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November 25, 2006

Year End Donation Appeal

Receive Freedom Calendar
By Dan Pilla, Sr.

It has been a trying, but exciting year as we have moved closer to a declaration by the High Court of our Rights and the Government’s obligations under the Petition Clause of the First Amendment.  

Our civic education and civic actions continue to arouse interest and gain support from the People, many more of whom are beginning to understand the true meaning of the Petition Clause and its power to hold Government accountable to the letter and spirit of each provision of the Constitution. 

Just as discontent breeds change, change breeds discontent. The Government is not happy with our activities and is doing what it can to chill the enthusiasm of people to associate with us. The Government has a vested interest in the status quo. Our Government does not want to be held accountable. No government does. 

The battle for Liberty continues – as it must.

Faced with a shrinking window of opportunity within which to defeat the despots who threaten our
Liberty, this Foundation -- your Foundation -- is more in need of your support and commitment than ever.

The good news is that our work is making progress.  The growing attacks by the Government are clear evidence of our continuing advancement toward our goals of restoring Constitutional Order and securing Liberty for our posterity.

Despite the government’s best efforts to shut this organization down, cripple its support base and halt the flow of damaging information emanating from our public communications, educational activism and federal litigation, we are still here -- fighting strongly and successfully.


Click Here To Access The Full Update
and obtain a 2007 Freedom Calendar

November 18, 2006

“V” Makes A Mark In DC

Worldwide Interest in RTP Stirred

It’s working.

We are making good use of the powerful concept of en masse activist resistance used in the movie, “V for Vendetta.”

“V” is helping us as we build support for the unalienable Right to a Response from Government to our Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding the Government’s violation of the war powers, tax, privacy and money clauses of the Constitution.

“V” is helping us as we educate the public about the First Amendment’s guarantee of our Right to Petition Government for Redress of Grievances.

On November 6, 2006, a lone man in a “V” mask and clothing visited security checkpoints at the White House, the main Treasury Building, the Department of Justice and the Capitol, to deliver a letter and the Petitions for Redress. A short videotape of the encounters has made its way around the Internet, including links from sites such as MySpace.com.

The letter informed the leaders of the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government that up to 100 people in “V” masks and clothing would gather in silent vigil at those locations on November 14th to await a response to the Petitions for Redress.

True to his word, at
11:00 A.M. on Tuesday, November 14, 2006, nearly 100 men and women in “V” masks and clothing could be seen walking along different streets in downtown Washington, DC, all heading to Lafayette Park across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.


Click Here To Access The Full Update and see more photos of the event

November 11, 2006

“V” Meets The Secret Service

Accepted As The Vox Populi

On Monday, November 6, 2006, “V” visited security check points at the White House, the main Treasury, IRS and Justice Department Buildings and the Capitol. “V’s” purpose was to deliver the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances relating to the Government’s violations of the war powers, tax, privacy and money clauses of the Constitution, and to inform key Government officials that at least 100 more “Vs” would be at their doorstep on November 14th expecting a response to the Petitions. 

At the White House about a dozen Secret Service agents appeared on foot, bicycles and car to meet “V.” While virtuously assuring the security of the state, they were curious about the image of “V” and asked many questions. Most, when asked if they had seen the movie “V for Vendetta”, smiled their approval.

When an agent asked if “V” would remove his mask for identification purposes, “V” explained that would defeat the very purpose of the mask, which was to give expression to the fact that the nation was becoming a police state, that too many people were becoming afraid to be identified as dissenters or protestors, and that this was not in the long term interest of a free people.  The agents accepted the veracity of “V’s” message and refrained from veering “V” from his vanguard visit as the vox populi.

Many law enforcement agents dutifully responded to the first impression security concerns caused by “V’s” dramatic and startling presence at the seat of governmental power. All but one who confronted “V” were generally pleasant, professional and ultimately respectful of the voraciously valued Rights of peaceful protest, dissent and Petition that “V” was claiming and exercising.


Click Here To Access The Full Update
and to access the video of V's visit to DC

November 8, 2006

IRS Enjoined For Violating
US Court of Appeals Order

Schulz v IRS Bares Its Teeth

On November 6, 2006, a federal judge issued an order enjoining, prohibiting and restricting the IRS from enforcing a summons the IRS had served on the Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company demanding WTP Chairman Bob Schulz’s personal bank records. 

On November 1st Schulz petitioned the Court to Quash the Summons on the ground that it was issued in spite of constitutional prohibitions barring retaliation by the government against those exercising Constitutionally protected Rights, including the First Amendment Right to Petition.

Schulz also charged the Summons was a brash act of insolence by IRS for violating a 2005 ruling from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals which defined the Due Process requirements for enforcing IRS administrative actions, and that IRS had acted in bad faith. Like Schulz, the bank is question is also domiciled in the Second Circuit. 

On November 3rd Schulz asked the Court to order the IRS to Show Cause why the IRS should not be enjoined from enforcing the Summons until the case was finally determined, including any appeal thereof. Schulz also asked the Court to include a TRO in its order.

The District Court Order granted Schulz all the protections he requested, including ordering IRS to immediately notify the Bank by telephone that it was not to comply with the demands of the Summons.

Click here for a copy of the District Court’s Order of November 6th.

Click here for a copy of the papers filed on November 3: Schulz’s proposed Order to Show Cause, Schulz’s Memorandum of Law, Schulz’s Declaration #2, and Schulz’s Declaration #3

Click here for a copy of the papers filed on November 1: Schulz’s Petition to Quash, Schulz’s Memorandum of Law, and Schulz’s Declaration #1.

Click here to read the June 2005 ruling from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Schulz v. IRS barring IRS from enforcing any administrative enforcement action without first filing suit to enforce such administrative action in federal district court and providing the enforcement target an opportunity for a full, adversarial Article III judicial hearing.

November 5, 2006

"V" Goes To DC:
WTP Admonishes US Officials

On Monday November 6th an unnamed volunteer, appearing in the costume of “V”, (the lead character from the Hollywood blockbuster “V for Vendetta”), will make several stops in the nation’s Capital to deliver a communication to Government officials regarding the People’s First Amendment Right to Petition and the Government’s constitutional obligation to respond.

Schulz's letter, which is addressed to the President, the Treasury Secretary, the Attorney General, the IRS Commissioner, as well as the Senate and House leadership, once again admonishes the political branches of the Government for their failure to respond to any of the Petitions for Redress of Grievances formally served upon them over the last several years regarding constitutional torts against the People.

The letter also informs the officials that on November 14th, a group of Citizens will once more, await their official responses to the Petitions and march to their offices if no answers are forthcoming. The marchers will all be costumed in the character “V”.

As reported previously, the marchers will assemble in Lafayette Park across from the White House and march down
Constitution Avenue, past IRS and the Department of Justice ending at the reflecting pool by the Capitol.

Video recordings are being made  will be available for on-line viewing during the days following the events.

Click here to read Schulz's letter to US Officials and the advance notice regarding the presence and purpose of costumed Petitioners.

Click here to read the previous WTP updates about the upcoming DC events:  10/17  10/27.  (Includes links to preview the movie “V For Vendetta”)

October 31, 2006

RTP Lawsuit Update:
Schulz Furthers Oral Arguments

Today, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz flew to Washington, DC to file a motion for “Post Argument Communication” with the US Court of Appeals, augmenting several arguments made on behalf of the Plaintiffs by Right-to-Petition lawsuit counsel Mark Lane on October 6th.

