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The WTP Archives  # 5
July, 2003 - June 2004


First Message to Plaintiffs

Editor’s note: The following message was e-mailed today to all the people who have indicated an interest in becoming a member of the plaintiff class in the Right to Petition Lawsuit.  

You are one of the thousands of people who have signed up to begin the process of becoming a plaintiff in the Right to Petition class action lawsuit against the federal government seeking a declaration of your unalienable Right to enforce your fundamental Rights by withholding tax money from the government, and to do so without retaliation – in ANY form, until your grievances are redressed, whenever the government refuses to respond to a proper Petition for Redress of Grievances.  

The purpose of this message is to urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to come to Washington DC on July 19, 2004, to stand with the other class-action plaintiffs in a show of solidarity, as we take our Petition process forward in two important ways.  

First, at an event at the National Press Club we will await the appearance of agents of President Bush and Senator Kerry, who, along with Treasury Secretary Snow, Attorney General Ashcroft and IRS Commissioner Everson, have respectfully been requested to send representatives to answer certain questions from our Petition for Redress regarding the income tax. We will have on hand constitutional scholars, individuals who have been at the forefront of our Petition process and the lead counsel for the Right to Petition lawsuit, attorney Mark Lane.  

Following the event at the NPC, we will march to the District Court where we will file a motion against the United States, IRS and the DOJ, to enjoin and prohibit them from taking any further enforcement or tax collection actions against you and every other American who has decided NOT to turn over any of their salaries and wages to the government, pending the government’s response to the Petition for Redress by answering its questions challenging the application of a direct, un-apportioned tax on the labor of the working men and women of America as measured by their salaries, wages and compensation.  (continued...)

Click Here to read the Full Article


Now Comes The Cover-Up

Income Tax Documents Missing From National Archives

Underway: Operation “What's Left?”
-- More Volunteers Needed

July 19th: Be There!  Push Is Coming To Shove

After years of government stonewalling in providing answers to basic questions about the fraudulent origin and illegal enforcement of the income tax system, another layer of the tax fraud has now been uncovered: the systemic removal of key legal and historical documents from the National Archives related to the meaning of “income” within the 1916 Income Tax Act, which was adopted by the political branches following the ratification of the 16th (Income Tax) Amendment in 1913, and the Supreme Court’s 1916 interpretation of “Income” within the meaning of the 16th Amendment. (continued...)

Click Here to read the Full Article


Right-To-Petition Lawsuit Awareness:
Bumper & Truck Stickers Available

As part of our continuing public awareness campaign for the historic Right To Petition class action lawsuit WTP is now making available bumper stickers and larger high-visibility "truck-size" stickers.

The bumper stickers are normal size (4"x 15") and the "high-visibility" truck stickers are 8" x 20". Both types of stickers are two-color (black & blue) on white background and say:

End All I.R.S. Abuse!
Join The Class-Action Lawsuit

These offerings are now available from the WTP on-line store.
Significant price discounts are offered for larger quantity requests.

The truck size stickers can be placed on the back of commercial-sized vehicles or on the door/side panels of normal personal-size vehicles.

WTP is still processing orders for rolls of the smaller (2"x4") RTP lawsuit awareness stickers made available a number of weeks ago (also available in the WTP on-line store).

Click Here to to go to the WTP on-line store.


We Are Proven Right,
The Government Is Wrong

New Damning Tax Research Released
Appropriate Next Steps Announced

Our War Powers Petition for Redress

How right we were in the fall of 2002, when we formally served every member of Congress and the President with a Petition for Redress asking for answers to 23 questions regarding the War Powers clauses of the Constitution and the Iraq Resolution. Click here to view (and sign) the Petition for Redress of grievances.

If only the government had honored the Petition Clause by acting on our War Powers Petition: there would have been a Committee review of the Petition, leading to a full congressional debate on the President’s call for an invasion of Iraq, followed by an up or down vote on a declaration of war.

More than likely, there would NOT have been a decision to go to war against Iraq because the Executive would NOT have been able to prove its claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, was reconstituting a nuclear weapons program and was linked to 9-11 and al ‘ Queda. More than likely, cooler heads in Congress would have prevailed, leaving it up to the people of Iraq, not America, to rid the world of one of its dictators.

For the reason that we are still engaged in hostilities in Iraq without a declaration of war, and the expectation that there will likely be future attempts to apply the armed forces of the United States in hostilities overseas without a declaration of war, we must continue the Petition process, including enforcement through “No Answers, No Taxes.”

Our Income Tax Petition for Redress

How right we were in April of 2002, and in November of 2002, when we formally served the President and every member of Congress with a Petition for Redress asking for answers to questions regarding the tax clauses of the Constitution and the federal “income” tax system. Click here to view (and sign) the Petition for Redress of Grievances.

The most damning documentary evidence to date has now been compiled in two new research reports that demonstrate without a shadow of doubt that the government has been acting ultra vires (i.e., without bona fide authority), in forcing ordinary Americans to file and pay an un-apportioned, direct tax on their salaries, wages and compensation, and that the government has known since 1916 that it lacks the legal authority to do so but has gone right on doing it anyway.      


