed far and wide. Please see that every veteran and member of our armed services receives a copy of this letter.

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February 11, 2002

Here’s the Full-Page Ad From Sunday’s      New York Times, February 10, 2002

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On Sunday February 10, 2002, We The People Foundation ran a full-page ad in the nationwide edition of The New York Times under the heading, "IRS and Department of Justice: Why Won't You Answer Our Questions?"

This important step is part of the ongoing initiative to reach influential population segments that are mostly unaware of the constitutional crisis that has developed in the wake of our efforts to get the federal government to answer the questions regarding the fraudulent jurisdiction of the IRS and the illegal income tax system.

As we plainly asked in the ad, “Do We Have A Constitution or Not?”

The ad cost a great deal of money ($67,411), but is an absolutely critical step if we expect to reach a critical mass of people with the knowledge of, and demanding answers to, the questions of the fraudulent jurisdiction of the IRS and the illegal income tax system.

The bill is coming due. Donations are needed now. If you care to make a donation, click here.

Those that have been following this Foundation’s activities know that we have been effective in defense of the People’s constitutionally guaranteed rights and essential principles. 

One of our key advantages is our large network of supporters that have consistently focused their resources and personal efforts into significant events like our National Press Club Symposiums, the USA Today nationwide newspaper series, support during the hunger strike and the upcoming February DC tax hearing. 

The ability to turn the promise of true liberty into reality lies in committing a critical mass of our personal resources into the battle.  Front line troops can’t succeed without support from behind the lines. Substantial financial resources are needed to purchase print and broadcast media exposure of our just cause.    

We hope you agree that this Foundation is making things happen and is getting things done. You see your resources at work. No one working for the Foundation receives any compensation.  Together, we can work in ways that none of us could dream of by ourselves.  The whole is so much greater than the sum of the parts.

Let’s share the burden in the interest of liberty. Freedom is not a spectator sport. 

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Please feel free to e-mail us with comments, suggestions, etc. Bob@givemeliberty.org

February 6, 2002

New One Page Flyer About the Constitutional Crisis

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February 2, 2002

An Appeal to Every Organization That Stands For Liberty

The Time Has Come For Us to Stand Together

This appeal is being sent to the leaders of every major organization that is fighting to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and ultimately, the very survival of our Republic.

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January 28, 2002

We Now Have A Constitutional Crisis

U. S. Government Officials Refuse To Answer Questions On Legality Of The IRS And Income Tax System

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (MD), Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant, and IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti have broken their written agreement with the American People and have betrayed the United States Constitution.


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