By prior order of the Court, each side was represented by a single attorney at the hearing.  Schulz, as the lone pro-se Plaintiff (i.e., not represented by Lane), was not given an opportunity to address the court.

Schulz’s motion clarifies that the public “fisc” (i.e., treasury) could be affected if the Court were to uphold the People’s Right to retain their money to secure Redress, but states that such effect on the fisc, with respect to the Plaintiffs, would not only be negligible in the context of a $2.7 trillion annual federal budget, but that the impact in the future would ultimately be determined by the Government’s own choices regarding its proclivity to commit ongoing constitutional torts against the People.

The motion also augments Plaintiff arguments regarding the Government’s oft-repeated assertions that it enjoys “sovereign immunity” from lawsuits by the People.  Schulz clarifies that the act of Retaining money to secure Redress is not equivalent to a “monetary claim” against the Government and its treasury. This legal distinction by itself, favors recognition of jurisdiction for the People under existing federal statutes, notwithstanding the separate and significant Constitutional arguments justifying jurisdiction.

Schulz additionally argues that despite the admission that withholding of money could negatively impact the fisc and would temporarily suspend tax enforcement actions against the Plaintiffs, such facts do not give license to the Government to unilaterally alter the fundamental limitations on government authority set forth in the Constitution, nor does it allow the Government, via Acts of Congress, to alter the fundamental fiduciary relationship that exists between the People and their servant Government.

The Court is currently considering the People’s appeal and their Emergency Motion for injunctive relief.

Click here to read Schulz’s Motion for Post Argument Communication  

Click here to read the transcript of the October 6th Oral Arguments

October 27, 2006

Right-To-Petition Lawsuit Update:
Government’s Position Is Monarchic

Volunteers Still Needed for Nov. 14 in DC

The Government defendants in the landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit filed their Response to the People’s Emergency Motion for Injunctive Relief.

The Government’s Response brief failed to refute any of the factual assertions put forth by the People charging the government with obstruction of justice and abridging fundamental, natural Rights. 

In the People’s Motion for protection, the Plaintiffs documented a widespread pattern of abusive acts constituting deprivation of fundamental Rights and criminal obstruction of Justice. According to Schulz, the Government’s Response brief focused almost exclusively on its now well-worn claim that the Government is immune from this lawsuit because Congress has not passed legislation specifically waiving its “sovereign immunity.”

In effect, the Government’s legal position is that it can lawfully deprive constitutionally protected Rights and obstruct Justice because the Government can’t be sued without its consent and because Congress passed the Anti-Injunction Act, which allegedly bars lawsuits interfering with the collection or assessment of taxes.  In short, the Government claims it can operate without constitutional restraint and without judicial review. 

Last week, the Foundation filed its Reply Brief. The People, once again, challenged the specious arguments made by the Department of Justice that claim the Government must give its permission before the People can sue it, and (without citing any law or provision of the Constitution) that the Government is under no obligation to respond to the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances.


Click Here To Access The Full Update and to access the latest lawsuit filings

October 17, 2006

Wanted: 99 Volunteers

November 14th In DC

It is now past Sunday evening. We trust many of you were able to watch the movie “V for Vendetta,” and that you agree with us that the movie presents a powerful concept for a large scale public demonstration that we might be able to make use of.  

We intend to do so. A plan is in the works. This week we need to travel to DC to make certain arrangements. Later this week, upon our return, we will post an article with the details of the plan. 


Click Here To Access The Full Update
and access the on-line volunteer database.

October 12, 2006

Opening the “Kimono”

Foundation’s Tax Filings
Document Crippling Damage
From IRS Attacks

WTP Needs Your Help

As we reported in our last update, this past week the Plaintiffs in the Right to Petition lawsuit formally filed an Emergency Motion for Injunctive Relief seeking the protection of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC from IRS “enforcement” actions.  

The Motion’s supporting documents included a Declaration by Bob Schulz that included copies of all of the Foundation’s tax returns.  Until now they had not been published by WTP. Federal law requires foundations such as ours to provide a copy of our tax filing (Form 990) to persons so requesting one. 

Interestingly, only David Cay Johnston of The New York Times and financial consultant J.J. McNab have contacted the Foundation requesting copies of the Foundation’s tax filing(s). They made their requests about two years ago. We complied. We have not received a similar request since then.


Click Here To Access The Full Update and access the Foundation's tax filings

October 10, 2006

Dramatic Developments
For Right-To-Petition

Court of Appeals Hears Oral Arguments,
WTP Files Motion For Injunctive Protection

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown"

       - William Shakespeare,
Henry IV  (Act III, Scene I)

’Tis nothing truer this week following a series of dramatic events regarding the Right to Petition that are so exceptional and moving they could be experienced as a dramatic play – the drama of the making of our own history.

Unfortunately this drama is for real. It is the People who, as protagonist, act upon their divinely illuminated character.  The servant of the People - their government - plays the antagonist.  The conflict is sharp, prolonged and injurious, and travels to lands where the Law can only find resolution in favor of the People. Upon the stage of engagement tenaciously hangs the backdrop of the Constitution.

Freedom is the prize to be seized or lost, Liberty the fire which drives the heart. When the curtain finally falls, the outcome will, win or lose - and for better or worse, forever determine the fate of the nation and its People. 

This is our unfolding drama.  It is nothing less than the irrepressible conflict, the perpetual and unavoidable confrontation between men and their servant governments seeking to grasp and zealously enjoy the fruits of Sovereignty, but which (unfortunately for the Government), are the Natural, and unalienable Right of the People.  

The events of the last several weeks, focusing squarely upon our exercise of the First Amendment Petition for Redress of Grievance have exposed an artful, insolent principle by which our government has acted against not only the People, but against Nature itself.

Our government has been bared in public, their words to read, their voices to be heard, clamoring deceitfully that it can operate without constitutional restraint and without judicial review unless it waives, by law, what it says is its “sovereign immunity.”  

As we have reported, our landmark lawsuit for a declaration of the Rights of the People under the Petition Clause of the First Amendment has, after two years reached the United States Court of Appeals in Washington DC. The matter was fully briefed by May, 2006.

In its Response Brief to the Court, the Government argued first and foremost that because the Government did not waive its “sovereign immunity,” the Court had no jurisdiction to hear our case. In our Reply Brief, we argued that sovereign immunity was a myth that certainly could not apply to Constitutional questions such as ours.

This past week culminated in two profound events stemming from the landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit: the submission of a Motion for Injunction against the Government to protect those supporting the Right to Petition process, and public oral arguments were held before the Court of Appeals.

In the Motion for Injunction, the People have documented a far-reaching and systemic program of legal and administrative abuse by the Government against the Plaintiffs (and others supporting the WTP Foundation) that amounts to nothing less than criminal obstruction of justice.  Additionally, in its public oral arguments, the Government committed itself further to its ostentatious contention that it is does not have to answer to the People and that the People have no legal jurisdiction to sue it. 

These momentous events, ushered to the Court of Appeals by the We The People Foundation, mark a clear turning point in the historical drama to secure the Right to Petition and repel the escalating encroachments upon our Liberty by our own government.

With the hand of Providence and the annals of history on our side, the day of our vindication may finally be within sight.


Click Here To Access The Full Update

July 27, 2006

Schulz Heads Home

Fourteen Events Held, Sights Set on DC

Note:  Further local tour events have been canceled to accommodate changing circumstances and to enable ongoing preparations for the national-level September and October WTP events in Washington, DC.

Additional details for the DC events will be made available soon.  WTP wishes to thank everyone that made the tour a success.

