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These are the archived WTP website updates:

August, 2002 Thru Oct. 22, 2002



Freedom Drive
Freedom Drive

Main Info Page


Media Kit


The Drive for Freedom Arrives in DC
November 14th

Freedom Drive Route, Schedule & Signups  Click Here !

Schulz Stopped Filing or Paying.  Learn Why & How.
Constitutional Crisis !
Review the Findings of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing
"Test Drive" the Multimedia Truth-in-Taxation CD-ROM
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Larken Rose: "Please Prosecute Me" for Failure to File
Sat. Nov. 9 Rally in Salt Lake City: Ex-IRS Agents Tell The Truth, Movies, Parade and lots more!  SLC Flyer 
Thursday Nov. 14 in DC @ Noon on the National Mall  Celebration & "The Moment of Truth." Live Music: Pokerface 



The Freedom Drive Song:  Get It Out There!

"If you care about America, and all that she can be..."

Please send our media kit, the link for the Freedom Drive song "We Believe in You" and a brief note to every radio talk show and radio music station in your area. Let’s hear these lyrics (,pdf) across America!


We Are Engaged!

Ours Is A Most Grave And Solemn Undertaking.  We Must Keep our Supply Lines Humming.

Never in the history of America, have the People been forced to engage the government by using the unalienable Right to Petition for Redress -- as both a shield and a sword.

Until now.

Freedom Drive is not just another "get together" or "freedom conference." The government will remember this day. The People will remember this day. It will be recorded for all posterity to remember – and it will possibly be broadcast live.

Jefferson, Madison and the others knew that the day might eventually come when the institutions of the Congress and the Courts would fail to protect the People from tyrannical acts.

They knew that the People would have to check their servant government by formally directing it to address and answer the People’s grievances. Hence the placement of the Right to Petition early on in the Bill of Rights -- i.e. in the 1st Amendment.

Such is our state of affairs – a most dangerous, awkward and unprecedented situation.     (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Full Text of This Important Article


The People are Signing the Petitions:        We Need Every Congressional District!

As of this evening, approximately 8,000 signatures from approximately 380 of the 435 congressional districts have been collected for the Petitions for Redress of Grievances that will be presented to our Executive and Legislative branches in early November. We will await their response in DC on November 14th.

To deny from Congress any excuse for failing to respond to these matters of critical and timely importance to our nation, each of these Petitions must have constituents from every single Congressional district sign them.

A preliminary analysis shows that there are 59 congressional districts that have yet to sign any of these petitions. A list of House Representatives from these districts can be found below along with the state and a district number code.   (continued...)

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Petitions Update & Schulz on PBS?

Click Here to Read & Sign the Petitions for                       Redress of Grievances

Just hours after being publicly released, over 4000 signatures from all 50 states have already been affixed to the WTP petitions for redress of grievances concerning the federal income tax fraud, the Federal Reserve, the War Powers clauses and the "USA Patriot Act".     (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article


The Right of Petition:                                  Use it Now or Lose It Forever.

It’s Time to Sign.  The Drive for Freedom Has Begun.

In violation of the War Powers clauses of the Constitution, the President is colluding with, and pressuring, the United States Congress to pass legislation that would authorize the President to apply the armed forces of the United States of America in hostilities in Iraq without a congressional Declaration of War.

In hasty response to widespread fear and panic following 9/11, our elected representatives voted on the "U.S.A. Patriot Act" (with many having not read it), which by the plain language of the Act, deprives and seizes the unalienable rights of the People.

Our government has relinquished direct control of the monetary system of this nation to a privately owned central bank and has transformed our money into nothing but limitless debt. A portion of the Federal Reserve stock is held by foreign entities.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reneged on their July 2001 written agreement to appear at a public forum to answer the People’s Remonstrance and well documented legal charges directly asserting the lack of statutory or Constitutional authority for the federal income tax and the systemic abuses of our unalienable rights in the daily operations of the IRS.

Are these despotic acts of our government to be tolerated by the People?

Let us thank our forefathers for their vision, foresight and innate understanding of the nature of man, political power, and government corruption in recognizing the explicit right of the People to petition their government for redress.

In early November, as the focal point of Freedom Drive 2002, the People will formally submit to our government petitions for redress of grievances concerning several of the most appalling abuses of government power that our nation currently confronts.

Four petitions have been drafted by the We The People Foundation and now await the signatures of the People of this nation.

