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The WTP Archives  # 4
November 2002 - July 2003


Message To Bush, Frist, Hastert And Hyde:

Prepare Yourselves.
You Are In For An Awakening.

You will soon be called to account for your acts before you make further mockery of our Constitution. 

Be forewarned, we are not talking about Election Day.  We are wiser now. 

While the government entities under your leadership have been on a nationwide Reign of Terror against the People, abusing the limited legal authorities that have been delegated to you, infringing upon the constitutionally protected Rights of the People and seeking to suppress even the People’s Right to public discourse concerning such abuses – we have been doing our “homework”. 

We are a small, but committed group of ordinary Americans.  Over the years, we have become dedicated students of history, law, political philosophy, the nature of our Constitutional Republic and the nature of the men that are drawn to influence and control governments.  We have sought solutions for what ails our nation.

As the recent course of events has played out across our country, we have learned much.  As we have prepared to peacefully repel your acts of tyranny by public examination of the law of the land and our Constitution, we have come to rediscover knowledge that, for whatever reasons, has been systemically suppressed, hidden and virtually eradicated from the public discourse of high school civics classes, college history courses, law school text books, daily newspapers, the debate floors of our representative government and our courtrooms of justice.

Here’s what we’ve learned:  
 (continued. . . )

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Judge: Indictment Flawed, But Simkanin Not Released

Workers: “Next Step” Operation Stop Withholding
Forms to Send to Employers 

Free IMF Decoding Program &
Free "Tax Audit Defense Manual"

Simkanin Still Being Held

Despite the testimony of several character witnesses including former IRS CID Special Agent Joe Banister, federal judge John McBryde refused to release business owner Dick Simkanin following a second detention hearing Thursday afternoon. 

Simkanin, facing 27 federal tax charges related to his failure to withhold income and wage taxes from his workers’ paychecks is being held as a “danger to his community.”   

According to former IRS agent Joe Banister and others who attended the hearing along with a room full of We The People court watchers, Judge McBryde entertained evidence from the prosecutor including screen shots of Simkanin’s web site and copies of various e-mails Simkanin had sent.  Not content with the prosecution’s progress during the hearing, McBryde apparently began to interrogate Simkanin directly as to his ownership of firearms, what type they were and where they were located.  McBryde openly stated he thought Simkanin was a “threat to society and to the officers of the government.” 

According to witnesses, McBryde openly mocked Joe Banister after his testimony and appeared generally miffed at the number of WTP attendees in the courtroom.  (continued. . . )

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Judge Bans Schiff Book on Income Tax

1st Amendment Thrashed to Buy the Tax More Time
New York Times: More Deception

On Monday, June 16, Federal District Court Judge Lloyd D. George issued a preliminary injunction banning the sale and distribution of Irwin Schiff’s book about the income tax titled, “The Federal Mafia: How The Government Illegally Imposes And Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes And How Americans Can Fight Back.”

Schiff’s book, which is a personal and legal examination of the income tax fraud and includes extensive, and specific, quotations and analyses of US tax law and Supreme Court rulings on the tax, was banned even though the Department of Justice (which bears the burden of proof) presented no evidence and no witnesses at the April 11th preliminary injunction hearing. Click Here to read the first portion of the censored book (.pdf).

In short, Judge George banned Schiff’s book as “false commercial speech” without any specific analysis or any in-court evidentiary examination establishing the “falsity” of Schiff’s actual speech and by blithely ignoring the substantial body of established Supreme Court constitutional law protecting free expression and publication.

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Employer Simkanin Sent Back To Jail

Federal Judge Openly Ignores Due Process
Government Attacks Simkanin’s Company

Dick Simkanin, owner of
Dallas based Arrow Custom Plastics, was remanded back to a federal detention facility following a hearing Friday that was described by an eye-witness as a legal sham.

Simkanin, facing 27 counts of violating federal tax laws related to failing to withhold wage taxes on his employees, had previously been arrested and subsequently released following a detention/bail hearing before a federal Magistrate on Wednesday.  At that hearing, DOJ failed to produce any evidence that established that Simkanin was either a “danger to the community” or a “flight risk.” 

During a scheduled arraignment related hearing Friday, US District Court Judge John H. McBryde dismissed, without any consideration, several motions filed earlier in the week by Simkanin on a “pro se” basis, ruling that they were completely “frivolous.”  One of these motions requested a legal “Bill of Particulars” (which cites the exact statutes violated and circumstances of the alleged crimes) and other required legal documents which verify the indictment process. 

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Non-Withholding Employer Simkanin Freed ! 

WTP Congress Fills Dallas Federal Courtroom
Baseless DOJ Claims Rejected

Today, June 25, 2003 at approximately 1 PM, non-withholding employer Dick Simkanin was ordered released from the Fort Worth jail where he has been held since last Friday morning after being arrested and charged with 27 counts of violating federal income tax law. 

Assistant US Attorney David L. Jarvis and his lone witness, IRS CID agent McGowan, failed to convince Magistrate Erma Ramirez of any factual basis to back their empty and apparently vindictive assertions that business owner Simkanin was both a “danger to the community” and that he was a “flight risk” from prosecution.

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WTP Congress Internet System Takes Wing

WTP Web Pages For Every
State and County Across

Institutionalizing Vigilance: It’s Underway

Today, the We The People Congress unveiled its network of county and state Web Pages – one for each of the 3141 counties and 50 states in America. 

Soon, anyone, anywhere in the world, will be able to go to any county or state WTP Web Page and find out when and where the regular local meeting is held, what’s on the next agenda, the contact information for the local WTP management team, which local companies have stopped withholding, the date and time of regular conference calls, the details about upcoming special events, what the local, state and federal governments are doing that is unconstitutional and what the local people are doing about it, upcoming appearances in the region by people of interest, special projects requiring volunteers, the construction schedule for that state’s Citizen Vigilance Center, and much more. 

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Click Here
to Access the WTP Congress Web Pages
(Select California & San Mateo County for example content)


We The People Congress Roars Ahead

Executive Director of WTP Congress On Board
WTP DC Office Opens June 30

After months of strategic planning and preparation, we are proud to announce that long-time freedom defender Devvy Kidd has been appointed as the Executive Director for We The People Congress, Inc.

Devvy will soon begin carrying out her permanent, full-time responsibilities at the new
Annapolis, Maryland office of We The People when it opens on Monday, June 30th.

Her presence, along with an initial support staff in the DC area, marks this organization’s full and continuing commitment to engage our cause on the “home turf” of tyranny. Under Kidd’s stewardship, we expect the WTPC to quickly turn into a formidable, national force of organized citizens able to stand up and hold our servant government fully accountable for their actions.

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Important Announcements Coming From WTP 

The We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We The People Congress will soon post announcements regarding important strategy, personnel and organizational initiatives.  

We believe that what we are planning will have far reaching impacts.  (continued. . . )

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We Will Stand With You This Saturday 

Gene Chapman is about to pay the ultimate price in defense of the People’s unalienable Right  to Petition the government for a Redress of Grievances and government’s inherent obligation to respond – a Right endowed by the Creator.    