Click Here to access this important WTP news article containing "appropriate next steps," groundbreaking legal research and new evidence exposing the income tax fraud.

Ed Note
: This article and its lengthy attachments are of significant importance in the battle to restore Constitutional Order. Please allow ample time to study these important research materials and announcements. Readers are encouraged to distribute this link widely.


Simkanin Sentenced: 84 Months

Judge McBryde Doubles Recommended Sentence
Appeal Underway Your Help Needed

Texas business owner, loyal American, loving husband and political prisoner Richard M. Simkanin was sentenced today to 84 months following his January conviction for willful failure to withhold and willful failure to file income taxes.

After several hours of legal wrestling related to findings and recommendations included in Simkanin's pre-sentencing report, USDC Judge John McBryde imposed the sentence that is approximately double what was indicated by the point system criteria utilized in the federal sentencing guidelines.

During the day, McBryde also sentenced two other individuals on federal charges including a bank robber and a wife-beating firearms dealer. Their combined sentences were less than half that received by Simkanin.  (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article...


Another IRS Agent “Flips”

19-Year Revenue Agent Joins Truth-in-Taxation Movement
More Agents Waiting on Sidelines

This week, former IRS CID Special Agent and CPA Joe Banister announced yet another former IRS Agent has come forward publicly to stand with those that are fighting to expose the income tax fraud.

The most recent defector is former IRS Revenue Agent and Appeals Officer Clifton Beale. Beale, with 19 years of experience in the agency, joins a small group of former IRS agents that have begun to speak publicly about the fraud after studying the details of U.S. income tax law and learning that those laws are being improperly and unlawfully enforced against ordinary Americans.

In his announcement (which is reprinted below) Banister reveals that other IRS agents are waiting on the “sidelines” and many may soon go public as well.  (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article...


2004 Colorado
We The People
Constitutional Conference

Colorado Springs
Friday-Sunday, May 21-23, 2004

Come to beautiful Colorado Springs to participate in the weekend- long 2004 Colorado WTP Conference on the Constitution. Meet and listen to speakers including WTP Chairman Bob Schulz, gun rights activist Rick Stanley, former IRS Agents John Turner and Joe Banister and others articulate their plans and ideas for restoring Constitutional Order.  

Click Here to Register and for More Details...

Show Me The Law” And I Will Plead Guilty

Schiff Makes Offer To DOJ On 33 Criminal Tax Charges
Arraignment Scheduled For April 14th

On March 24 a federal grand jury in Las Vegas handed down a 33-count indictment against Irwin Schiff and two of his associates, Cindy Neun and Larry Cohen. The indictment alleges an array of income tax crimes including Willful Failure to File, knowingly filing false income tax returns, income tax evasion, advising others to file bogus returns, and conspiring to defraud the Government of income tax revenues.

On April 1, Schiff responded to the indictment with several motions including an offer to plead guilty to all charges if the government will produce at his arraignment the U.S. tax statute that specifically makes Schiff “liable” for payment of “income” taxes. (.pdf format)

The core legal argument of Schiff's motion is that under U.S. law, as currently written, and despite the unambiguous language of virtually all other federal tax statutes which DO specifically impose a legal obligation to pay, NO such statutory language exists that imposes a legal liability to pay federal income taxes(continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


Give Me Liberty 2004 Record Now Available

Conference Marks the Beginning Of The Organized Fight To Restore Constitutional Order

On January 22nd, a contingent of nationally-renowned constitutionalist voices, legal experts and freedom activists converged on Arlington, Virginia for the acclaimed 3-day Give Me Liberty 2004 conference hosted by We The People.

Alan Keyes

The primary objectives for the conference were to publicly unveil WTP's strategic initiative to restore Constitutional Order through the exercise and enforcement of the “long-forgotten” 1st Amendment Right to Petition, and to launch a broad-based, cross-interest discussion on organizing the People to reclaim our fading Freedoms.   (continued...)

Click Here to read the Full Announcement
& to Obtain Your Copy...

25 Hours of video, 50 compelling speeches & panel discussions
Available on Video CD-ROMs & VHS Tapes


Three More Minutes of Video Every American Should Watch Before April 15th

Watch IRS National Taxpayer Advocate
Nina Olson on C-SPAN & see more IRS "evading"...

Click Here to access WTP-tv

Simkanin Judicial Fraud Continues

Illegal Alterations Discovered in Trial Transcript

Fraudulent IRS Civil Claims Raise Questions
About the Legitimacy of the Indictment

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram Balks At
WTP Message to Simkanin Jurors

On approximately March 10, USDC federal judge John McBryde released yet another portion of the trial transcript that he ordered kept under seal, away from public scrutiny following the Ft. Worth tax trial of employer Dick Simkanin ended in early January. The recently released segment of the trial transcript covered the arraignment and final pre-trial motions.

A number of WTP courtroom watchers that personally witnessed these portions of the trial proceedings, have examined the recently released transcript segment and, without exception, have concluded that there were substantial, and unquestionably deliberate, i.e., illegal, alterations made to the court record that apparently hide significant acts and rulings by Judge McBryde that would constitute a clear basis for reversible error in the 29 convictions decided at trial.