The petitions cover the War Powers Clauses of the Constitution, the "USA Patriot Act", the Federal Reserve and the federal income tax system.         (continued. . . )

Click Here To Read the Full Article & Sign the Petitions for Redress of Grievances


Schulz is on the Road in the Southeast

Tuesday Oct. 1   Charlotte, NC
Wednesday    Oct. 2 Charleston, SC
Thursday  Oct. 3  Columbia, SC
Friday   Oct. 4 Toccoa, GA
Saturday   Oct. 5 Greenville, SC
Sunday   Oct. 6 Atlanta/Smyrna GA      (afternoon)
Sunday Oct. 6 Macon, GA                  (evening)
Monday Oct. 7 Milledgeville, GA          (breakfast)
Monday   Oct. 7 Atlanta/Norcross GA    (evening)
Tuesday   Oct. 8 Asheville, NC
Wednesday  Oct. 9 Greensboro, NC
Thursday   Oct. 10 Raleigh/Cary NC
Friday    Oct. 11 Hampton, VA 

Click Here To get the full details of Schulz's schedule (locations, times, directions, contacts, etc.) 


The Moment of Truth is Coming
Freedom Drive Update

November 14, 2002 is the Moment of Truth.

The events that unfold that November afternoon will set the course for us as a People and as a nation. The time for talk is over.  We shall remain peaceful – but act, we will.

More Petitions for Redress

Over the last weeks, an additional number of petitions for redress of grievances have been drafted by the We The People Foundation.

These formal petitions cover a wide range of repugnant acts committed by the US Government that directly and unequivocally violate both the Constitution and the individual rights of the People.

The systemic nature and magnitude of these offenses should cause every citizen to recoil with alarm and move them to act decisively in defense of our Republic and our freedom. 

Hundreds of questions in the new petitions for redress cover the war powers clauses of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the "Federal" Reserve. The petitions address key individual rights such as privacy, property, due process, free speech, the right to keep and bear arms and the rights of assembly and petition. Specific focus is given to the "War Powers Act" and the Orwellian-named, "USA Patriot Act."           (continued. . .)

Click Here To Read the Full Article

Click Here To get the Full Details of Schulz's October Speaking Tour to the Southeast (locations, times, contacts)
Freedom Drive 2002  Main Information Page.
Join the WTP Congress


WTP Backs Property Rights Drive:
The "Sawgrass Rebellion"

Warm-up for Freedom Drive                                    Show America How Its Done

On October 17, 18 and 19, 2002, South Florida residents will get their turn to speak out against extremist environmentalism and runaway bureaucracy. The Sawgrass Rebellion, Florida’s version of the successful "Sagebrush Rebellion" phenomenon, is coming. Two multi-state convoys, one starting in Oregon, and the other in Ohio, will travel through 21 states on their way to Florida for the biggest pro-Fifth Amendment rallies ever held.

Convoys and rallies held in the Western and Midwestern states have proven the old saying: "The world is run by those who show up."

The We The People Congress fully supports this effort and hopes it serves as an omen for those in DC that will witness the arrival of Freedom Drive 2002 on November 14th. The People have had enough.

In 1999, federal Forest Service bureaucrats in Nevada working the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest prohibited reconstruction of two miles of dirt road in the bottom of the remote Jarbidge River canyon in far northern Nevada.

In 2000, farmers along the Big and Little Darby Creeks in Ohio were told that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) coveted 50,000 acres of their community for a National Wildlife Refuge.

Last year saw the  "Bucket Brigade" protest in Klamath Falls, Oregon which was sparked by a total irrigation water shutdown by federal authorities in the Klamath Basin. Environmentalists had sued over a sucker fish, and when they won, the water was turned off by armed federal authorities and Basin area farmers lost a year’s crop worth over $100,000,000.

In all three cases, thousands of Americans convoyed hundreds and even thousands of miles to "show up" at noisy rallies to confront the federal government in support of fellow Americans who needed help.

It worked. The road in Nevada is to be rebuilt, the Ohio refuge proposal is dead, and the water is back on in Oregon.   (continued)

Click Here To Read the Full Article

Click Here To get the details of Schulz's Southeastern Tour


Freedom Drive Media Kit Released

We The People has released a Media Kit to help those in the media quickly understand our issues and provide focused background material and details about the Freedom Drive.

The 5-page kit contains a brief overview of the Freedom Drive, a copy of the FD flyer, a Schulz "bio" and interview topics and questions.