Gene Chapman is nearing death -- Saturday will mark the 40th day of his death fast.  

Gene Chapman is but one of the thousands of Americans who have supported the People’s Petition for Redress of Grievances regarding the fraudulent origin and illegal enforcement of the federal income tax system. He has added his voice to the voices of  those thousands of free people that have been demanding answers from their servant government.  (continued. . . )

Chapman on Day 34

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Click here to find MapQuest directions to “Gene’s corner” in Austin, Texas.  The 5/24 Saturday morning rally at 10 AM with Gene will be at Woodward St. and Parker Lane, downtown Austin, TX.

Click Here to access Chapman's multi-media "blog" website.


Operation Stop Withholding Continues to Roll 

Day 31:  Gene Chapman Enters “Death Zone”
Larken Rose Raided, First Amendment No Concern to IRS
Lear Files Habeas Corpus to Free Husband

The nationwide meeting tour to organize America’s workers and companies to enforce the People’s Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances rolled through Oregon and through Washington this week.

Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation continued his relentless call for ordinary people and business owners to legally terminate their wage withholding and to stop paying and filing in order force the government to answer the 537 legal questions regarding the federal income tax, i.e., “No Answers, NO Taxes.”

In each meeting, Schulz reviews in substantial detail the Foundation’s well documented, four year attempt to get official answers to the Petitions for Redress – one of which directly challenges the legal jurisdiction of the IRS and exposes the gross violations of constitutional rights that IRS systemically commits in its daily operations and enforcement actions.  The other Petitions challenge the government’s abuses of its limited powers regarding making war, creating money and its police authority.  To date, the US government has reneged on the explicit agreements it has made to provide official answers.  

This past 10 days, Schulz has spoken to hundreds of people in Reno, Nevada as well as Medford, Bend, Corvallis and Portland, Oregon.  On this past Monday evening, Schulz spoke to a crowd of about 150 in Seattle, Washington and to an even larger crowd in Spokane Tuesday evening.   (continued. . . )

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Click Here
to apply for the Legal Defense Association for no cost.
Click Here
to See the Stop Withholding meeting schedule.  Schulz to be in Denver and Colorado Springs this weekend.


Schulz to America:  Stop Withholding

Workers’ Rights Being Extolled
Company’s Resistance May Be Due to “Cooked Books”

Hundreds of workers and employers continue to flock to meetings on Bob Schulz’s cross-country speaking tour as We The People begins to organize Americans to exercise their legal rights and stop withholding of all taxes on their wages and salaries. 

Schulz, Chairman of We The People, has now spoken to well over two thousand people as part of “Operation Stop Withholding” and continues to be greeted by appreciative and attentive audiences everywhere. 

Schulz’s tour continues tomorrow with several stops in Oregon before moving on to Washington state and then south through Utah and Colorado before heading east.  Click here to see details of the schedule.  (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article

Click Here to see photos from the Schulz’s Stop Withholding meetings. 
Click Here to apply for the Legal Defense Association for no cost.
Click Here to See the Stop Withholding meeting schedule. 

DAY 21:  Click Here for updated information on Gene Chapman’s death fast to get the IRS to answer a single question:  “What law makes me liable to pay the income tax?”


Another Soul Risks Life For Answers

Gene Chapman on Day 14 of Death Fast
Waiting for IRS to Cite What Law Makes Him Liable 

Across from IRS regional office in downtown Austin, Texas, Gene Chapman sat quietly through Day 14 of a “death fast” that he began on April 15th.  He will fast until his death or until the Internal Revenue Service shows him the specific US law that makes him liable for the income tax.  

Chapman, a soft-spoken professional with strong spiritual values, modeling his fast after Mahatma Gandhi, says he is fully prepared to give up his life to get an answer to a single question: "What law makes me liable to pay the federal income tax?" Chapman also seeks answers to the hundreds of well researched, specific legal questions that have been repeatedly submitted to the government in Petitions for Redress of Grievances by this Foundation and many other individuals around the nation.  The specific matter of who the income tax is legally imposed upon remains a key part of that legal inquiry. 

To date, NO government official will provide any official response to Chapman’s simple question or to the series of over 500 “true or false” format questions from the Petitions for Redress that directly challenge the legal jurisdiction of the IRS and the grossly unconstitutional enforcement and administrative operations of the IRS.        (continued. . .)

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Click Here to access Chapman's multi-media "blog" website.
Click Here to contact your Congressman and local media.


NO Fees to Apply to
WTP Legal Defense Association

Low-Cost Legal Assistance Against IRS for
Thousands Depends on Your Application

We The People Legal Defense Association (WTP-LDA) announces it will no longer require any up-front payment or fee to apply to the association for membership.

This critical change is being made to encourage more individuals and companies to join with thousands of others to form a low-cost, high quality, legal defense association to assist those that have stopped filing and/or withholding against IRS and other taxing authorities that may seek to deprive members of their legal rights.

It is important to note that the association will not become “activated” until a sufficient number of persons and/or companies apply for WTP-LDA membership.  This is to insure that the full economic and operational viability of the association is assured before it begins to provides services.  (continued. . . )

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Click Here to Apply at NO Cost


America:  It’s Time to Stop Withholding 

Schulz Organizing, On the Road
DOJ and IRS Getting More Desperate

 Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People is on the road and headed around the country to organize Operation Stop Withholding and to teach workers and employers about what US tax laws really say and to organize WTP supporters and WTP Congress members to get the word out about this constitutional crisis and encourage participation in the larger regional meetings.

Schulz, who has already held several well attended meetings since April 5th is currently in Texas and headed west.  Today (April 13) he held a meeting in Dallas, Texas and is headed for meetings commencing tomorrow in Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Albuquerque and finally Phoenix before taking a one-week break.  The Stop Withholding meetings are free, open to the public and continue again on Saturday, April 26th in Irvine California.  The meeting schedule then continues through northern California, and up through the Northwest before Schulz heads back east through the mid-west.  Click here to see the meeting schedule.          (continued. . . )

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Hunger Fast Ends With No Answers

DOJ: “We’ll Answer Their Questions . . .
. . . By Prosecuting”

Tax Jihad Continues: Ban Free Speech

Shortly before 5 PM on the 30th day of her hunger strike (April 2nd) the front desk at Rose Lear’s DC hotel called her room and informed her she had just received a several page fax.  It was from Michigan Congressman Peter Hoekstra.  It was the reply Lear had risked her life for 

It was supposed to contain specific answers to each of the 537 “true or false” type questions about US income tax law that Lear formally served on her Congressman as a Petition for Redress of Grievances.  

Although Hoekstra, according to Lear, had specifically directed his staff to answer the questions, the final, official Congressional response to Rose Lear was simply more avoidance and tired legal drivel apparently penned by a Hoekstra congressional aide assisted by a government attorney.