The spectators involved, including WTP Chairman Bob Schulz, have completed individual affidavits attesting to the gross disparities between what they witnessed and the content of the official, now unsealed, transcript segment. These affidavits will now become the basis for legal action against the court and court reporter.  (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


WTP-tv Goes On-Line

On-Demand, Multimedia
Educational Library Released

Liberty Hour” Programming to Resume

We The People announced today our multimedia, on-line resource library. The library features a number of full-length streaming videos, short-topic segments and audio files documenting the current and past work of the WTP organization. Through WTP-tv, you will witness our organization in action – our grassroots activism, our confrontations with tyrants and our fight to restore Constitutional Order.

We trust you will find this resource to be a continually provocative, highly valuable part of your WTP experience and an effective way to support our important mission. Ultimately, we want WTP-tv to become the Internet source where the entire country, (particularly those that know little of us), can quickly turn to experience in sight and sound how the battles for the Constitution are being waged.       (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


Four Minutes of Video Every American
Should Watch Before April 15th

At an IRS press conference on September 16, 2003 concerning tax "scams" and tax "evasion", the lead tax reporter for The New York Times, David Cay Johnston (in reference to the WTP Petitions for Redress) directly, and specifically, questioned IRS Commissioner Mark Everson about what law requires Americans to pay income taxes.

Click here to watch who does the real "evading"....

Dial-up   DSL/Cable  

We encourage everyone to forward this e-mail far and wide....
Click Here for the WTP original story about this confrontation.


WTP Congress Leadership Change

Schulz to Speak in California Next Week

The We the People Congress today announced the acceptance of the resignation of Devvy Kidd as the National Director of the WTP Congress. Kidd had been functioning in her role for the Congress since June of last year. Bob Schulz, Chairman of the Congress, stated that the organization will miss the contributions that she has made, but that the Congress's mission will continue unabated.    (...continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


America’s Judicial System Lies In Rot 

We Need To Hear Directly From The Grand Jurors
And Trial Jurors In The Simkanin Case.

When something stinks, it is usually rotten. And, the stench emanating from the indictment, trial and conviction of Dick Simkanin is more than We The People can stomach.


Click Here to read this important WTP article documenting the significant judicial and prosecutorial misconduct in the federal tax trial of employer Dick Simkanin.

The article also contains excerpts and analysis from the transcripts of the trial. 


“We Are Not Alone.”

GML2004 Conference a Major Success

Right to Petition Lawsuit Initiated

“It’s nice to know we are not alone.”  These were the words heard most frequently from the people who attended the WTP Give Me Liberty 2004 conference. “Not only was it good to meet and interact with so many people from all over the country, but the speakers were awesome – so impressive – so eloquent – true patriots -- so supportive of We The People.”

These thoughts, and the ones below are representative of the experiences shared by so many during the conference.  From the perspective of the Foundation, the conference served as a “public unveiling” of the fight to restore the 1st Amendment’s Right to Petition and initiated a much needed dialogue among some of the leading conservative leaders and voices about how to correct the many structural and systemic problems confronting our nation via use of that long-forgotten Right. (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


Give Me Liberty 2004 Conference:
Breaking News

Right-To-Petition Lawsuit To Be Filed Within Hours
Details To Be Disclosed During Live Video Webcast

We The People Foundation announced today that the much-anticipated Right-to-Petition class-action lawsuit will be filed before the opening of the three-day Give Me Liberty 2004 conference that commences this Thursday morning just outside our nation's capitol. 

The filing of this action in federal court marks the beginning of what will be a lengthy, and complex legal dispute to resurrect the “long-forgotten” Right of the People to Petition their servant government for redress of their grievances – and the People’s corollary Right to withhold taxes until such redress is secured.

Details of the “RTP” lawsuit and the significant implications for this nation’s future will be discussed at length during the first segment of the GML2004 conference.  Video of the full 3-day conference is being broadcast LIVE over the Internet.


Click Here to read the full article


FREE Record of the GML2004 Conference
Included With Live Webcast

Although we were unable to announce this until today, the Foundation has completed arrangements to include at NO additional cost, a record of the historic conference on CD-ROMs with each on-line pay-per-view "e-Ticket" reserved for the LIVE Internet broadcast of the GML2004 conference. (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article

Give Me Liberty 2004 Conference
To Be Webcast Live

GML2004 Pay-Per-View “e-Tickets”
Now Available

Because of the large number of WTP supporters that have conveyed to us that they cannot, for whatever reasons, travel to Washington, DC to participate in the GML2004 conference, WTP announces that is has gone to significant expense to arrange for a professionally produced and broadcast, LIVE Internet webcast of the three day event.

Although there can be no substitute for directly experiencing a watershed event as it shapes the course of history, and mere pictures and sound can only pale in comparison with the opportunity to join the camaraderie, fellowship and voices of those that stand tall for our cause, We The People is committed to bringing our message, and our self-evident truths, to as many across our land as possible.  (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


129 Years For Asking to See The Law

Perfectly Illegal:
Non-Withholding Employer Simkanin
Convicted in Rigged Trial

There is no doubt: Dick Simkanin was illegally convicted. The law cannot be used, or more appropriately, abused -- to penalize the citizens of this nation for failing to do something that NO specific law obligates them to do. 