Be sure to watch the video archives of the 14 local events that were held on the Right-to-Petition tour stretching from Concord, Massachusetts to Austin, Texas.  Webcasts!

July 24, 2006

Excellent Archives

Be sure to watch all the RTP tour event archives including:

July 22 -- Houston, TX Guests: Jon Roland, Constitution Society &
Jim Cabaniss, AVIDD, American Veterans in Domestic Defense

July 23 -- Austin, TX  Guests: Author Liz McIntyre Spychips and Constitutional Scholar & former Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik.

Access all archived videos from previous meetings...

Donate to help us bring the Right-to-Petition to America...

Read Bob Schulz's important message to the Freedom Movement entitled "Coalesce or Capitulate -- An Open Invitation"

Click Here To Access "Coalesce or Capitulate"

July 20, 2006

Tour News: Good and Bad

SATURDAY  July 22  Houston, Texas 
SUNDAY  July 23  Austin, Texas 

This weekend’s Texas events scheduled for Houston and Austin will proceed as planned.  

Guest speakers for the Saturday event in Houston are U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (Texas) and Jim Cabaniss, president of AVIDD, American Veterans In Domestic Defense. Note: At press time, we were still waiting for final confirmation from Ron Paul. 

Guest speakers for the Sunday WTP event include Liz MacIntyre, co-author of “Spychips” detailing corporate and government plans to track every aspect of Americans’ lives with RFID chips and Jon Roland, founder of the Constitution Society.

Both events are from 3 PM - 5 PM.   

SATURDAY  July 22  Houston, Texas

Houston Baptist University
Mabee Theater
7502 Fondren Rd.

, Texas  77074

Direction & Maps:  http://www.hbu.edu/Pages/cinfo/F2drctns.html

SUNDAY  July 23  Austin, Texas  

Woodland Hotel & Conference Center
3401 S. I-35 (Exit #232A)
Austin, Texas  78741

Directions & Maps:  http://www.woodwardaustin.com/index.asp


Click Here To Access The Update

July 14, 2006

RTP Event Tour Takes Short Break

Bob Schulz announced this morning that for logistical and planning purposes the We The People Foundation will temporarily suspend the next several planned tour events. The Florida events originally scheduled for Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee will not be held.  Further details regarding the tour events will be released shortly.

Archives of the previous RTP tour events are available on the tour
archived videos page.

16  Sunday    ORLANDO,  FL   No Event
17  Monday    TAMPA,  FL   No Event
18  Tuesday    TALLAHASSEE, FL  No Event

Access all the schedule details...
Access the LIVE broadcasts...

Access archived videos from previous meetings...

Donate to help us bring the Right-to-Petition to America...

Read Bob Schulz's important message to the Freedom Movement entitled "Coalesce or Capitulate -- An Open Invitation"

Click Here To Access "Coalesce or Capitulate"

July 9, 2006

Coalesce or Capitulate

An Open Invitation

All organizations concerned about the steady erosion of Freedom in America must coalesce and set joint strategies if we are to compete against the new world order and restore the Constitution.  Until recently, this was an outlier concept, lying away from the operational orientation of many organizations. Today, many leaders of these organizations, by necessity and the realization of our situation, have begun to trumpet the idea.  

But can dozens of individual freedom organizations, each fighting as best it can to defend their piece of constitutional turf  - in other words, territory where “my way” and “my issue” is treasured as holy writ - ever find a way to pull together against the forces arrayed by a tough, challenging new world order?


Click Here To Access The Update

Donate  Schedule

More: Invitation to Speak & Invitation Video

July 8, 2006

Next RTP Tour Stops:  Schedule Info

Invitation to Liberty Organization Leaders

MONDAY.  July 10th:  Richmond, VA   7-9 PM
TUESDAY, July 11th: Raleigh, NC   7-9 PM

WEDNESDAY, July 12th:  Asheville NC  7-9 PM
THURSDAY, July 13:Columbia, SC  7-9 PM

Live Broadcasts Every Day!

Bob and the WTP group at Independence Mall in Philadelphia.  Pictured (left to right) on a balcony overlooking Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell center are Bob and Judy Schulz, CBS television star Pauley Perrette (NCIS), attorney Mark Lane, and Vanessa and Mike of the We The People home office.

We urge all Liberty leaders and opinion-makers that have an interest in joining the Right to Petition alliance or have an desire to appear as a featured speaker on one of the (free) live scheduled WTP Internet broadcasts to read the invitation from WTP Chairman Bob Schulz.

Please get to one of the WTP meetings as the RTP tour makes its way across America and help support our efforts to coalesce all the leading Freedom organizations in pursuing the execution and enforcement of the Right to Petition strategy as a non-political, peaceful means of defending our Constitution. We need your help to make our tour succeed and to secure Liberty against those that would destroy it..

Watch the archived videos of the WTP broadcast events....
The latest archive is 7/8 from Annapolis, Maryland.
The featured speaker was C. William Michaels, attorney sponsoring the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and author of "No Greater Threat".

Watch the LIVE broadcasts....
Next live event is Monday, 8 PM EDT.

Volunteer to help with the tour....We need help in every one of the 70+ scheduled tour cities....

Check the schedule for all the latest details....

July 2, 2006

Right to Petition Tour Rolls From
Same Spot Revolutionary War Began

Video Archives Of First Events Available Now

Hartford & Philly Next Events

On Saturday, July 1, We The People’s Right to Petition nationwide tour kicked off in the very building used over two centuries ago to store the armaments used against the British troops by the citizens of Concord, Massachusetts during the first violent confrontation of the Revolutionary War. (continued...)

Click Here To Access The Update

June 28, 2006

U.S. Supreme Court Dodges Petition Issue -- For Now

National Tour Starts Saturday in Concord, MA

Live Webcasts

Click Here To Access The UPDATE

June 9, 2006

1040 Checkmate?

DOJ Dismisses Felony Tax Prosecution
-- With Prejudice --
After PRA Defense Raised

Evidence OMB Complicit In Income Tax Fraud

DOJ & IRS Petitioned To Explain

On May 12, 2006 in Peoria, Illinois, the attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) begged the court to dismiss all charges against IRS victim Robert Lawrence in federal District Court.

The motion for dismissal came on the heels of a surprise tactic by Lawrence’s defense attorney Oscar Stilley. 

The tactic threatened exposure of IRS’s on-going efforts to defraud the public.  The move put DOJ attorneys in a state of panic that left them with only one alternative: beg for dismissal, with prejudice.

Stilley’s tactic paid off.  Sixty days earlier, the DOJ had indicted Lawrence on three counts of willful failure to file a 1040 form, and three felony counts of income tax evasion. The federal Judge dismissed all charges with prejudice, meaning the DOJ cannot charge Lawrence with those crimes again.

The trial was to have started on Monday morning, May 15th

On Wednesday, May 10, Stilley mailed a set of documents to the DOJ in response to DOJ’s discovery demands. The documents revealed to DOJ for the first time that Lawrence was basing his entire defense on an act of Congress, 44 U.S.C. 3500 – 3520, also known as the "Paperwork Reduction Act" (PRA).

In Section 3512 of the Act, titled "Public Protection," it says that no person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply with an agency’s collection of information request (such as a 1040 form), if the request does not display a valid control number assigned by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in accordance with the requirements of the Act, or if the agency fails to inform the person who is to respond to the collection of information that he is not required to respond to the collection of information request unless it displays a valid control number.