The questions were not answered.  Click here to read Rep. Hoekstra’s response to Rose Lear.         (Continued. . . )

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Operation Stop Withholding Underway:
No Objections by IRS or DOJ

Operation Stop Withholding, which got underway last month in Nashua, New Hampshire and Irvine, California, is now in full swing. 

The We The People Congress has scheduled dozens of workshops around the country to instruct officials of private companies, workers and independent contractors on how to legally stop withholding, filing and paying the individual income tax.  

Prior to the start of the campaign, copies of WTP’s instructional materials were delivered to the leaders of the federal Executive and Legislative branches as well as the IRS Commissioner, the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury. All were asked to review the instructional materials and to let WTP know if any of the information was faulty or misleading. (continued. . .)  

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Day 28:  Still No Answers for Rose Lear

“It’s Up to The People to Save Me”

Hunger Strike Enters 5th Week
Second Liberty Hour Video Released

Tuesday, April 1st marked the end of the fourth week Rose Lear of Muskegon, Michigan has gone without food in an attempt to force the U.S. Government to answer hundreds of specific legal questions about U.S. income tax laws. Click here to see a photo of Rose on Capitol Hill on Day 27.

Lear, 52, is determined to get the answers that, to date, no official of the U.S. government will answer.  Her husband, William Lear, was convicted late last year of “Willful Failure to File” in a trial involving a legally dubious indictment and a questionable prosecution that appear to have violated the protections of (his) due process rights. 

In her latest press release (dated 3/31) Rose Lear states, “To secure Peace and eliminate the people’s fear of Government, to secure the First Amendment Rights of the people to confront their government by non-violent means, to secure all that America was to hold as sacred, I will risk and give my life.”    (continued. . .)

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PLEASE Call Your Congressman
to Save Rose Lear !
  Click Here for Phone Numbers


Day 20: No Answers, NO Taxes, NO FOOD

Lear Puts Her Congressmen on Notice
Hunger Strike For Answers Continues
Volunteers Needed to Stand With Lear in DC

"Today is the 20th day I have not eaten any food. I WILL NOT EAT unless, and until, you answer the Peoples’ Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding the Individual Income Tax."

These words begin Rose Lear’s March 24, 2003 notice that she hand delivered to the Congressional offices of her three Michigan elected representatives Monday afternoon in Washington, DC. Click Here to see photos of Rose from today’s delivery of her notifications to Capitol Hill.

As of this evening, Lear will have surpassed the duration of Bob Schulz’s 20-day hunger strike of July 2001 that resulted in a formal agreement with DOJ and IRS to answer the legal charges. Later, both agencies reneged on their formal agreement and have never provided an official response. This breach of the public trust is why Lear will now no longer stop her fast for anything but the full, official response of the U.S. Government to the income tax Petitions.                         (continued. . .)

Click Here to Read the Entire Article


IRS Put on Notice Again:
Show Us Where We’re Wrong

Day 17: Income Tax Hunger Strike

Today Bob Schulz, Chairman, We The People Foundation, faxed
written notice to the IRS Area Director in California informing him that he will be speaking in public this Sunday afternoon in Irvine, California to educate company officials, workers and independent contractors about their true legal duties under U.S. tax law and about the fraudulent origin and unlawful enforcement of U.S. income tax laws.

Schulz encouraged the IRS Director to send the most knowledgeable people in his organization to come and listen to Schulz’s speech and to inform him if anything he is saying is either incorrect or misleading.         (continued. . . )

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Lear Visits Her Congressman

Press Conference Archive Available
News & Loose Ends

This WTP update covers a number of topics including:

  • Lear Visits With Rep. Hoekstra
  • Lear and WTP Hold DC Press Conference
  • Rose Asks: Write My Husband In Prison
  • Schulz to Speak in California This Sunday
  • Judge Bans Irwin Schiff Book and Public Speaking
  • Chicago Radio Featuring Federal Reserve and Income Tax
  • WTP Needs a Little Help
  • Keep Calling Congress!

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See the DC Press Conference Archive

Click Here


Rose Lear DC Press Conference Set

Lear Meets Her Michigan Congressman Thursday
Meetings With Senators Uncertain

15 days ago on March 5th, Rose Lear, of Muskegon, Michigan began a hunger strike to force the government to answer her Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding the fraudulent origin of the income tax, the legal jurisdiction of the IRS and the unlawful enforcement of U.S. income tax laws. She will fast until her death or until the government agrees to meet in a public, recorded meeting and provide official responses to the hundreds of legal assertions contained in the Petitions.

Lear now has a meeting scheduled with her Congressman Rep. Peter Hoekstra (2nd District) of Michigan at 10 AM, Thursday, March 20, in Hoekstra’s office, (room 2234 in the Rayburn House Office Building). After learning that WTP is going to professionally video tape this meeting, Rep. Hoekstra invited the local NBC TV affiliate from his district, Channel 8 of Grand Rapids, to attend or arrange for recording of the Lear meeting to insure that an accurate record of the meeting is made.       (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article


Rose Lear Heads for Washington

Final Days May Be Spent Asking for Answers
DC Press Conference This Thursday

14 days ago on March 5th, Rose Lear began a hunger strike in her home city of Muskegon, Michigan to force the U.S. Government to respond to the Petition for Redress of Grievances formally served on the Congress last November.

Today, Lear decided to spend what may be her final days on the doorsteps of the U.S. Capitol and at the federal offices at 1111 Constitution Avenue where those that administer and enforce the tax laws of this nation work for the IRS.

Lear wants to personally meet with her Congressional representatives and has initiated requests to schedule brief meetings with them on Capitol Hill. Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation reports that the staff members of Lear’s Congressmen were, at this point, "well aware" of Rose Lear and expressed both surprise and some uneasiness when told of her personal decision to go to Washington.   (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article


Blood on Their Hands?

Answers or Death:
Day 10 of Rose Lear’s Hunger Strike

Yesterday, Rose Lear of Muskegon, Michigan sent us a message which began, "I’m sending this statement out today because after 10 days without food, I'm not sure how much longer I will be coherent enough to communicate with you." Her entire message including the telephone and fax numbers of her elected officials can be read by clicking here.

Last Sunday, Bob Schulz traveled to Muskegon to meet and to help the Lears. After a failed attempt with the District Court to obtain a stay of sentence, Schulz accompanied both Rose and her husband William Lear to Duluth, Minnesota where William surrendered himself to authorities to begin his prison sentence for his recent "Willful Failure to File" tax conviction.  Click here to learn more about the Lears and this injustice.

Rose Lear wants the income tax Petition for Redress of Grievances answered.  

And like Schulz’s hunger strike in July of 2001, she is prepared to die to get those answers.              (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article

Click here to find the phone and fax numbers of your Congressman and the President.


IRS & DOJ Put On Notice:
National Campaign To Stop Withholding

On March 15, 2003, Bob Schulz officially put the IRS on notice that WTP has initiated a national campaign to educate officials of private companies that under U.S. law, their workers are not subject to withholding, that the companies are not legally "withholding agents" and that the individual income tax is fraudulent in its origin and unlawful in its enforcement and operation.