Dick Simkanin studied the details of the U.S. tax laws, he repeatedly asked the government to “show him the law” and when it refused – he acted upon the words and letter of the written law. 

With the law as the only significant issue of contention before the court, and with defendant Simkanin facing a sentence for his life in federal prison, USDC Judge John McBryde, in direct violation of Simkanin's due process Rights, prevented him and his legal counsel from presenting ANY substantive defense based upon on the actual written laws of this nation.  McBryde simultaneously denied the jurors their unalienable Right to exercise their discretion and judgment regarding the proper application of the law as it applied to business owner Simkanin.  

In the end, twelve women and men of Fort Worth, through their own misperceptions of the law, ignorance of our constitutional system of justice, and the unlawful manipulation of the trial by a tyrannical judge, unwittingly aided and abetted the unlawful prosecution, and conviction of Dick Simkanin. 

These Texas jurors unknowingly conspired with a corrupt government intent on imprisoning Simkanin as a political prisoner and making him the federal “poster child” for any American that dares ask, “What specific U.S. law requires me to file, pay or withhold?”   (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


Federal Tyranny, Texas Style

Justice Held in Contempt
Simkanin Takes The Stand

(Updated Tuesday, 1 PM Central) 

(Above Judge McBryde’s head near the ceiling of
the USDC courtroom)


Fort Worth -- Federal prosecutors and USDC Judge John McBryde continued in earnest yesterday afternoon to deny all reason and justice in their quest to control the trial and ensure the conviction of non-withholding Texas employer Dick Simkanin.

Fortunately, Simkanin’s attorney, Arch McColl, despite a clearly biased and hostile courtroom environment, made a noteworthy stand against the tyrannical acts of the judge and Assistant US Attorney.  According to observers in the fully packed courtroom, the thinly veiled attempts by the government to deny justice to Simkanin were not lost on members of the jury.  They were certainly not lost on the courtroom observers. (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


(Updated Monday, 2 PM Central)

Simkanin Trial Begins

WTP Protests Outside Federal Courthouse
Courtroom Packed

Despite the best efforts of the Department of Justice and USDC Judge McBryde, a bus full of potential jurors, being shuttled early this morning from a secret location in Fort Worth, faced a small gauntlet of WTP Congress protestors brandishing a dozen large signs demanding justice for Dick Simkanin and the impeachment of federal District Court Judge McBryde.

  More Pictures

The bussing of potential jurors to the federal courthouse from a remote assembly point was intended to shield potential jurors from
constitutionally protected pamphleteering and protests by WTP supporters.  Unfortunately for the Government, as the bus approached the courthouse from one of the more desolate corners of the federal property and attempted to back into the rear entrance of the courthouse, it repeatedly maneuvered past a good number of WTP protesters and their banner-sized messages. 

As of mid-morning, Simkanin had been arraigned on his second-superseding indictment and jury selection was proceeding promptly.  Simkanin plead "not guilty" at the arraignment after a reading of the charges against him.

Despite the fact the Simkanin has had NO opportunity to conduct a minimum 30-day discovery period or avail himself of normal pre-trial Rights concerning at least four of the 35 charges against him (violations of 26 USC 7203, Willful Failure to File), his trial continues this afternoon.

According to witnesses that spoke with several potential jurors that were dismissed, there was more than a general awareness by the jury pool that something is "up" with the Simkanin trial.

Until approximately 12:30, the courtroom was packed with a crowd of WTP court watchers that overflowed well into the hallway.  Around noon, McBryde apparently ordered the entire 4th floor of the courthouse cleared of the public.

During the late morning, for unspecified reasons, federal security personnel ordered WTP supporters to move their parked vehicles from just outside the federal courthouse.  The parking meters were subsequently disabled and the street cleared.   

Despite packing the courtroom, WTP supporters continued to brave the unusually cold and blustery conditions to keep approximately a half dozen protest signs up outside the courthouse and distribute materials to motorists and pedestrians.  

A lengthy article about the Simkanin trial appeared in this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  The top story in the regional section of the paper features a color photo of one of the large billboards WTP erected in downtown Fort Worth in support of Simkanin.  Here's the link:


Previous WTP articles about Simkanin:

01-01-04 Billboards put up for Simkanin
12-20-03 Star Chamber Re-indicts Simkanin

11-26-03 1st Trial Ends in Mistrial
10-02-03 DOJ/USDC Collusion Forces Plea, Gross Injustices
07-13-03 Judge McBryde: Indictment Flawed, But Go To Jail


GML2004 Conference Agenda Update

Keyes, Sobran & Buchanan Slated To Speak
Historic Event Is Evolving

We The People today released an updated agenda for the 3-day Give Me Liberty 2004 conference to be held this month, January 22-24 near Washington DC.

Over the last several weeks, the agenda, list of confirmed speakers and panel discussions has continued to evolve and grow.  The array of minds and voices now assembling for this conference clearly have the potential to create an event of historic proportions.

Click Here to read the full article and to access the updated GML2004 agenda.