In Section 3512 Congress went on to authorize that the protection provided by Section 3512 may be raised in the form of a complete defense at any time during an agency’s administrative process (such as an IRS Tax Court or Collection and Due Process Hearing) or during a judicial proceeding (such as Lawrence’s criminal trial).

In sum, the PRA requires that all government agencies display valid OMB control numbers and certain disclosures directly on all information collection forms that the public is requested to file. Lawrence's sole  defense was he was not required to file an IRS Form 1040 because it displays an invalid OMB control number.

Government officials knew that if the case went to trial, it would expose the fraudulent, counterfeit 1040. They also must have known that a trial would expose the ongoing conspiracy between OMB and IRS to publish 1040 forms each year that those agencies knew were in violation of the PRA.  That would raise the issue that the Form 1040, with its invalid control number, is being used by the Government to cover up the underlying constitutional tort -- that is, the enforcement of a direct, unapportioned tax on the labor of every working man, women and child in America.

Any information collection form, such as IRS Form 1040, which lacks bona fide statutory authority or which conflicts with the Constitution, cannot be issued an OMB control number.  If a control number were issued for such a form, the form would be invalid and of no force and effect. 

Under the facts and circumstances of the last 24 years, it is safe to say that IRS Form 1040 is a fraudulent, counterfeit, bootleg form. Government officials responsible for this fraud should be investigated and face indictment for willfully making and sponsoring false instruments.  

Caught between a rock and a hard place, the DOJ and IRS decided not to let the Lawrence case proceed because it would reveal one critical and damning fact: 

The PRA law protects those that
fail to file IRS bootleg Form 1040


Click Here To Access The FULL UPDATE
        and to read Schulz's Petition to IRS, DOJ and OMB
        & to see the Evidence that forced DOJ to Dismiss

The "Why Won't They Answer Tour?"
Click here to see the
Tour Schedule Starts July 1
Click here for a copy of the
Tour Brochure

Volunteer to help with the Tour!

June 7, 2006

“Why Won’t They Answer?”
50-State Tour Starts July 1st

WTP Right-to-Petition Events
To Generate National Exposure

Volunteers Needed

Be Sure to read
this very important update!

Click Here To Access This UPDATE

Click here to see the Tour Schedule
Click here for a copy of the
Tour Brochure

Volunteer to help with the Tour!

May 15, 2006

WTP Forcing Numerous High Courts to Grapple With The Meaning of The Petition Clause

Truth: The People are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” 

Truth: The People instituted government “to secure these Rights,” no more or less. 

Truth: The People instituted written constitutions to prohibit government from doing more or less. 

Truth: The People have a Right to hold government accountable to these written constitutions. 

Truth: The People have a “Right to Petition the government for Redress” of constitutional torts

Truth: The People have a Right of Response from government to these Petitions for Redress.  

Truth: The People have a Right to “alter the government” when it fails to respond to such Petitions. 

Truth: The People have a Right of Enforcement of their Rights.  

Truth: The People have a Right to retain their money until their grievances are Redressed. 

The truths etched above form nothing less than the cornerstone upon which our form of governance exists and which distinguish it from every other form of government ever designed by man.  Indeed, it is solely through these Founding Principles that men can peacefully enjoy their natural dominion over servant governments and keep safe the blessings of Liberty.   

No less than the United States Supreme Court and three federal Appeals Courts are now grappling with these fundamental truths in four separate cases initiated by Bob Schulz and the We The People Foundation. 

In the coming weeks, the Justices of the United States Supreme Court and the Judges of the United States Court of Appeals for the DC, Second and Ninth Circuits will, for the first time in history, address these truths as they relate to the Petition Clause of the First Amendment. 


Click Here To Access The Full UPDATE
           and read the court briefs...

March 31, 2006

RTP Lawsuit Update:
Powerful Amicus Brief Filed

California attorney John Wolfgram, in conjunction with the Constitutional Defender Association and attorney Cyrus Zal, recently submitted an Amicus brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC arguing on behalf of the We The People Foundation plaintiffs in the landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit, We The People vs. The United States, case No. 05-5359.

Wolfgram, a Vietnam veteran and constitutional scholar, penned the Amicus (friend of the Court) brief arguing that our form of government, based upon the sovereignty of the People, requires that it must be held accountable to the People through the substantive First Amendment Right of Petition.  In his brief, Wolfgram succinctly reviews for the court the historical basis for the Right, particularly its roots in the Magna Carta of 1215.

Wolfgram argues that the Right of Petition includes the Right to subject and force government into a compulsory and effective legal process through the judiciary -- just as the law would subject any other party.


Click Here To Access The Full UPDATE
           and read the Amicus brief...

March 28, 2006

First News Article Published
On "America...' Is Favorable

Schedule & More Photos

Aaron Russo’s documentary, “America…From Freedom to Fascism” appears to be having a powerful effect on all who see it -- even news reporters -- as it continues to play before standing room only audiences.

At a packed house in
Queensbury, New York this past Saturday, a reporter from the Glens Falls Post Star saw the film. A favorable news article about the meeting and the film appeared in the Sunday edition of the newspaper.

In the article, the reporter highlights certain aspects of the film, including Russo’s interview with former IRS Commissioner Sheldon Cohen who, on camera, admits that the “tax statutes only call for ‘voluntary compliance’.” She also quotes several people who saw the film including one who stated, “I’m a patriot. I love this country; but I hate the people running it.  They’ve got their hands deeper in my pockets than I can reach.”


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Latest Event SCHEDULE !

This weekend:   Long Island & Connecticut
Next Weekend:  San Francisco & Las Vegas

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Capacity crowd of 500 in Ashland, Oregon (March 11)

March 24, 2006

Post-Star Runs News Article
About Schulz & Russo Movie

On Friday March 24, the Post-Star daily newspaper, which covers upstate New York, published a news article about WTP Chairman Bob Schulz's local fight to exercise the Right to Petition and Aaron Russo's new movie which screens tomorrow in the Glens Falls area. Russo was interviewed for the story.

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Las Vegas screening details finalized for April 9th!

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March 21, 2006

1600 See Russo Movie In Chicago
& Ann Arbor

Next Screenings in NY and NH

This past weekend, Aaron Russo’s movie received enthusiastic ovations from combined crowds numbering more than 1600. 

Last Thursday evening, “America…From Freedom to Fascism" played at downtown Chicago’s upscale independent bookstore, Transitions Bookplace.  On Friday night, writer and director Russo personally presented the 4-minute movie trailer to a packed and energized crowd of 500 at the “Kinetic Playground”, a nightclub that Russo owned and operated years ago when he was involved with the music production side of the entertainment industry. It was during this period that Russo brought the famous rock group Led Zeppelin to America and managed the career of actress/performer Bette Midler.

Packed ARCADA Theatre

On Saturday, Russo’s film played to about 700 people who gathered at the historic ARCADA Theatre in Chicago’s western suburb of St. Charles.  Following the showing, Russo was greeted by throngs of well-wishers thanking him for having the courage to make the movie and seeking his autograph on the WTP brochures that had been distributed at the event.

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On Sunday, the movie screened to a full theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where 300 people again expressed their strong appreciation for the movie.  Below are some pictures from the Chicago event.


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March 16, 2006

Freedom Film Momentum Builds

475 see it at Southern Oregon University
300 at the Clarke St. Theater in Portland
550 at the Garland Theatre in Spokane

RTP Lawsuit: Government Requests More Time

April DC Events Postponed

This past weekend, the We The People Foundation sponsored three more screenings of “America…From Freedom to Fascism,” producer Aaron Russo’s compelling new documentary about the erosion of freedom in America.