WTP’s letter was addressed to the new IRS Commissioner, Mark W. Everson. A copy of the full packet of information to be presented to each company during the campaign was enclosed with the letter to Mr. Everson.

Copies of the letter, with the enclosure, were also sent to: President George W. Bush; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist; Speaker J. Dennis Hastert; Attorney General John Ashcroft; Treasury Secretary John Snow; and David Cay Johnston of the New York Times.     (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article and Access the Legal Forms to Terminate Withholding.


Spouse of 7203 Convict:
"No Answers - No Taxes - No Food"

WTP Takes a Stand in Bogus Michigan Tax Conviction

Bob Schulz is on his way to Michigan where he has pledged the support of We The People to save the life of Rose Lear and to affect the release of her husband William Wallace Lear following his recent questionable conviction following a 26 USC 7203 Willful Failure to File indictment.

Rose Lear of Muskegon, Michigan is now in the fourth day of a hunger fast. Mirroring the words of Schulz from July 2001, she announced that she will not eat again until she dies or until the federal government agrees to meet with the experts from the tax honesty movement in a recorded, public forum to address the evidence and answer the questions about the fraudulent income tax system.                       (continued . . . )

 Click Here to Read the Entire Article

 Click Here to Read the Press Release


It’s Here: A Plan Of Action To Restore The Constitution

Let Us Channel Our Energy
Let Us Unite!

Many people in America are talking about Freedom. They appear to be united in their beliefs that we have unalienable Rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution and that government is meant to be limited in what it can and cannot do by the terms of the Constitution. They appear to be united in their beliefs that the government has stepped outside the boundaries drawn around its power by the Constitution and that the Constitution is hanging by a thread. They appear to be united in their beliefs that SOMETHING must be done to restore the Constitution.

They appear to have the courage of their convictions.

What's needed now is a comprehensive plan of action for all those concerned, right-thinking Americans to unite behind: A bold plan of action. That plan is ready. It is here.

The time is now. It is time to DO SOMETHING.

Each one of us has limited energy and resources. If we are going to achieve the governmental reform we are certainly entitled to, we will need to develop a great amount of THRUST to overcome the powers arrayed against us. To develop the needed thrust we need to CHANNEL OUR ENERGY – i.e., combine and unite our individual energies, and with a common voice, confront those that would steal our liberty and send a single message:


(continued. . . )

  Click Here to Read the Entire Article



NO! I will not allow the Rule of Law in America to be destroyed by the government.

NO! I will not remain silent while the Constitution is ignored by our servant government.

NO! I will not stand by, watching, as one of my countrymen has his Rights trampled.

NO! I will not carry on my life as though nothing has happened after learning what the IRS and DOJ are doing to Irwin Schiff.

                               (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article


Good News From American Free Press

Feature Story: WTP and "No Answers, NO Taxes"

The American Free Press newspaper, published in Washington DC every week (50,000 subscribers), will include in its March 10, 2003 issue, a multi-page feature article on our "No Answers, No Taxes" initiative, including the WTP Legal Defense Association. The article was written by the only press reporter (Don Harkins) to attend Freedom Drive 2002, which culminated on the National Mall in Washington DC on November 14, 2002 and triggered our national call for corporations and individuals to terminate their voluntary compliance with the federal income tax system in order to secure our 1st Amendment Right to Petition for Redress.    
     (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article


Help Wanted:

Attorneys and Legal Assistants for WTP-LDA

As announced, the We The People Legal Defense Association (WTP-LDA) is being organized near Washington DC as a non-profit, public interest organization established to protect, preserve and enhance the People’s individual, unalienable Rights, particularly the Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances and the Right of "Redress Before Taxes," which are guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

Through annual memberships, WTP-LDA will be united in service together through tens of thousands of individuals, corporations and associations, providing a unified and uniform voice when and where it is needed to secure these Rights.

Initially, WTP-LDA will represent member corporations that have, or intend to, cease wage withholding of all federal taxes from their employees’ paychecks and persons that have, or intend to, stop filing federal tax returns and/or cease the payment of any alleged federal income taxes, in order to secure their Rights. 
                                (continued . . .)

Click Here to Read the Entire Article



"No Answers, NO Taxes"

It has become necessary for the People of America to drastically change their relationship with their servant federal government by retaining and holding onto all money they would otherwise have given to the federal government.

This is necessary because the government steadfastly refuses to respond to the Peoples’ repeated, proper Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding substantive abuses and seizures of our Constitutionally protected rights.

The People can accomplish this by exercising their unalienable, constitutionally guaranteed Rights and by following the non-violent, procedural mechanism provided in the Constitution for such an action – i.e., Petition for Redress of Grievances and Redress Before Taxes.

The We The People Congress hereby encourages all corporations to immediately stop withholding from the paychecks of their employees any and all federal tax on wages and salaries, until the Executive and Legislative branches of the government respond to certain Petitions for Redress that were served on each member of Congress and the President on November 8-12, 2002.

The We The People Congress hereby encourages all American employees, retirees and self-employed persons not to file federal tax returns and to immediately cease the payment of any alleged federal income taxes, until the Executive and Legislative branches of our government respond to certain Petitions for Redress that were formally served on each member of Congress and the President on November 8-12, 2002.

The reasons why we are recommending these revolutionary actions include those listed below under "Causes of Action."    
                                (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article

Click Here to Read the Causes of Action

Click Here to Read the Statement of Facts and Evidence     (note this is a large .html page)

Click Here to Read About the WTP Legal Defense Association


Now We Know What We Face

Counter-Strategies to Stop The Censorship
First Broadcast Spreading Quickly Across Internet
VHS Version Now in WTP Store

November Freedom Drive Rally
Now Available on CD-ROM

As most know by this time, We The People’s initial broadcast of the Liberty Hour hosted by Bob Schulz on January 7th, was terminated almost immediately due to unforeseen "technical problems" that were encountered as soon as our Internet broadcast began.

We remind everyone that the corporate entity providing our web streaming is a nationally prominent Internet streaming firm with significant telecommunications expertise and possesses commercial grade capacity to easily handle more than the 120,000 viewers that attempted to watch our broadcast on January 7th.

Following the initial broadcast attempt, our provider quickly made temporary arrangements to download the file and stream it on demand using a different protocol, limited to 1500 simultaneous viewers. Following additional, unexplained and continual "technical problems" with his ISP provider (Time Warner) which lasted for several days -- and which were significantly impairing his mainstream business -- he was forced to cut off the dedicated equipment being used to disseminate the WTP broadcast file.

This single event should constitute notice for all about the forces we collectively face. It is proof of the potency of our message. The reaction to our broadcast is indicative of the fear and crisis our truths are slowly beginning to infect in the institutions of our foes. It is time to regroup, reorganize and understand the power of the camera and the keyboard.