Titanic Tax Trial Begins Monday

Simkanin Billboards Erected
Supporters Massing In Fort Worth

What could ultimately be one of the final battles to expose the fraud of the federal income tax is scheduled to commence Monday morning in Fort Worth when Bedford Texas business owner Dick Simkanin goes on trial for a second time facing 35 counts of federal tax related charges. His first trial in November ended in a mistrial when the jurors voted 11-1 to acquit him of failing to withhold employment taxes from his employees' paychecks.

In that trial, an IRS legal expert had to recant his prior testimony regarding the definition of the critical legal term “employee” and the judge refused, after a specific request by the jurors, to provide them with a copy of the law that required Simkanin to withhold.

Click Here to read the full article and to see the Fort Worth billboards


Claire Wolfe: Malicious Misrepresentation

On December 19, 2003, we received a copy of an essay that was hostile toward WTP. It was authored by Claire Wolfe. The article was mean spirited and gave a false account about WTP.  

While we know that people who do not have detractors usually do not stand for anything, and that activists have to have a thick skin, we decided to respond to Ms. Wolfe because we had some evidence that her article had, in fact, raised a few eyebrows.  

Click here for the article by Ms. Wolfe and the response by Bob Schulz.


Thank You

During this season my thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. 

Together, we have moved the sovereign People and the cause of freedom forward.  

At the end of the day, the intelligence of public opinion will be the one indispensable condition of success. 

The journey is hard, but anything worth having does not come easily.  

The truth, which is indestructible, has a way of accumulating against pride and arrogance and then sweeping them from its path. 

Thank you for enduring without being overcome.  

Thank you for your prayers and your expressions of encouragement and solidarity.


With a Petition for Divine Providence and the Blessings of Liberty,

Bob Schulz


Star Chamber Re-Indicts Simkanin

Billboard Message To Judge McBryde

A Star Chamber is defined as any unnecessarily or unpleasantly curious investigating body, controlled by counselors appointed by royal authority that meets in secret session and hands down unjust and arbitrary judgments. 

The name derives from the English tribunal that met in a room where the roof was ornamented with stars. 

We doubt the Grand Jury room (in the basement) of the federal Court House in Fort Worth is ornamented with stars. However, for one day this week, at least, the Fort Worth Grand Jury functioned as a Star Chamber. 

Here are the facts as we know them:  (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


2nd Amendment Battle Leaders Come
To The GML 2004 National Conference

What Does a Free People Do After Silveira? 

If the People are disarmed, can they protect their country from their government? Can a People be free if they do not possess the means to defend freedom? 

On December 1, 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to disturb a recent decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which held, in effect, that the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms is NOT an unalienable Right that belongs to individuals, but rather it is a right that belongs to the “State” – i.e., it is a “privilege” to be granted to, or taken from, the individual by government fiat.  

With this decision, our government has taken another significant step toward total disarmament of the People and the demise of our constitutional Republic. 

Will the People acquiesce? Will the People enforce their Right to Keep and Bear Arms?  (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Right To Petition Lawsuit Update:

We Have Passed The 1/3 Mark.
$92,000 Received. Thank You.

We are grateful to all those who have contributed thus far toward the cost of prosecuting the upcoming class action lawsuit against the United States in defense of the unalienable Right to Petition the government for a Redress of Grievances, as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.  

Our purpose with this update is to remind everyone that the Constitution does not, and cannot, defend itself. Our Republic's founding document sits quietly on book shelves and in museum displays, awaiting those that wish not only to read its historic text, but those that demand to live by, and defend, its guiding principles and gifts of Providence.  (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


WTP Needs Your Help:
Year-End Tax-Deductible Donations

Customized Donor Letters to Be Mailed
New WTP Brochure Unveiled

Dear friends of We The People Foundation, 

As you know, end-of-year donations are a big part of tax minimization strategies for both businesses and those individuals who pay taxes on their earnings.   

You probably know a business owner or individuals who, especially at this time of the year, may be potential contributors to WTP because they are financially secure, they believe in what we believe in and they may be willing to help us advance our no-nonsense approach to BOTH civic education and civic action -- all in defense of our Right to constitutional governance carried out in decency and good order. 

We need you to tell us who they are so we can send them a letter, appealing for their support.   (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Employer Simkanin Prosecution
Ends in Mistrial

Judge Stymies Both Jury & Defense
DOJ Intends to Retry Simkanin ASAP

Jury Hung at 11-1 Favoring Acquittal

After almost 6 months of incarceration in isolation awaiting his federal trial, non-withholding employer Dick Simkanin’s trial ended this evening in a mistrial after the jury was unable to reach a verdict on federal charges that Simkanin failed to Withhold taxes from his employees. 

Simkanin, a successful Bedford, Texas business owner, had been charged with 12 counts of Willful Failure to Withhold employment taxes for his employees and 15 counts of filing False Claims for requesting refunds of tax pre-payments that had been made by Simkanin on behalf of those employees.   

Facing years in federal prison, his trial lasted only hours, beginning and ending yesterday – largely because the Court denied Simkanin the opportunity present any expert defense witnesses or legal evidence regarding the contested legal obligations under US income tax statutes. Jury deliberations started this morning and the mistrial was declared around 6 PM Central time. (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Give Me Liberty 2004:  
Conference Registration Opens

Register On-Line Now or by Mail
High-Profile Speakers Invited to Lead Historic Dialogue

We are pleased to open formal registration for “Give Me Liberty 2004”, the first annual conference sponsored by the WTP organization. The three-day conference will be held January 22-24 in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. 