On Saturday afternoon, the film played to a standing-room-only gathering in Ashland, Oregon on the SOU campus, where 450 chairs had been set up in the Ballroom in Britt Hall. On Sunday, another “SRO” crowd watched the film in downtown Portland at the 289-seat Clinton Street Theatre (“the oldest continuously operating theatre west of the Mississippi”). A Monday evening screening in Spokane nearly filled the 650-seat Garland Theatre.

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At each venue, the crowds gave enthusiastic standing ovations for the film, which provides stark examples of how the government, international bankers and large corporations are gnawing away at the roots of our Rights, Liberties and Freedoms.

Portland "SRO"


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March 8, 2006

Atlanta Screening Packed

SRO & Standing Ovation

Hollywood Photos & Russo Interview

More Screenings Announced

Aaron Russo’s new film, “America…From Freedom To Fascism”, continues to pack advance screening venues and cause audiences to stand and cheer.

The WTP event this past Saturday in
Raleigh, North Carolina was enthusiastically received by a crowd numbering about 200.  Sunday’s event in Atlanta, Georgia was “standing-room-only,” and the audience of 400 was on its feet applauding as the credits rolled. 

  Watch the PREVIEW

These two showings follow a jam-packed screening in Hollywood, California last Thursday night where approximately 1000 people showed for the screening in a theater holding only 450, forcing WTP’s Bob Schulz and Aaron Russo to quickly reorganize the agenda in order to hold a second showing that night. About 250 people were not able to wait for the second screening and headed home. Bob and Aaron apologize for the inconveniences and are considering leasing the Beverly Hills theatre again for a third screening.


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March 4, 2006

Hollywood Showing Overwhelmed

1000 Show For Russo Screening
of “
America…From Freedom to Fascism

Watch The Preview

On Thursday evening, approximately 1000 Americans gathered in Hollywood to view producer Aaron Russo’s compelling new feature film on the ongoing battle for Freedom inside America.

  Watch the PREVIEW

The Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, which seats almost 500, was overwhelmed by the overflow crowd which in the end, was forced to wait outside in a long line stretching down the block until WTP Chairman Bob Schulz and Aaron Russo reworked the agenda in order to accommodate two showings of the film, "America ... From Freedom to Fascism" that evening.

All told, the approximately 750 who got to see the screenings were markedly enthusiastic, and as at previous screenings elsewhere, gave the film and Russo rousing ovations.

Russo has just released a streaming preview of the movie. The trailer is currently available in Windows Media, Apple Quicktime Flash and IPod formats. We urge everyone to watch the short preview and distribute the trailer link far and wide.  

Following the showing this Sunday in Atlanta the next showings of Russo’s new film will be next weekend in Medford/Ashland, Oregon (Sat. 3/11) and Portland, Oregon (Sunday 3/12) and Spokane Washington (Monday evening 3/13).  The following weekend (March 18/19) the film screens in Chicago, Illinois and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

More cities and locations will be announced this week...

February 28, 2006

Landmark Right-to-Petition Case
Is Now Before U.S. Court of Appeals

Regional Meeting Updates

The People’s Right-to-Petition lawsuit, brought by over 1700 Americans seeking to have the court declare -- for the first time in history -- the meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment, is now before the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC. 

Last August, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan granted the Government’s motion to dismiss the case, ruling (erroneously) that the government has no constitutional obligation to respond to, or even listen to, the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances.

The only questions on appellate review are:  Whether the Government is obligated under the First and Ninth Amendments to the Constitution to provide specific, official answers to the questions put forth by The People in their Petitions for Redress of Grievances, and whether The People have a fundamental Right to retain their money, without retaliation, until their Grievances are redressed.   (continued...)

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February 21, 2005

More WTP Regional Event Locations Announced

WTP announces the following WTP Right-to-Petition regional events.

Each event features the advance screening of Aaron Russo’s new feature film, “America…From Freedom to Fascism,” the highly anticipated documentary about the ongoing fight for Freedom inside America and the new WTP video about the Foundation’s landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit.

Please get to these very important Freedom events and support the movement to reclaim Constitutional Order and help our organization prepare and mobilize for the upcoming “Hungering For Redress” events in Washington, DC this April.

ATLANTA, Georgia

SUNDAY March 5th,
1 PM to 5 PM
Lefont PLAZA Theater

1049 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

(404) 873-1939

CHICAGO, Illinois (Western suburb)

SATURDAY March 18th (start time TBD)
The ARCADA Theatre
105 East Main Street

St. Charles, IL  60174

Plus: more details soon about:

Portland, Oregon
Spokane, Washington
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Additional locations are also currently being arranged --
all leading up to the April “Hungering For Redress” events.

February 14, 2006

We The People Goes Hollywood

Standing Ovation in Austin

Once again, after playing to a “full house” in Austin, Texas this past weekend, the theater crowd stood and cheered for Aaron Russo’s new film, “America…From Freedom To Fascism.” Russo, who had personally introduced the film at the WTP Foundation’s Right-to-Petition event, was greeted by throngs following the screening.

Because of the rapidly building interest the documentary is receiving and its strategic importance to the Foundation’s Right-to-Petition effort, We The People is hosting a special weeknight screening event in
Beverly Hills, California on Thursday evening, March 2, from 7:00 to 10:30 PM.


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February 6, 2006

Overflow & Ovations In Denver

Large Crowd Requires Second Theater

For the second consecutive week, award-winning producer Aaron Russo’s new feature film, “America…From Freedom to Fascism,” moved an advance screening audience to a standing ovation -- this time in Denver, Colorado.


The film demonstrates in a most convincing way that America is dominated by a self-anointed ruling class of intellectual, political and financial elitists – a would-be ruling class that views our sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights with contempt as it continues its insidious assault on individual Rights and America’s historic, essential principles. 

And, for the second consecutive week, the audience gave a standing ovation to WTP’s DVD on the Right to Petition. The audience voiced its strong support for WTP’s historic use of the First Amendment’s Petition Clause to check the elitists by holding the government accountable to the Constitution.  (continued...) 

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February 3, 2004

Russo Freedom Film Rolls Forward

Feature To Advance Screen
At All WTP Regional Meetings

After being enthusiastically received at WTP’s meeting in Tucson last weekend, Aaron Russo announced this week that he will provide advance screenings of his new feature film, “America...From Freedom To Fascism” at all the upcoming WTP regional events.

After a screening at the WTP meeting in Denver this weekend, the next showings will be in Austin, Texas on Saturday, February 11th and the following weekend in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, February 18th.   (continued...) 

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January 30, 2006

Standing Room Only In Tucson

Russo Film Scores Big With Audience

On to Denver and Austin

Aaron Russo and WTP scored a one-two punch in Tucson on Saturday.  

A crowd of several hundred packed a Tucson movie theater Saturday afternoon. First, they were treated to an advance screening of Aaron Russo’s latest movie, “America . . .From Freedom To Fascism,a powerful and engaging 95-minute film about the problem in America – the loss of Freedom.  Then they viewed our new 55-minute DVD about the Right to Petition as the only non-violent solution to the problem.  (continued...) 

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January 20, 2006

RTP Lawsuit Update

Remember How It Started


The new DVD about
the landmark RTP lawsuit
and July 2004 WTP event

  By Order of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Bob Schulz, representing himself, and Mark Lane, attorney for the other 1700 named Plaintiffs, have been directed to file their legal Briefs by February 22, 2006.