Since these events occurred, we have been working with a number of folks who are helping us develop counter-strategies to insure that these broadcasts – which are critical to educating our nation and curtailing our government’s abuse of power – will continue unabated.    (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article

Click Here to Access the Current Web Links for Copies of the LIBERTY HOUR Broadcast file

Click Here to Obtain the VHS Version of the LIBERTY HOUR Broadcast OR the CD-ROM of the Freedom Drive Event in DC.


WTP-TV Temporarily Off The Air
Someone Doesn’t Like Our Message

Developing Story

As of 3:55 PM, Monday afternoon, the We The People Internet broadcast provider was forced by his provider, Time Warner, to cease providing transmission of the WTP-TV broadcast stream and the FTP download of the archived LIBERTY HOUR file.

Here’s what we can release at this moment:

On Friday afternoon, while still under the impression that Time Warner had permanently fixed whatever "technical problem" caused them to knock our live broadcast off the "air," we posted the links enabling people to watch and/or download the event.

On Saturday, two computers at the White House were used to watch the entire event and eight computers at the IRS were used to watch and download the file.

By Sunday evening, 10,031 people had watched the event and another 5300 people downloaded the file to their PCs.
                              (continued . . . )

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1500 Simultaneous Viewers:
Limit Exceeded

We The People wishes to inform everyone that our temporary limit of 1500 simultaneous viewers has been exceeded almost continuously around the clock since the link for our broadcast archive was posted Friday morning.  This is why many people are receiving error messages when attempting to access the video.

Please be patient and try the link at a later time if you receive an error message.  There will be significant changes made to our server by mid-week that should resolve this temporary problem.

Click Here to View the Broadcast Archive
Click Here to Read the Transcript of the Show
Click Here to Download the Video File (via FTP) onto Your PC


"3 Minutes and 40 Seconds. Then Nothing."

Plug "Pulled" on WTP-TV? or Just a Coincidence?
First Show Now Available For Viewing

Three minutes and forty seconds of high quality audio and video, then nothing. That’s just part of the story on WTP’s initial attempt to broadcast THE LIBERTY HOUR this past Tuesday night.

Here are the facts as we know them.

1) During the day Tuesday, in preparation of the WTP-TV broadcast, the broadcast server and software configurations were tested repeatedly and verified as functioning properly.

From the beginning of the broadcast at 9:30 PM Tuesday, many viewers experienced various problems receiving the broadcast stream. Exactly one minute after Bob Schulz completed saying the following words, the broadcast was completely disabled and knocked off the "air":

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Click Here to View the Broadcast Archive (w/ Media Player)
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Jan 7, 2003

WTP-TV Technical Difficulties

Our Apologies:  Live Broadcast Cancelled
Full Video Archive will be Available by Thursday

For the Latest Information and Status:


Reminder:  WTP-TV Premiers Tuesday PM
The Truth Goes Live

This Tuesday evening, January 7th, WTP unveils its latest technological weapon in the quest to restore the Republic and the Constitution: The ability to produce and broadcast, a regularly scheduled live multimedia, multi-source, television quality program series across America.

The initial program series will be directed at informing masses of Americans about our new agenda to restore our Constitution and enforce our Right to Petition.

We encourage you to share news of WTP-TV with everyone. This is particularly imperative for our first broadcast next week.

The initial broadcast will be at 9:30 PM (Eastern) on TUESDAY January 7, 2003 (6:30 PM Pacific).

To watch the broadcast click on the following URL:

Click Here to Read the Full Article From January 2nd.


Don’t Change That Channel:
WTP-TV Is On The Air

Next week, WTP unveils its latest technological weapon in the quest to restore the Republic and the Constitution: The ability to produce and broadcast, a regularly scheduled live multimedia, multi-source, television quality program series across America.

We The People Foundation has acquired access to a large Internet broadcast "pipeline" and specialized conferencing/video collaboration software that will enable live video feeds from multiple locations around the nation to be broadcast live over the Internet. These feeds can be integrated into a single viewing screen that will be transmitted nationwide for TV quality reception.

Moving far beyond our previous experiences with Internet web broadcasts which have already been seen by tens of thousands, WTP now possesses the capability to reach a virtually unlimited mass audience each week. The technology that allowed us to have just a few (and very expensive) webcast events (such as the Freedom Drive event in DC on November 14th, or our National Press Club press conferences, or the Truth-in-Taxation hearing) is now available for our weekly and eventually, even daily use.
                                 (Continued. . . )

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It Is Now Out In The Open In Congress:
Constitution is "Inappropriate and Anachronistic."

Only One Non-Violent Option Left For The People: It Is Un-American To Fund This Government

The power to tax and the power to wage war are the two most potent enumerated powers; most sought after by government; most potentially harmful to individual Liberty; most in need of citizens’ scrutiny.

As further justification for the People to stop sending money to the federal government, this article reports on the treasonous behavior that occurred in the halls of Congress on October 2 and 3. 2002, regarding the unconstitutional commitment of this nation to war.

The government’s disdain and disrespect for the Constitution came out into the open on October 3, 2002, in the House of Representatives, during the second day of a two-day hearing on the Iraq Resolution (H.J. Resolution 114), "AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAQ."

Congressman Ron Paul reminded the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on International Relations that the Constitution required a congressional Declaration of War before the armed forces of the United States could be applied in hostilities overseas, not H.J.R 114, a congressional Resolution authorizing the President to decide if and when to apply that force.

However, Chairman Henry Hyde is quoted, for the record, "There are things in the Constitution that have been overtaken by events, by time. Declaration of war is one of them…There are things no longer relevant to a modern society…Why declare war if you don’t have to?…We are saying to the President, use your judgment…So, to demand that we declare war is to strengthen something to death. You have got a hammerlock on this situation, and it is not called for. Inappropriate, anachronistic, it isn’t done anymore…."                  (Continued. . . )

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Early this year, following the decision by DOJ and the IRS to renege on their agreement to appear before the People, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (Maryland) formally requested that DOJ respond, in writing, to specific legal questions that had been submitted by Bob Schulz and the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education as part of a Petition for Redress of Grievances.

On the People’s behalf, Rep. Bartlett sought to obtain official government responses regarding significant matters of US income tax law, federal jurisdiction and Constitutional violations posed by the current law enforcement practices of DOJ and IRS relating to the federal income tax system.

On November 21, 2002, We The People Foundation came into possession of a letter dated April 18th, 2002 sent from US Assistant Attorney General Daniel Bryant to Rep. Bartlett articulating the reasons Department of Justice was offering for refusing Bartlett’s request and refusing to answer the People’s questions.                                            (Continued. . . )

Click here to Read the Full Article.