The central theme of the conference is “The Right to Petition: Re-discovering the ‘capstone’ Right and using it to reclaim our Freedom and restore Constitutional Order.”  The primary conference structure will feature six, 2-3 hour panel discussions covering the history, nature and contemporary application of the long-forgotten Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances.  

Please see the main GML 2004 conference information page to register and to access the preliminary agenda and other conference/hotel information.  You can register either on-line
or by mail.               (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article

Click Here to Go Directly to the Registration Page


WHY You Should Help

Lawsuit Funding Progress

Continued thanks to the many that have contributed to what is expected to be a legal battle of historic proportions and untold significance to the future of the Republic.

To date, approximately $50,000 of the $285,000 necessary to move the Right To Petition lawsuit forward into the courts has been raised.

So everyone can see how quickly we are making progress, we will periodically update our home web page with new totals reflected in the graphic.

Bob Schulz also wants to briefly recap for everyone WHY they should support this historic lawsuit and WHY this case, above all other attempts to date, has a significant chance of making history:       (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


No “Neo-Patriots” Here.

Right To Petition Lawsuit Update

Many, many thanks to the 158 Americans that have responded thus far to the call we issued ten days ago to fund our historic Right to Petition class-action lawsuit. These Patriots sent in nearly $40,000.  This is an average donation of $255.  

“Only” $245,000 to go. J 

We are grateful for the love of country and the courage exhibited by these 158 men and women. They are true patriots, Americans willing to act and to be associated with activists, Americans willing to stubbornly and persistently demand that government obey the Rule book – the Constitution of the United States of America. 

They are a breath of fresh air, for as our government moves away from the Constitution and tyranny increases, patriotism in America is adapting to rationalism, giving rise to neo-patriotism and false patriots.  

Beware of false patriots – that is, those who know the truth and bemoan the erosion of our Liberties, Rights and Freedoms but who are too afraid to stand in defense of them.  

I could not help but be thinking these past few days about the magnitude and historical significance of our upcoming lawsuit against the government in defense of the original meaning of the Right to Petition the government for a Redress of Grievances – the Petition Clause. I could not help thinking about the large sum of money needed to pay for this fight and the sacrifices that people are making. Yet, I knew the heavy consequences if we were not able to carry on. 

As I began to think about the people who were responding to our call for assistance, and the courage it takes to do so, a few things happened here at the office that stirred my emotions, providing more insight and understanding about a word that is tossed around a lot these days -- “Patriot.”    (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Update: Class Action Lawsuit

Phase 1: Completed
Phase 2: $285,000 Needed

The End is About to Begin

September 4 was the date of our last update on the pending class action, “We The People v. The US Government.” 

Since then our attorney, Mark Lane, has developed and presented his suggested plan of attack and drafts of the papers to be filed in court. 

WTP has reviewed and approved the plan and the papers are now just about ready to be filed.  

Phase one, which cost WTP $35,000, is virtually complete. On behalf of all concerned Americans, we thank those individuals who contributed the funds. Without this generosity, we could not have gotten to "first base" with this historic legal action.  

The plan Mr. Lane has recommended consists of a two-pronged approach to enforcing the Redress of our grievances: 1) a class-action lawsuit to be filed in the US District Court; and 2) a claim to be filed in the federal Court of Claims.  

Both actions will be filed at the same time with a request to one court to stay the proceedings there, pending the results of the other action, but to grant the request for injunctive relief.  The injunctive relief sought will protect all litigants, (direct plaintiffs and all class members,) from any and all civil and criminal tax enforcement actions, including all non-tax related legal actions that are in nature retaliatory against plaintiffs, their businesses and/or family members.   (continued...)

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Give Me Liberty 2004

The First Annual

We The People Foundation &
We The People Congress
National Conference

Washington DC,
Thursday-Saturday, January 22-24, 2004

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Judicial Lemons

Black Robes Dispense Kangaroo Justice
US Courts, DOJ Collude to Delay the Inevitable

On September 27, 2003 we posted an article in our website titled, “Tell the IRS to ‘Drop Dead,’ Lemons’ Response Last Straw.” We expressed our astonishment and anger over the response an IRS senior spokesman, Terry Lemons, gave to a New York Times reporter (David Cay Johnston), who asked Lemons why the IRS was refusing to answer, in writing, our Petitions for Redress regarding the fraudulent origin and unlawful enforcement of the  income tax upon ordinary Americans.  

As reported by the Times, IRS’ Terry Lemons told Johnston the IRS was answering our Petitions through “enforcement actions.”  

Finally, an honest answer from our government.  

For the record: other than its police actions, the US Government has steadfastly and repeatedly refused to answer our Petitions. 

But, it is also true, that while our government has been sustaining the livelihood of tens of thousands of bureaucrats in the IRS (one of the few growth industries remaining in America) it is been unlawfully abusing its constitutionally limited prosecutorial and judicial powers in order to compel the federal income tax upon average Americans even though they lack any bona fide legal authority to do so.