The government’s attorneys have been directed to file their responsive Briefs by
March 24, 2006.  Schulz and Lane have been directed to file their Reply Briefs by April 7, 2006. Oral arguments will then be scheduled and heard by a panel of three judges.

The single issue on appeal is whether the People can use the Petition Clause of the First Amendment to hold the government accountable for the protection of their Individual Rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.  

The constitutional question before the Court is: “Whether the government is required to respond with specific answers to the questions contained in the Plaintiffs’ Petitions for Redress of Grievances and whether the People can retain their money until their grievances are redressed.”

We don’t believe we need to remind people of the importance of this case. No court has ever been asked to, nor has any U.S. court ever declared the meaning of the Petition Clause of the First Amendment.     (continued...)

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January 14, 2006

Feature Film About IRS Coming

"America...from Freedom to Fascism"

Aaron Russo, the accomplished Hollywood producer and director has just completed “America ... from Freedom to Fascism," a feature film about the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the New World Order.

Russo’s films, which include "Trading Places" (starring Eddie Murphy) and "The Rose" (starring Bette Midler), have received six academy award nominations. Russo has personally won both an Emmy and a Tony award and his films have also won a number of Golden Globe awards.

Mr. Russo, as writer, director and producer, is entering "America …" in the May 2006 Cannes Film Festival.


Not unlike the showing of Mel Gibson’s film "The Passion" to congregations across America in advance of its formal release, Russo has offered to present his new film in advance of its premier showing in Cannes, to the congregations of patriots assembled at the upcoming WTP regional conferences.  

The 95-minute film, "America … from Freedom to Fascism" will be shown in its entirety at the Tucson WTP meeting on Saturday, January 28th. The meeting is free and open to the public.

January 6, 2006

Schulz Faces Foreclosure
In Right-To-Petition Battle

Media Taking Notice
Of National Implications

  On January 6th, the Post-Star, one of upstate New York’s largest daily newspapers, published a story about Bob Schulz and We The People’s battle for the First Amendment

The story, which includes photographs, covers Schulz’s ongoing, two-decade battle against Washington County for unlawfully imposing property taxes to repay bonds that were issued in violation of New York’s state constitution.

In legal pleadings, the attorney for the County admitted, under oath, that the constitutionally mandated procedures for legally approving the project were not followed, thereby making the project unconstitutional.

Schulz contends that the County is legally barred from collecting and using tax money to make bond payments to finance a project that was initiated in patent violation of the law and the state Constitution.

For two years, Schulz has refused to pay his property taxes and instead, as an exercise of his Right-to-Petition, has deposited twelve thousand dollars into a trust account, naming the County as beneficiary, pending a decisive legal ruling by a state or federal court.

This past Tuesday, the County initiated foreclosure proceedings against Schulz, stating it intends to seize and auction off his unencumbered home and property to collect the unpaid taxes it claims Schulz owes.  

The news story also makes significant mention of We The People’s national activism, including the upcoming Right-to-Petition related “Hungering for Redress” protest hunger-strike this April in
Washington, DC, which the story cites, “could be the nation’s largest hunger strike ever.”


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        & The Post-Star News Story

December 31, 2005

WTP Congress Operations Plan

Bold, But Doable

On July 23, 2002, We The People posted an article that stated,

“All of our civil rights are under attack. No ‘single issue’ rights group has successfully restored any lost right or even stemmed the erosion or practical seizure of a right – including the venerable NRA. It is time for the members of these rights groups to understand the inherent limitations of ‘single issue’ skirmishes led by lobbying organizations.

It is time for the People themselves to join forces and act collectively. Government, at all levels, must be forced back within the limits of the state and federal Constitutions.” 

We announced that we were going to develop the We The People Congress to become “the nationwide force that will institutionalize and organize citizen vigilance.” 

Thousands of people joined the Congress as Members. Hundreds signed on as voluntary County and State coordinators.

After two years of fits and starts and admittedly limited progress, the Congress has finally readied a bold and achievable business plan, based upon a fundamental redesign and reorganization of its core strategy and management structure. With the support of the membership, the Plan will enable the Congress to quickly “step up” and become the nationwide, organized force of Constitutional activists originally conceived.


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Important Update
Our Important 12/23 Update!

December 23, 2005

Hungering For Redress

Fulfilling America’s Promise

Approximately 2,005 years ago a brilliant star appeared in the Eastern sky. Wise men followed the star and were guided to the source of eternal truth, freedom and peace on Earth.

Almost 1800 years later, the Creator provided another star to guide His People —that star was
America’s Founding Documents. 

The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution together set forth what our Founders believed to be the Creator’s design for lawful civil government. These Founding Documents represented a revolutionary concept of limited servant government based on the principles of individual liberty, equal justice and respect for private property.

America’s Founding Documents defined a radical departure from the prevailing culture of “State Worship”, or the belief that the State is somehow superior to the individual man.  Instead, America’s founders envisioned a new form of civil government--one that would serve as the Creator’s Minister of Truth And Justice; one that would honor personal freedom and equal justice under the law; one that would recognize the individual as Sovereign over his own life and his lawfully acquired property; one that would be strictly limited by written constitutions approved by the People.

Tragically, a large segment of our population has rejected America’s heritage of faith and freedom.  Many Americans believe the principles of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility are no longer relevant, much less worthy of devotion.  We have reached the moment in America’s history where human desire for wealth and power is no longer constrained by the rule of law; where society has rejected any minimum standard of moral conduct and common decency; where the institutions of government, academia and commerce have become widely populated by arrogant, intellectually dishonest and morally corrupt men and women who view America’s heritage of faith and freedom with contempt. 

Do not be confused. 
We are dangerously close to severing the ties that have held us together as one nation for over 225 years


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Important Update!

The Update Includes:
-- The Foundation's 2006 Operations Plan
-- January-April regional meeting schedule
-- National WTP event announcements 
-- A call for your support & personal commitment 

October 31, 2005

The Income Tax Gulag

What Happened in Vegas
Must End In Vegas

77-Year Old Schiff Being Tortured
With Chain Shackles, Mistreatment

Imagine writing a book containing information so offensive and damaging to the government that the government prosecutes you for running a “fraudulent tax shelter” and the book is subsequently banned by a federal judge - without the government ever citing a single sentence that is false, misleading or fraudulent. 

Imagine having your business raided and records seized using a court-sanctioned search warrant that fails to aver any specific law that you have violated.

Imagine the raid is conducted by a platoon of well-armed federal officers that have no delegated or statutory authority to conduct such a seizure.

Imagine then being indicted for allegedly committing more than a dozen federal tax crimes – each of which is predicated upon a crucial, but erroneous, legal presumption that direct, un-apportioned taxes on the labor of individuals have in fact, been legally imposed and that the government’s prosecution is allowed to proceed without it ever having to establish for the legal record or prove before the jury that such a law exists – even though the Supreme Court has ruled it must.

Imagine filing more than a dozen legal motions over 18 months seeking to dismiss the charges for lack of jurisdiction, each one citing specific U.S. statutes and Supreme Court decisions leading to irrefutable legal conclusions requiring dismissal, only to have the government respond without substance that the motions are “frivolous” and then have the court delay its denial of the motions until just hours before the trial begins in order to prevent any appeal.

Imagine a “trial” where you are not allowed to question your accusers about the law or present evidence about the law, even though what the law actually says is the only question before the court and your entire defense is based on what the law actually says.

Imagine a “trial” where one morning, you witness the U.S. Attorneys emerging from a secret, ex-parte meeting in the judge’s chambers about which you and your attorneys have no knowledge or notice and you have no idea what they discussed.