Click here to Read Bryant’s letter and Schulz’s Reply

COMING:   Demand for DOJ Apology
COMING:   More Justification for Redress Before Taxes

This weekend, We The People will post a three-part message:

First, we will announce details of a new live "TV" program that we will produce and broadcast regularly each week. The program series will be directed at informing masses of Americans about our new agenda to restore our Constitution and enforce our Right to Petition including a new WTP Legal Defense Fund and new educational materials informing a) employers about why and how they should stop withholding; b) employees about why and how they should approach their employers to stop withholding; and c) the self-employed about why and how they should stop filing and paying income taxes.

Second, Bob Schulz will post his response to a letter Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has received from Daniel Bryant (the number three man at the U.S. Department of Justice). Bryant officially admits DOJ is refusing to respond to the People’s Petition for Redress regarding the legality of the income tax system. Bryant’s letter is offensive and will shock readers. It exceeds the bounds of decency and reasonableness. In our letter we demand a formal apology from the Assistant Attorney General. We also put the highest law enforcement agency in the land on notice: No answers, NO taxes.

Third, as further justification for the People to stop sending money to the federal government, we will report the details of treasonous behavior that occurred in the halls of Congress in early October 2002 regarding the unconstitutional commitment of this nation to war.

In the meantime, this is Bob Schulz’s prayer for all of you on this Christmas, 2002:

Dear Lord,

We are thankful this day for the few moments of life that we pass at home in the bosom of family.

We are thankful for good conscience, good health and honest hearts.

We are thankful for our country and our Constitution…
…and for life and liberty.

We are thankful for perseverance, persuasion and patience…
…and for reason, responsibility and rigid integrity.

We are thankful for sincerity and steadfastness in pursuit of what is right…
…and for our dispositions to be grateful, generous, charitable, humane, true, just, firm, orderly and courageous.

We are thankful for tranquility and occupation rather than wealth and splendor.

Above all, we are thankful for your grace.

In His name, we pray.  Amen.


Hanging By a Thread:  
Divinely Inspired Civil Government

We Must Not Acquiesce: 
It Would Be Un-American.   It Would Be Un-Godly.

We Must Retain Our Money: 
It is The Only Remaining Non-Violent Option.

No one should doubt the historical significance of November 14th. History will come to record that The Moment of Truth on the National Mall, culminating Freedom Drive 2002, marked the place and the moment in the 21st century when the People took a stand against governmental tyranny in America and began the process of restoring the Constitution of the United States of America to its rightful place.              (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Full Article and Read About Significant New Developments


We Did It!

Freedom Drive 2002 Is Now History.

Next Appropriate Step:
Redress of Grievances Before Payment of Taxes!

460 committed Americans (out of approximately 170 million adults in our country) signed up to drive to Washington DC for Freedom Drive 2002, and from a look at the crowd, they were all there and so were dozens of others.

460 loyal Americans (out of approximately 170 million adults in our country) decided to put their lives on hold and make the personal sacrifices necessary to hold their government accountable to the Constitution of the United States of America.  (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Freedom Drive: 
History Made at the Steps of the Capitol 

A complete update including photographs of the Freedom Drive's dramatic conclusion in Washington, DC this past Thursday will be posted within 24-36 hours.

In the interim, we are providing the full text of Bob Schulz's speech, "No Answers, NO Taxes" as it was delivered following the "Moment of Truth" Thursday afternoon.

Please check back soon for the full coverage of the event and complete comments regarding media coverage.
Our sincerest thanks go out to everyone that participated in the Drive and helped manifest the course of this nation's futureThank You All.


This is it! The Moment of Truth is Upon Us.

Freedom Drive: Status Update

Register to Access Tomorrow’s FREE Live Internet Broadcast

Call Your TV Local Stations:
The Live Satellite Video Feed From DC is FREE

Join The FD Caravan Tomorrow:
DC Driving "Loop" Route Is Set


The weather forecast for DC for tomorrow is perfect:
SUNNY and mid-50s!

Get your family and friends to DC and experience this historic moment! The latest agenda has been posted. Live music begins on stage at 10 AM.

Hundreds of people have been gathering at rally cities along the route from the West Coast. Last night in Indianapolis the large convention meeting room was packed. Reports were that several hundred vehicles coming in from the Southeast today were experiencing traffic problems coming up I-95 from Florida and states along the eastern seaboard. Well-wishers have been seen in many locations along overpasses waving flags and yelling support as the drive speeds eastward.    (continued. . .)

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Veterans:  A Challenge to Take The Drive And A Letter From General Ray Davis. 

Monday is Veteran's Day. A day to remember Freedom and what it costs to defend it.

Veterans, particularly veterans of foreign conflicts, know too well the true price of keeping the flame of liberty alive and how the road to tyranny is paved in countries where violent actions must be undertaken in the defense of liberty. You are the ones that have taken the oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Our Founding Fathers knew it was possible that the institutions of Congress and the Courts (i.e., our political and judicial systems) might someday begin to falter in their duty to protect the People.

This was why they resoundingly -- and without limit -- specifically reiterated the Right to petition for redress of grievances in the First Amendment. This right, the cornerstone of popular sovereignty, gave the People the ability to bypass the judicial, elective, and legislative processes in order to secure redress when the fundamental rights of liberty are violated.

We have clearly reached such a point.

This Foundation has made every effort to expose these raw acts of despotism and educate our nation about them. We have orchestrated the repeated submission of proper petitions of redress to the government, each of which has been summarily ignored.

On Veteran’s Day, we ask you -- our veterans -- to consider the full meaning of the oath you took and to ponder, just for a moment, what actions you would personally take if a foreign, hostile force landed on our shores.

There would be NO question as to what you would do.

This Thursday brings the Moment of Truth to this nation. We will know whether we have a government that abides by a Constitution or not.  We will know whether we have a domestic enemy or not.

We urge all veterans to join the Freedom Drive, get to DC and peaceably assemble with those of this nation that know that this Republic, our Constitution and our very freedoms are under attack.  We The People will defend our rights and restore our Constitution

Please review the letter written last year by retired General Raymond Davis in support of this cause. The most highly decorated living veteran of this nation has thrown his personal support behind the non-violent exercise of our right to petition.

Will you?

Click here to see the full letter (250kb .pdf)

First Pictures From FD 2002

This afternoon Freedom Drive is staying ahead of strong winter weather as it moves across Wyoming toward Cheyenne, before heading south into Denver for the rally this evening.

Click Here to See The Pictures

Click Here to Access More Details About the Freedom Drive and DC Event.  (Routes, Schedules, Contact Info, etc.)


Freedom Drive Rolls & More Drive Details

The Petitions Have Been Delivered
Free Internet
Webcast of DC Event is Set
Final Rally & Rendezvous Locations Released

Freedom Drive 2002 pulled out of a very soggy San Francisco this afternoon with about a dozen vehicles headed for an overnight stop in Reno, Nevada.  The marching bands and other outdoor activities scheduled had to be canceled due to the intense weather conditions.  The Drive leaves Reno around 5 AM Saturday morning headed for a large rally in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Pictures from the drive are being digitally transmitted to our offices from a wireless laptop system and will be posted regularly beginning tomorrow. 