Supporters of WTP are urged to personally contact local and national media outlets, radio talk shows, etc., send them the media kit and urge them to cover this incredible fight for freedom

Contact  the media using our look-up guide

Media Kit  (right click to download, 1.4 MB .pdf format)


Schulz Traveling to Southeast
To Speak During Early October

To rev up support for Freedom Drive 2002 and to articulate the Constitutional crisis this nation faces, Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People Congress, will travel extensively throughout the Southeast during the first two weeks of October.

Schulz recently finished an extensive five-week tour of many states just before Labor Day. This tour had taken him primarily through the southern and far western states and made a number of stops in the plains states on his trek across back to the northeast. Schulz talked with many good size crowds in cities large and small.

Many that had the chance to see Bob speak will attest to the urgency and energy of the message he repeats ceaselessly: "Our government is bound by a written Constitution. It will obey the ‘rulebook’. To accept the ‘status quo’ is to accept tyranny. I will NOT give up my rights."

Beyond the core issue of the federal income tax fraud, Schulz will focus on how the "War Powers Act" and last year’s "Patriot Act" clearly violate the Constitution and present imminent and grave threats to our Constitutionally protected individual rights and our Republic.

Schulz will also talk about how our monetary system and our income tax dollars are used against us to literally finance the attack on ALL of our individual rights and freedoms. Furthermore, Schulz will discuss how your federal tax dollars ARE the root cause of the very problems, (international, domestic and societal), that our government claims they are trying to fix.

At these meetings Bob will offer solutions and ways for average People to join together and fight for freedom and provide details about the Freedom Drive to DC.

Schulz encourages all Americans to spread word of these meetings to your friends, family and countrymen and to make plans to meet and hear him in person. The meetings are free and open for the public to attend.  Where the event is held in a restaurant, meals will be available.

Here is a summary of Schulz's schedule in the Southeast:

Tuesday, Oct 1   Charlotte, NC
Wednesday, Oct 2   Charleston, SC
Thursday, Oct 3   Columbia, SC
Friday, Oct 4   Toccoa, GA
Saturday, Oct 5   Greenville, SC
Sunday, Oct 6   Atlanta/Smyrna GA
Monday, Oct 7   Atlanta/Norcross GA
Tuesday, Oct 8   Ashville, NC
Wednesday, Oct 9   Greensboro, NC
Thursday, Oct 10   Raleigh/Cary NC
Friday, Oct 11   Hampton, VA 7:00 PM

Click Here To get the Full Details of Schulz's Southeastern Schedule (locations, times, directions, contacts, etc.)


Former IRS Agents to Speak Publicly: There is NO Legal Authority for the Income Tax

Full Day Meetings Scheduled for Atlanta and Oklahoma City

Three former IRS Agents have scheduled two full-day public sessions to expose details of the income tax fraud. At these meetings, the public will get an opportunity to meet with the former agents and to learn intimate details of how the IRS unlawfully misapplies and enforces, without legal jurisdiction, U.S. income tax laws against ordinary Americans.

The agents will tell their personal stories and experiences from inside the IRS about how IRS perpetrates and perpetuates the income tax hoax via the use of deceptive employee training, the unlawful manipulation of IRS computer records, the systemic denial of due process and the use of fear-inducing "enforcement" practices that lack any authority under U.S. law.

The agents speaking at these meetings are Joseph Banister, (CPA, ex-IRS CID Special Agent), Sherry Peel Jackson (CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner) and ex-IRS Revenue Agent John Turner (EA, ex-IRS Revenue Officer).

These are the same agents that testified at the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing and appeared in one of the full-page ads run in USA Today by the We The People Foundation. Full size color reprints of these ads can still be obtained for a nominal donation.

The Atlanta meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th and the Oklahoma meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 12th.

Click Here to View the Flyer for These Events (locations, times, registration, etc.)


Freedom Drive Flags, Signs, Bumper Stickers: Now Available!

We The People announces the availability of flags, bumper stickers, signs, posters and car flags for the Freedom Drive. They are now available in the WTP store.

We have designed and are manufacturing a number of durable, quality products that have high visibility and will deliver a strong message both on the road and at our rally in Washington.

The product designs are relatively simplistic and center on a bold new "Liberty Tree" image and the timeless "Live Free or Die" motto from our (first) Revolution.

WTP is doing everything to disseminate these products at virtually the same cost we are paying for these items in order to encourage as many as possible to obtain the flags etc. for the Drive. Large numbers carrying these visually "loud" items will make our march on DC difficult for the media or government to ignore. Please note your donation for these items includes shipping and handling to your door.

Because of manufacturing lead times and order fulfillment times (which can run several weeks), it is imperative that orders for these items are placed as quickly as possible.