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October 4, 2005

Schiff Criminal Tax Trial Fireworks Continue

Government’s Case Sputtering

Schiff Facing Jail For Contempt

The criminal tax trial of Irwin Schiff entered its fourth week Monday with a cantankerous Schiff apparently making significant headway in repelling the government’s prosecution witnesses who have testified thus far.

Schiff and his former co-workers, Cindy Neun and Larry Cohen, are defending against a plethora of criminal charges in Las Vegas stemming from consulting activities related to Schiff’s best-selling book, “The Federal Mafia: How the Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes". 

The book, which contains a detailed analysis of the Internal Revenue Code and relevant Supreme Court decisions, was banned last year by a federal judge.

In the Federal Mafia, Schiff details how anyone can file a legitimate income tax return, claiming their income as “zero” because the Supreme Court has repeatedly, and consistently, defined the legal term “income” as meaning a “corporate profit or gain”.

Schiff, who is arguably the leading expert and most troublesome public opponent of the 54,000 page Internal Revenue Code, has articulated in his speeches, written works and court filings that with regard to income taxes, the IRS has no legal jurisdiction over ordinary Americans and that there is no law actually imposing income taxes upon any individual. During the trial so far, no witness for the government has been able to cite the law actually imposing the liability for the tax.     (continued...)

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September 30, 2005

USDC To Hear 16th Amendment
Fraud Issue

DOJ Lawsuit Against Bill Benson Backfires

Twenty-five years ago Bill Benson, a former Illinois Department of Revenue investigator, began a cross-country trip across the forty-eight states that comprised the Union in 1913 seeking documentary evidence regarding the ratification of the 16th Amendment.  This was a most important undertaking, because the government uses the 16th Amendment as its sole authority to tax an individual’s wages and salaries.

During his two-year trip, Benson collected thousands of certified legal documents from both state and federal archives documenting exactly how the 16th Amendment was acted on by each state legislature and handled by the office of the Secretary of State for the United States.

In the end, Benson had assembled an irrefutable mountain of evidence showing that during the final days of the William Howard Taft administration in 1913, the 16th Amendment was fraudulently declared by the U.S. Secretary of State, Philander Knox, to have been properly ratified by the requisite number of state legislatures. Bill Benson, and his co-researcher Red Beckman, documented the results of their work in a two volume research report entitled, “The Law That Never Was.”

Until now, no federal court has agreed to examine the vast body of legal evidence compiled by Benson.  Indeed, the federal courts, both District and Appellate, have consistently refused to tackle the troubling issue, claiming the matter of the fraudulent ratification of the Amendment to be a “political question” for Congress to decide, and beyond the jurisdiction of the courts.

For more than 20 years, this judge-made “political question” doctrine has blocked a resolution of the issue.

Today, as the result of a dramatic court battle now being waged in Chicago, Bill Benson and Red Beckman may be on their way to vindication and the federal government may soon find itself scrambling for a new principal source of revenue.


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September 21, 2005

The Motive

Federal Judge Says Tyranny Changes
The Constitution

We have identified the motive behind the government’s arrogant refusal to respond to our Petitions for Redress of Grievances (including our Petition relating to the illegal operation and enforcement of the federal income tax), and the motive behind Judge Sullivan’s oppressive declaration that the government does not have to listen or respond to our Petitions:

Today, more than 82% of all the money the federal government collects in revenue each year comes from the (unlawful) imposition of direct, non-apportioned taxes on the labor of all working men, women and children of America.

In 1913 it was zero

Here are the numbers:

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September 13, 2005

The Greatest Threat

There is no greater threat to Liberty in America, and consequently to Her strength and durability, than the loss of the ability of the People to hold their servant government accountable to the Principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

With accountability, the cry for Freedom of each individual is maximized and the Rights of the governed are secured.

Liberty is directly proportional to accountability. The more the People are able to hold government accountable to these essential principles, the greater their Liberty.

The First Amendment provides a guarantee of the primary methods for exercising accountability.  Of crucial importance is the Petition clause, which unlike the other clauses (which enable personal expression, belief and association) brings the People and their government into a direct confrontation, and results in a public declaration of individual Liberty or governmental Tyranny.  

Petitioning the government for Redress of Grievances is nothing less than a peaceful rebellion of citizens seeking to keep their government in its proper place: as a servant of the People, created through a written Constitution for their service and protection.  (continued...)

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September 9, 2005

Finally: Right-To-Petition Case Decided

Next Step: U.S. Court Of Appeals Plus...

Yesterday, we received an email from a stranger informing us that the DC District Court had granted the government’s motion to dismiss the RTP lawsuit. Then, with yesterday’s mail, we received a hard copy of the Court’s Opinion & Order, which purportedly were entered on August 31, 2005, eight days before we learned there had been a decision.

Judge Sullivan has ruled that it makes no difference what facts we have that prove that the government is not responding to our four Petitions for Redress of constitutional torts because, he says, the government does not have to listen or respond to Petitions for Redress of Grievances from the People.

We are currently reviewing the Decision with plaintiffs' counsel Mark Lane, who was not available until today.

On Monday we will post our analysis of the decision and a discussion of the full range of civic actions we believe are now necessary, including an appeal to the Court of Appeals.

This afternoon, a Notice of Appeal was mailed to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC.

August 31, 2005

Right-To-Petition Lawsuit Update

Preliminary Injunction Motion To Be Filed
Plaintiff Survey Responses Needed

On July 19th last year, the landmark Right-To-Petition lawsuit was filed in Washington DC seeking a declaration of the full contours of the meaning of the Petition clause of the First Amendment – including whether the People have an unalienable Right to peacefully hold their Government accountable by withholding their money until their grievances are redressed, if the government violates the Constitution and refuses to respond to the People’s Petition for Redress.

Our original complaint (filed July 19, 2004), our Amended Complaint (filed September 11, 2004), and our Second Amended Complaint (filed November 12, 2004), included a request to temporarily enjoin the government from taking any enforcement actions against any of the named Plaintiffs, at least until the underlying questions were ultimately determined by the Court.

On the advice of our legal counsel, Mark Lane, we did not immediately press the Court on the issue of a temporary injunction by filing a separate motion for immediate temporary relief. Attorney Lane did not want to risk the core case on the outcome of an ancillary motion for a temporary injunction against the government.


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August 24, 2005

Did He Die For Our America?

Spc. James M. Kiehl

December 22, 1980 - March 23, 2003
Comfort, Texas - Nasariyah, Iraq

James M. Kiehl was one of the first American soldiers to die in Iraq in 2003.

James was killed in action after his convoy was ambushed on March 23, 2003 three days after the start of the Iraq war. He was on his way to repair computers for a Patriot missile launcher. He was assigned to the 507th Maintenance Company, Fort Bliss
, Texas.  He left behind a wife, Jill, and an unborn son, Nathaniel.

In April of 2003, James was buried in Centre Point Cemetery, near his family's home in Comfort, Texas. Vicki Pierce, James’ aunt, attended James’ funeral. During the drive to the cemetery, Vicki’s 17 year old daughter, Amy, snapped a series of photographs of what she witnessed along the roadside.

Before continuing with this article, our readers are strongly urged to read the e-mail from Vicki Pierce and see the photos from the funeral procession of this little-noticed, but honorable American.

(Note: Link in full article.)

Following the funeral, Vicki sent an email to the members of her church choir. Music and a prayer have been added by others.
The e-mail was recently forwarded to the Foundation.  

I was deeply moved as I read the story and reviewed the moving pictures. 