In Washington, DC Friday morning, a group of WTP volunteers successfully delivered the Peoples' Petitions for Redress of Grievances to the government.  With the exception of a few representatives, all members of Congress were served the Petitions.  Several had locked offices and a few refused to accept any documents brought to their office in person.  One soon-to-be-departing Congressman's staff actually refused to accept the documents citing that they had lost the election and were effectively "out of here."  President Bush will be served on Tuesday.

A free internet webcast of the event in DC will be broadcast live on the internet next Thursday.  The webcast will be approximately 5 hours long beginning sometime before noon.  This free broadcast will enable tens of thousands of People to view history being made.  In addition, a free, non-encrypted satellite uplink feed will be available so that any television station or network in the nation can pull the signal down and rebroadcast or record the event. Details of the satellite feed will be available early next week.

Please review the updated Final Details pages for the Freedom Drive.  There are well organized feeder routes now heading from both the Northeast and Southeast states and many other cities have staging areas and contact information available.  These routes will merge and rally together near Frederick, Maryland on Wednesday evening and leave for DC at 7 AM from the Frederick staging area.

Click Here to Access the Final Details for the Freedom Drive and DC Event.  (Routes, Schedules, Contact Info, etc.)


Freedom Drive Hits the Road Friday

Schulz to Leave San Francisco Headed for Salt Lake City

Bob Schulz flew to San Francisco this afternoon to initiate the historic cross country Freedom Drive in defense of our Constitution and our unalienable rights.  Strong early winter weather in           San Francisco may impact both the planned SF rally events and the schedule for the drive's trek up through the Sierra mountains on the way to Reno, Nevada.

Check the website daily for ongoing details, emerging stories, news and to track the Drive's progress across the nation.  After San Francisco, the drive is scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake City Saturday afternoon.


Final Drive Details:  Hotels, Route, Schedule & Rally City Information

Click here to read the latest details of the main drive route including arrival/departure times, specific hotel/rally locations and many more details about the rally city events.

Details will be forthcoming over the next few days about driving procedures, road logistics and "feeder route" staging points in other parts of the US that are not directly on the main Drive route.

Click Here to Access the Final Details of the Main Drive Route.


Our Message In USA TODAY Is Being Well Received By The People

Urgent Call for DC Volunteers                                  More Help Needed

Following the publication of Friday’s full-page ad in USA Today, people from all corners of the country have contacted us to express their appreciation for our efforts. Many said they will be joining the Freedom Drive and will stand with us in DC on November 14th.

The ad has been read by millions of people across this nation – people who would not have otherwise heard about our strong, firm, substantial and solid defense of the Constitution and the People’s Rights.

Please note that due to recent schedule changes, the members of the United States Congress WILL be returning to Washington DC on November 11th. and Congress will be in session on November 14th, increasing the importance of Freedom Drive 2002, and making the People’s presence in Washington on the 14th even more significant. A change to our park permit has our Freedom Drive event now staged directly across from, and in open view of the Capitol, rather than at the other end of the National Mall at the Washington Monument.

The purpose of this article is twofold: first, we need the assistance of about 24 people on Friday, November 8th to help with the service of the Petitions for Redress on all members of the Congress and the President; and second, we need more help to pay for everything we have planned for November 14th in DC. 
(continued. . .)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Hot Off the Press!
USA Today Ad Runs This Friday

This Friday, millions of Americans in hotels, airports, restaurants, businesses and homes will experience another of this Foundation's provocative ads when it appears in the nationwide weekend edition of USA Today.

Those that responded to our call for support should take special pride and share the energy when they see the paper on news racks everywhere for three days, knowing that their personal contribution helped deliver this critical message to the People and has brought us one step closer to reclaiming our rights and our Constitutional Republic.

The USA Today ad is one of several appearing in national publications before the Drive begins next week.  Other Freedom Drive ads have been run, or will appear, in the American Free Press, The Free American, Full Throttle, The Washington Times and several smaller publications.

WTP encourages everyone to buy extra copies of the ad and post them on public bulletin boards in high traffic areas such as grocery stores, discount and hardware stores, libraries, colleges, etc.

Bob Schulz sends his special thanks but reminds us that there is still much to do.  Please consider helping with the other substantial efforts including the production and broadcast of a FREE, live Internet webcast that includes a satellite video uplink.  Reporters, television stations and ordinary Americans across the nation will have real-time access to witness history being made.

In the end, the USA Today ad is just a glimpse into how ideas become manifest in reality when People share a vision, come together, pool their abundance and transform themselves into a coherent voice and a daunting force.

YOU made the USA Today ad happen.  WE can make anything happen if we join together.

Click Here to see a low-resolution graphic of the USA Today ad (.jpg, 650 KB)

RIGHT-Click Here to download the ad actually run in USA Today.  Note: It is a newsprint size 2.9 MB, .pdf format file.



The Constitution Is Hanging By A Thread.  We Need More Help.

A Personal Message From Bob Schulz

On Monday, October 21 we posted an appeal for funds to help us meet the costs associated with Freedom Drive 2002 and November 14th's Moment of Truth.  We expressed a need for $146,255

The appeal was posted on our web site and then mailed to tens of thousands on our full mailing list.

On Monday, 94 people contributed $10,594. On Tuesday, 23 people contributed $2,540. On Wednesday, 23 people contributed $10,460. On Thursday, 9 people contributed $1,780. On Friday, 13 people contributed $775 and one person called to say a check for $20,000 was on the way.

In sum, 150 people have responded with contributions totaling $46,149.
(continued. . .)

Click Here to Read the Full Article

Other Past, Significant News
 & Events Overview

Please see the Archives Below for the Complete Record of Previous Web Articles


Oct. 8

The Right of Petition:
Use it Now or Lose It Forever.

It’s Time to Sign.  The Drive for Freedom Has Begun.

In violation of the War Powers clauses of the Constitution, the President is colluding with, and pressuring, the United States Congress to pass legislation that would authorize the President to apply the armed forces of the United States of America in hostilities in Iraq without a congressional Declaration of War.

In hasty response to widespread fear and panic following 9/11, our elected representatives voted on the "U.S.A. Patriot Act" (with many having not read it), which by the plain language of the Act, deprives and seizes the unalienable rights of the People.

Our government has relinquished direct control of the monetary system of this nation to a privately owned central bank and has transformed our money into nothing but limitless debt. A portion of the Federal Reserve stock is held by foreign entities.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reneged on their July 2001 written agreement to appear at a public forum to answer the People’s Remonstrance and well documented legal charges directly asserting the lack of statutory or Constitutional authority for the federal income tax and the systemic abuses of our unalienable rights in the daily operations of the IRS.

Are these despotic acts of our government to be tolerated by the People?

Click Here To Read the Full Article & Sign the Four Petitions for Redress of Grievances


Sep. 28

The Moment of Truth is Coming
Freedom Drive Update

November 14, 2002 is the Moment of Truth.

The events that unfold that November afternoon will set the course for us as a People and as a nation. The time for talk is over.  We shall remain peaceful – but act, we will.     (continued. . .)