Our cherished Republic has recently begun to adopt fascist practices where average Americans are now “brow beaten,” incarcerated and forcefully dragged before IRS and DOJ “legal” tribunals.  These are honest working men and women and small business owners, whose only crime has been to dare to openly question the legal authority for the income tax and have subsequently exercised their constitutionally protected Right to retain their money until their grievances are redressed.  

But, let’s take a closer look at what Terry Lemons means by “enforcement actions.”  (continued. . . )

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Non-Withholding Employer Simkanin Pleads Guilty 

US District Court Colludes With DOJ
To Force Plea

Court Filings Document Trail of Denied Due Process    

Early this week, non-withholding employer Dick Simkanin plead guilty to a single felony charge of failing to withhold employment taxes from his employees. He had been charged with 26 felony counts of violating federal law.

As has been witnessed repeatedly in other income tax related prosecutions, Simkanin's prosecution is yet another example of how the people are being systemically denied due process of law in the courts as they have attempted to force the government to officially assert what specific legal authority compels income tax filing, payment or withholding. 

Click Here to read more details about the Court's denial of due process in the Simkanin case, including a New York Times article on Simkanin's plea and a brief overview of Employment tax law under Subtitle C of the Internal Revenue Code.

The flawed indictment that fails to cite ANY specific statutory obligation to withhold:


02- GovtRespondsToBadIndictmentCharge.pdf

The Defendant's motions to dismiss based on lack of federal criminal jurisdiction inside the 50 states, lack of a proper indictment and lack of ANY law that imposes any legal obligation regarding withholding:


The denial of due process based on local court "rules" practices, and judicial fiat ignoring due process of law :


Read the previous WTP article documenting the courtroom abuses and judicial suspension of USDC Judge McBryde.

Overview of Employment/FICA Tax Law  (.pdf)

What is Taxable Income?


Tell IRS To “Drop Dead”
Lemons’ Response Last Straw

Watch as IRS Commissioner Everson & Officials
Evade & Obfuscate the Truth 

For many months, Americans caught up in resisting the IRS’s income tax fraud have contacted WTP for direct legal assistance and advice.  As you know, WTP’s primary mission is education and facilitating citizen vigilance and activism.  It does not include providing specific, individual assistance on tax or legal matters. 

However, after last Tuesday’s “Enforcement, rather than Answers” insulting retort from IRS’ Terry Lemons to David Cay Johnston of the New York Times, WTP is now offering advice worthy to be followed by all People contacted by the IRS or their state tax collector, looking for money directly or indirectly related to Subtitle A or C of the Internal Revenue Code.

Below is a memorandum from Bob Schulz that is now being sent to anyone who contacts WTP for such help.  It announces that WTP Congress has just released a (template) letter that can be sent to the IRS and/or State tax collectors in response to their attempts to unlawfully enforce the income tax code.
(continued. . .) 

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Thank You New York Times

IRS Questioned About Our Questions

Thanks to The New York Times, we achieved a measure of success in DC last Tuesday in our attempt to get the media to include some of our side of the story in its coverage of the press conference held at the Treasury Department to announce a new agreement between state and federal tax officials to fight “abusive tax avoidance schemes”. More on that in a moment. 

Attending the event were officials from Treasury, IRS and nine of the 40 states that have signed the agreement. We believe about thirty print and broadcast reporters from the dominant media were in attendance.  (continued...)

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Treasury, IRS Collude With States
To Sustain The Income Tax Fraud

Schulz & Former IRS Agents
To Hold DC Press Conference Tuesday

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American Free Press To Run Ad
USA TODAY Refuses To Run

The American Free Press (AFP) newspaper, published in Washington DC every week and distributed to tens of thousands of subscribers nation-wide, will include in its September 22, 2003 issue, a two-page color centerfold which is the same Ad that USA TODAY recently refused to run “for reasons of taste.”  In addition, AFP has agreed to do so at a deep discount to our Foundation.

American Free Press becomes the second newspaper to agree to run the Ad. It was run on August 18th in the national edition of the Washington Times. RIGHT-Click here to download the Ad  (1MB .pdf).   (Continued. . . )

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Irwin Schiff, Dick Simkanin, USA TODAY,
Class Action Lawsuit and

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An Open Letter To The People
Of Alabama & All Americans:

If We Remove God From
Government In America,
The Constitution And
Bill Of Rights Will Be Next.

We The People Must Not Let That Happen.

Churches and their symbols do not belong in our courthouses and statehouses--but God belongs there

225 years ago, The United States of America was conceived in faith and rocked in the cradle of liberty by God’s guiding hand.  It was their strong faith in the Creator, and their humble reliance on Divine Providence, that gave our Founders the wisdom and courage to create the magnificent experiment in human freedom called America.  The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States expressly recognize God as the source of our unalienable rights, personal freedoms and system of laws in America. 