Although an initial set of orders has been placed and is currently being delivered, orders for items that are received too close to the Drive may not be able to be fulfilled in time for the Drive. Timely ordering of flags, posters, etc., will minimize our manufacturing hurdles and enable the use of these items at local meetings, events, etc. over the coming weeks to attract additional exposure for the Drive. PLEASE order them now!

While planning strategies for generating interest in our cause and educating our fellow citizens, please consider other low cost items from the WTP store. Among the offerings, the store now has bulk quantity WTP index-size card handouts and we continue to make bulk quantity, full size color reprints of our USA Today ads available.

We encourage you to join the Drive, be seen – be heard and deliver our message: "Enough is Enough. This nation has a Constitution. Our Government is bound by it".

Click Here for the WTP Store

Click Here for the Freedom Drive Main Information Page (route/map, schedule, rally points, driver/passenger signups, organizational sponsorships, flyers, etc.)


WTP Announces Freedom Drive Manager: Devvy Kidd Climbs Into the Driver’s Seat

We The People Congress announced today that Devvy Kidd, a successful freedom activist and political organizer from Sacramento, California has accepted the 3-month position of Freedom Drive Manager. Her full-time mission is to coordinate all the resources available to WTP and steer the Drive to DC on November 14th.

In Washington, the People – en masse -- will again, peacefully deliver their Petitions for redress and issue strong admonitions and warnings to our government concerning the significant risks faced by our nation should our government continue to ignore the rule of law and the specific written language of our Constitution.

"Work tasks and momentum for Freedom Drive 2002, as well as the WTP Congress, are rapidly building and require the management skills, energy and personal commitment brought to us by Devvy," remarked Bob Schulz, Chairman of the We The People Congress.

Kidd, as Drive Manager, will be organizing and managing rally city events (including the main rally on the mall in DC), route details, detailed schedules, road communications, safety planning, driver procedures and directly managing the work efforts of the WTP Congress coordinators and the WTP volunteer network. A primary task for the Coordinators and volunteers is to spread word of the Drive across the nation via flyers, media notices, local meetings and other forms of activism.

"Freedom cannot be attained and retained by observers. Freedom gained and kept can only be achieved with a warrior class who will stand firm and live the words they speak, " remarked Kidd.

The Freedom Drive is a non-aligned, apolitical once-in-lifetime opportunity for all individuals, rights groups and other organizations that care about our government’s disregard for our unalienable rights and the continuing affronts to our Constitution to be seen and heard.

It is time to stand together. Enough is Enough.

Click Here to learn about the Freedom Drive: What, Why, Where, When, Who and How to Help (Includes: route map, schedule, sign-up links, etc.)

Click Here to put a WTP web "sticker" on your internet site to help spread word of the the Freedom Drive and the Income Tax Fraud.


Stop Talking and Do Something.

We Will Drive Together to DC
and Deliver Our Warning:

This Nation Has a Constitution.
Our Government WILL Obey It.

Details Released for the Freedom Drive.
Sign-up to Take the Drive or be a Sponsor.

For three years, this Foundation has been unsuccessful in its numerous attempts to get our servant government to respond to formal petitions for redress of grievances regarding well documented accusations challenging the legal authority and jurisdiction of the US Government to enforce an income tax upon the People of this nation.

From any perspective, the utter defiance of our government to answer the People’s repeated, respectful and well-documented petitions is, by definition, TYRANNY.

Our government’s failure to publicly establish their legal authority in this, the most basic, intrusive and significant of all governmental powers – the power to tax – was the cause of our first revolution, and it may well be the cause of a second.

These despotic acts cannot be allowed
to go unchallenged by a free Peopl
.      (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Full Article

Click Here  to See the Route, Get Details About the Freedom Drive and Sign-up as a Driver, Sponsoring Organization or Become a Freedom Drive "House of Worship."


More Defiance Brewing
Larken Rose: "
Please Prosecute Me."

As reported before, on June 17th, Bob Schulz told the government: "No more. Enough is enough.  No answers, no taxes."

Schulz sent the IRS a letter publicly announcing his personal convictions and decision to terminate his filing of income tax returns and his decision to stop paying the tax.

Now comes Larken Rose, author of an articulate website on IRC code section "861" openly taunting the government to prosecute him for failure to file.  Rose has documented exhaustively that the laws -- as written -- exempt ALL domestic income from federal taxation.