Click Here To Read the Full Article


Aug. 8

Schulz’s "Tax Termination" Package

Citizens Are Requesting the Information Schulz is Using to Defend Against the Unlawful Acts of IRS and DOJ.

On June 17th, Bob Schulz told the government:     "No more. Enough is enough.  No answers, no taxes."

He sent the IRS a lengthy letter conveying his personal convictions and decision to terminate his filing of income tax returns and his decision to stop paying the tax.

Attached to Schulz’s letter were hundreds of pages of documents clearly substantiating the repeated efforts of both Schulz and the We The People Foundation to have the Department of Justice and IRS publicly answer specific legal charges that the income tax system was born of fraud, has no authority in law and is enforced and administered in a manner that violates our Constitution.

As a whole, these materials substantively document the incredible, 3-year journey for answers from our government, culminating in the Foundation’s public  Truth-in-Taxation hearing in February, 2002.

Click Here to obtain the Schulz "Tax Termination" educational package.  Learn How Schulz Did It.

Test Drive the CD-ROM version of the Hearing record. 


Jun 28 Freedom Drive 2002 is Announced. Schulz Travels Across US to Defend the Constitution.

  Click Here to Read the Full Article

  RIGHT Click Here to download the Freedom Drive flyer. It is  560 KB and is in .pdf format.

Click Here to read another FD article from July 23

Click Here for the FD Main Information Page


June 16
Schulz to Feds:
No Answers, No Taxes.

Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education today released a letter sent to his regional IRS processing center, IRS Commissioner Rossotti, President Bush, Speaker Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Daschle declaring his total commitment to personally instigate sufficient civil action across the nation to end the income tax as we know it.

Schulz’s letter publicly proclaims and staunchly states that after 45 years of willful compliance he now refuses to file a tax return for 2001, 2002 and for all future years.

Citing the record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing and the government’s steadfast refusal to answer the Foundation’s well-documented charges that the income tax system is fraudulent in its jurisdiction and is unlawfully enforced against the American people, Schulz said, "The gloves are off. Enough is enough.  The evidence phase is over. I will now do everything in my power to mobilize the People in defense of our rights. Our children and our neighbors are entitled to constitutional governance carried out in decency and good order."

"Our liberties have been seized. I call on all right minded citizens to do something – now! Spread the word. Join the We The People Congress. Sign up for duty as a county or state coordinator. Get ready to act."

Schulz’s letter chastises the government for its blatant disregard of the Constitution and his absolute right, as a sovereign citizen, to a formal response from the US Government to the petition for redress of grievances regarding the income tax system.

  Click here to read Schulz's letter


May 15

Congress Ignores the Petitions.
More of the Same: 
Insolence !

One month has passed since all 535 congressmen were petitioned for a redress of grievances regarding the federal income tax. On April 15th, thousands of letters from constituents were hand delivered with copies of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing record to every member of Congress.

Not one congressman specifically acknowledged the record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing, much less the Hearing’s 537 statements of fact, supporting evidence and conclusions of law.  

  Click here to Read the Full Article

  Click here  to Read Another Full Article


April 12

Congress and the President Are Put On Notice.

They Are Formally Served With Record of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing & Constituent Petitions for Redress.

On Monday, April 15th, citizens from around the country went to Washington, DC and delivered copies of the full record and evidence of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing, to every Congressman, along with a formal transmittal letter / petition for redress.  

Click here to read the (sample) constituent letter.


April 7 Racketeering at IRS:
WTP Holds DC Press Conference

Hard evidence of unlawful computer file tampering and other illegal acts were publicly exposed at a press conference from the National Press Club.  Over 25,000 watch this press conference.

  Click here to watch the archived video. 

Click here to read Schulz's letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Senator Max Baucus
Mar. 3 Historic Truth-in-Taxation Hearing Concludes

Former IRS Agents, Tax and Constitutional Attorneys,  CPAs and Researchers Testify Under Oath for Two Days Exposing the Government Fraud --- And Abuse Of Power Against American Citizens. 

The Evidence And Record Of Facts Now Stand Irrefutable.

Read The Full Article


Feb. 11 WTP Runs Full Page Ad in Sunday      New York Times, February 10, 2002

IRS and DOJ:  Why Won't You Answer?

Read the Ad  Text Version
Read the Ad  Graphic Version                            Right Click to "Save As",  (650 Kb,.pdf) 


Jan. 28

We Now Have A Constitutional Crisis

U. S. Government Officials Refuse To Answer Questions On Legality Of The IRS And Income Tax System

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (MD), Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant, and IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti have broken their written agreement with the American People and have betrayed the United States Constitution.


Read The Full Article                            


Want to See our Past Website Updates & Learn the Entire Story?

See more news and details in our ARCHIVES below:


The We The People Archives


ARCHIVE-5   July, 2003 thru June, 2004

  Archive Includes: Simkanin railroaded by USDC, NY Times questions IRS Commissioner, Give Me Liberty 2004 Conference, Right To Petition lawsuit begins

ARCHIVE-4   November, 2002 thru June, 2003

  Archive Includes: Freedom Drive to DC, Operation Stop Withholding, Liberty Hour censored, more Hunger Strikes, IRS Tax "Jihad" begins: Schiff, Simkanin, Kuglin 

ARCHIVE-3   August, 2002 thru Oct, 2002

  Archive Includes: The Schulz "Tax Termination" letter, WTP web stickers, Larken Rose: "Please Prosecute Me",  more Freedom Drive News, Schulz travels the Southeast and the Petitions for Redress of Grievances.       

ARCHIVE-2  January, 2002 thru July, 2002

  Archive includes: The Constitutional Crisis Has Begun,  the February Citizens' Truth-in-Taxation Hearing, our NY Times full page ad, the April WTP press conference on IRS racketeering, the delivery of the Hearing record to Congress and the President, Congressional "non-responses", a June White House briefing question about Schulz,  Schulz tells the government: "No Answers, No Taxes." (June16), Schulz travels around the US to start the WTP Congress and Freedom Drive 2002 news,  organization and planning.

ARCHIVE-1    1999 thru January, 2002

  Archive includes: the first National Press Club symposiums on the income tax, the tax Remonstrance, Project Toto, our series of full page ads in USA Today, the IRS "Walk-around", Bob Schulz's Hunger strike (July 2001), early preparations for the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing and the government's reneging (in Jan. 02) on their formal agreement to answer the Peoples' charges challenging the legal authority for the income tax. 

Visit our archives to see the detailed news of the past.  Please take note that some of these notices are out-of-date, but we include them in order to document our efforts and give you a sense of our history and our momentum.

See Our
USA Today &
NY Times
Full Page Ads
Schulz Stopped Filing
& Paying. 
Learn Why
& How.

Why The People Are Legally & Morally Justified
Contact the Media or Your Congressmen

Larken Rose: "Please Prosecute Me"
for Failure to File