The First Amendment clearly states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...”  So, by what authority does the federal government or courts presume to dictate to the People of Alabama, or any other sovereign state, that they may not recognize God as the supreme authority in their courts and institutions of civil government?     (continued. . . )

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This article is being run as a full-page Ad in the daily Montgomery, Alabama newspaper, The Montgomery Advertiser this Thursday, August 28th.  
Click Here
to see the Ad (121KB, .pdf)


IRS Loses A Big One

Memphis Pilot Acquitted Of Tax Evasion
Charged With Filing "False" W-4s

On Friday, a Memphis federal jury acquitted FedEx pilot Vernice Kuglin of six counts of felony Tax Evasion and Willful Failure to File tax returns.

Ms. Kuglin's attorneys, Tax Honesty Movement barristers Larry Becraft and Robert G. Bernhoft, told reporters that Kuglin was indicted seven months ago and had refused to plead the case out for a lesser sentence.  During her testimony Kuglin testified that since 1995, she had sent numerous letters to the IRS requesting that they inform her of what law required her to pay the Individual Income Tax. To this day, she has not received an answer.


At 1:30 Friday afternoon, the jury returned not guilty verdicts on all counts.

After the jury had been excused the U.S. Attorney reportedly demanded that the Judge order the defendant to file her tax forms, pay her taxes and obey the law. The Judge reportedly replied "Sir, I don't work for the IRS."   (continued...)

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Text of USA TODAY Ad Finalized

People Are Responding

We have finalized the draft of the Ad we wish to publish soon in the nationwide edition of USA Today to publicly announce our historic class action lawsuit.

The Ad is a short, somber, non-political message that will reach and hopefully capture the attention of millions of People who are concerned about the direction America is heading at home and abroad, and who agree that the government is required to answer the People’s Petitions regarding its unconstitutional behaviors.

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view the USA TODAY Ad


Must Elected Officials Answer Our Petitions? 

Can We Withhold Our Money If They Refuse?

We The People say “YES” to both questions.  

The Founders said “YES” to both questions. 

Now we will ask the United States Supreme Court to say “YES” to both questions. 

Whether the Supreme Court confirms this self-evident truth, depends on you -- your passion for liberty, truth and justice, and your active participation and financial support. 

At this serious moment in the life of our Country, we ask each of you to consider making the eternal cause of freedom a real and permanent part of your life.   (continued. . .) 

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The Lawsuit to Restore Constitutional Order

History Making Lawsuit Proceeds
Legal Team Engaged

Law Professors Back Us:
Right to Petition is THE Cornerstone of Popular Sovereignty

Join & Support The Lawsuit

Note: This article is the long awaited announcement that we have  referred to repeatedly for several weeks.
It may be the most important update we have ever posted due to the extraordinary events that will soon unfold for our nation as a direct result of this legal initiative.

We urge everyone to read the entire article, study the supporting materials and to widely distribute news of this history making lawsuit.

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Message To Bush, Frist, Hastert And Hyde:

Prepare Yourselves.
You Are In For An Awakening.

You will soon be called to account for your acts before you make further mockery of our Constitution. 

Be forewarned, we are not talking about Election Day.  We are wiser now. 

While the government entities under your leadership have been on a nationwide Reign of Terror against the People, abusing the limited legal authorities that have been delegated to you, infringing upon the constitutionally protected Rights of the People and seeking to suppress even the People’s Right to public discourse concerning such abuses – we have been doing our “homework”. 

We are a small, but committed group of ordinary Americans.  Over the years, we have become dedicated students of history, law, political philosophy, the nature of our Constitutional Republic and the nature of the men that are drawn to influence and control governments.  We have sought solutions for what ails our nation.

As the recent course of events has played out across our country, we have learned much.  As we have prepared to peacefully repel your acts of tyranny by public examination of the law of the land and our Constitution, we have come to rediscover knowledge that, for whatever reasons, has been systemically suppressed, hidden and virtually eradicated from the public discourse of high school civics classes, college history courses, law school text books, daily newspapers, the debate floors of our representative government and our courtrooms of justice.

Here’s what we’ve learned:  
 (continued. . . )

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Want to See our Past Website Updates & Learn the Entire Story?

See more news and details in our ARCHIVES below:


The We The People Archives


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ARCHIVE-2  January, 2002 thru July, 2002

  Archive includes: The Constitutional Crisis Has Begun,  the February Citizens' Truth-in-Taxation Hearing, our NY Times full page ad, the April WTP press conference on IRS racketeering, the delivery of the Hearing record to Congress and the President, Congressional "non-responses", a June White House briefing question about Schulz,  Schulz tells the government: "No Answers, No Taxes." (June16), Schulz travels around the US to start the WTP Congress and Freedom Drive 2002 news,  organization and planning.

ARCHIVE-1    1999 thru January, 2002

  Archive includes: the first National Press Club symposiums on the income tax, the tax Remonstrance, Project Toto, our series of full page ads in USA Today, the IRS "Walk-around", Bob Schulz's Hunger strike (July 2001), early preparations for the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing and the government's reneging (in Jan. 02) on their formal agreement to answer the Peoples' charges challenging the legal authority for the income tax. 

Visit our archives to see the detailed news of the past.  Please take note that some of these notices are out-of-date, but we include them in order to document our efforts and give you a sense of our history and our momentum.

Larken Rose: "Please Prosecute Me"
for Failure to File