In his open letter to government officials that is being widely disseminated, Rose begins:

"Dear Federal Government,


I, Larken Rose, have not filed a federal income tax return for 1997 or any subsequent year. This is not because I am protesting any law, or because I do not want to pay my “fair share”; it is because I refuse to be a victim of the biggest financial fraud in history. I also refuse to remain silent while government lawyers illegally defraud my fellow Americans."

Rose continues, (after some discussion of section 861)

"I will not stand by and allow myself, my family and my neighbors to be extorted simply because some power-happy bureaucrats huff and puff about all the nasty things they will do to anyone who does not “comply” with the IRS’ misapplication of the law. To the DOJ and the IRS I say this: You know I am among the most vocal about this issue.

Stop terrorizing the American public, and come get me. Make an “example” of me. Surely if my position is “frivolous” and completely devoid of merit, then the DOJ attorneys can easily refute my position in front of a jury, and have me convicted and imprisoned . . . So take your best shot."

Although the government labels any discussion of "861" as "frivolous", questions about the statute's applicability have never been directly decided by any U.S. District Court.  As with the Foundation's repeated demands for answers, IRS and DOJ also refuse to answer Rose's specific legal charges.

Again this Foundation asks:  What is a free People to do? 

Click Here to read Rose's full "Please Prosecute Me" letter.

Click Here to learn more about the Schulz "Tax Termination" package.  You can receive one for a modest donation to the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education.


A Way to Help --  For FREE
Install WTP Web Stickers

We've just released a number of WTP graphic web "stickers" that can be easily installed on any web page.

Here's the concept: 

Everyone who has content control of, or influence over, a website (or even a single web page) puts the WTP stickers on their web pages.  Thousands of visitors to these sites -- including those who may never have seen the WTP website or who are not following the events closely -- will be exposed to the Freedom Drive and the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing materials.

A variety of graphics and sizes have been designed to fit easily on almost any page.  Stickers are easy to install and are a very effective way of providing rapid "click through" access to the information provided by the WTP Foundation and the WTP Congress.

Please consider placing one or more WTP stickers on your web pages.  The clock is ticking.  We have to get the word out.

Click Here to Access the Stickers and Instructions


Schulz’s "Tax Termination" Package

Citizens Are Requesting the Information Schulz is Using to Defend Against the Unlawful Acts of IRS and DOJ.

In Response to the Demand, These Educational Materials are Now Available from the We The People Foundation.

On June 17th, Bob Schulz told the government:
"No more. Enough is enough.  No answers, no taxes."

He sent the IRS a lengthy letter conveying his personal convictions and decision to terminate his filing of income tax returns and his decision to stop paying the tax.

Attached to Schulz’s letter were hundreds of pages of documents clearly substantiating the repeated efforts of both Schulz and the We The People Foundation to have the Department of Justice and IRS publicly answer specific legal charges that the income tax system was born of fraud, has no authority in law and is enforced and administered in a manner that violates our Constitution.

As a whole, these materials substantively document the incredible, 3-year journey for answers from our government, culminating in the Foundation’s public Truth-in-Taxation hearing in February, 2002.

In his letter to IRS, Schulz requested that the letter, and the materials attached thereto, be made part of his permanent "taxpayer" file.

Because these are now part of his official file, Schulz can use these in any civil or criminal prosecution that may be brought against him.  Federal judges cannot exclude evidence from a "taxpayer’s" official IRS file at trial.

The government will not be able to prevent any jury from seeing the full range of evidence, including the video record of the entire truth-in-taxation hearing and the detailed chronology of the government’s evasion of every opportunity Bob and the Foundation presented to it to answer the questions and address the evidence.

Schulz’s letter and its attachments consist of copies of official correspondence, the (still unanswered) petition for redress of grievances, a statement of legal facts and the Congressional "responses" following the hand-delivery of the hearing record to every Congressman on Capitol Hill (plus several analyses).

The attachments also include: copies of the Foundation’s full-page ads run in USA Today and the New York Times, key documents (e.g., the written agreement between Schulz and the government -- that was eventually breached), media coverage of Schulz’s hunger fast and of course, the full record (testimony, transcript and evidence) of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing.

Copies of the same comprehensive materials Schulz sent to the IRS are now available through the Foundation.

The educational "Tax Termination" package consists of:

A) One copy of the record of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing – (the four CD-ROM package)
B) An "Attachments" CD-ROM disk (with all the other attachments)
C) A floppy disk with a copy of Schulz’s letter to the IRS and notes on how Bob prepared his materials for submission.

Click Here to obtain the Schulz "Tax Termination" package for a modest donation to the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education.

Test Drive the CD-ROM version of the Hearing record. 


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