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July 28, 2005

When Judges Become Criminals

Irwin Schiff Exposes DOJ & USDC Crimes
Government Conspires To Secure His Conviction

Schiff et al Need Our Help

At 76 years of age, Irwin Schiff may be the most dangerous man in America.

Not dangerous to most Americans anyway, but extremely dangerous to those that run our government.

After decades of legal research and litigation against the U.S. Government, Irwin Schiff, the learned statesman of the Tax Honesty Movement, is preparing for what may well be his final legal battle – his third criminal prosecution – for alleged felony tax offenses against the United States of America.

FedMafiacovercopy.jpg (71733 bytes)
       Banned by the USDC
The government, however, has a problem.

The obstacle it faces in prosecuting Schiff -- and what makes him so dangerous, is that in his pleadings
to the court Schiff has concisely documented, beyond credible rebuttal, that the income tax system is a complete legal fraud.

As he states in his July 5th Motion to Dismiss, “...no matter where we look, either in the Internal Revenue Code, the U.S. Criminal Code, or in the Code of Federal Regulations, we can not find: [a] one statute ;or [b] one regulation (having the “force and effect” of law) or; [c] any penalty provisions (either civil or criminal) that apply to income taxes”.          (continued...)

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July 4, 2005


U.S. Court Of Appeals Soundly Rejects
IRS Plea To Soften Ruling In Schulz v IRS

On January 29, 2005, we reported under the headline, “Dramatic Development,” that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit had issued a decision in Schulz v. IRS. The Court held that taxpayers cannot be compelled by the IRS to turn over personal and private property to the IRS, absent a federal court order.

In our January report, we quoted from the decision,

...absent an effort to seek enforcement through a federal court, IRS summonses apply no force to taxpayers, and no consequence whatever can befall a taxpayer who refuses, ignores, or otherwise does not comply with an IRS summons until that summons is backed by a federal court order…[a taxpayer] cannot be held in contempt, arrested, detained, or otherwise punished for refusing to comply with the original IRS summons, no matter the taxpayer's reasons, or lack of reasons for so refusing.”

On March 9, 2005, we reported under the headline, “IRS: Gut Schulz v IRS. DOJ: Court’s Opinion Threatens Tax System,” that on behalf of its client, IRS, the DOJ had filed a motion with the Court, requesting that the Court amend its decision in Schulz.

We reported that the DOJ stated in its motion that, “...the Court's opinion threatens to seriously impede the effective administration and enforcement of the nation's tax laws.”

We reported that the DOJ chastised the Court for “creating a false impression,” and “misapprehending” and “misunderstanding” and “misstating” and being “inaccurate,” regarding the “consequences that flow from the issuance of an IRS summons.”

On June 29, 2005, the Court issued its much-anticipated decision regarding the government’s motion to amend the Court’s earlier ruling. With a firm reliance on the Court’s primary role of protecting the People’s individual, unalienable Right to Due Process guaranteed by the 5th and 14th Amendments, the court soundly rejected the government’s pleading.

Writing for the three-judge panel, Judge Straub wrote, in part:...


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June 28, 2005

Joe Banister:

He Challenged The Income Tax
And Withholding Laws -- And He Won

Make no mistake: Joe Banister was indicted specifically because he took overt and very public actions that directly challenged the income tax and withholding laws.

In October of 2000, Joe Banister spoke to the employees of CENCAL, a company founded and controlled by Al Thompson. Banister told Thompson's workers that there was no legal authority that established that ordinary Americans, such as them, had to pay federal income taxes on the wages they made at CENCAL. During the meeting, Banister presented sufficient documentary evidence in support of his conclusions. Beginning in July of 2000, Thompson had stopped withholding the taxes from the compensation paid to the employees of CENCAL.

As detailed in one of the criminal counts against Banister, in 2000, Banister also prepared an amended 1998 individual income tax return for Thompson, representing that, per U.S. law, Thompson’s adjusted gross income and taxable income were “0,” (zero) not $66,192 and $42,251 as originally reported.

The government convinced a grand jury to indict Banister, setting the stage for a jury trial to determine whether Banister violated certain laws governing conspiracy and aiding and assisting in the filing of false tax returns. The government did not allow Banister to appear or present any exculpatory evidence to the grand jury.

Banister had, by his words and acts, directly challenged the legality of the operation and enforcement of the federal income tax system.

He was acquitted in large part because the government chose not to confront or attempt to rebut Banister's plain assertions that there is NO law that requires most Americans to pay a tax on their wages and that most companies are NOT required to withhold taxes on wages and turn it over to the IRS. 


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June 23, 2005

Former IRS CID Special Agent Joseph Banister Acquitted of Tax Fraud And Conspiracy

Government Unable To Prove U.S. Law
Requires Income Tax Withholding or Filing

Sacramento California -- On Thursday June 23, a federal jury found former IRS Criminal Investigative Division (CID) Special Agent and CPA Joseph Banister not guilty of all counts alleging criminal tax fraud and conspiracy related to actions he took on behalf of a California business owner who had openly defied the IRS over several years by stopping withholding of all income and employment taxes from the paychecks of his workers.

During the trial the Department of Justice was unable to put forth any evidence that Banister had either engaged in a conspiracy or had acted unlawfully when he shared legal research with business owner Al Thompson concluding that he had no legal obligation to withhold taxes from his workers or when he (Banister) prepared corrected tax returns for Thompson claiming his taxable income was, under U.S. law, zero.

During the trial, Banister's former supervisor at IRS’s San Jose CID office, Robert Gorini (who testified via video recording) when pointedly asked, was unable to cite any U.S. law that required Banister to pay income taxes.

Banister, who was forced to resign in 1999 after questioning IRS officials about their legal authority, gave Thompson’s worker’s a presentation in 2000 which reviewed his detailed investigative research of U.S. tax law which concluded that not only did the IRS lack any authority to impose income taxes on the workers, but there was no legal requirement for the business to withhold any taxes from the worker's paychecks.

Banister is part of a nationwide effort seeking to force the U.S. Government to respond to a series of detailed legal Petitions for Redress of Grievances directly challenging the authority of the IRS. Last summer, the We The People Foundation initiated a landmark lawsuit with 2000 plaintiffs against the government because it has refused to answer the Petitions.

The Right-To-Petition lawsuit, of which Banister is a plaintiff, is the first time in history that U.S. courts have been asked to define the meaning of the final ten words of the First Amendment.

Court documents for the RTP lawsuit and scholarly research regarding the Right to Petition can be downloaded from the Lawsuit Information Center on www.GiveMeLiberty.org.

Following the verdict, Banister was greeted by a throng of WTP supporters and members of his family.

Tomorrow, WTP will publish additional details of this important news and stream video of post-verdict interviews of Banister & several of the jurors.

Support Joe Banister:
Read the May 27th WTP update, "Get Pinned"

Order a WTP Freedom Pin

June 10, 2005

The Crime and the Cover-up
Mr. President, Tear Down This Tax!

33 years ago, high officials in the Executive branch, including the President of the United States, committed a crime against the People and covered it up. However, thanks to Deep Throat, who was one of the Executive branchs own criminal investigators, the crime was uncovered, the guilty were punished, and for the first time in our history, a sitting President was forced to resign, rather than face prosecution and imprisonment.  

We should thank the Creator for people like Deep Throat who love their country and not the government, recognizing the difference between the two and the inherent danger in the latter. 

Until last week, Mark Felt remained anonymous, probably out of fear for his life, but certainly for fear of persecution for revealing the truth about the misdeeds of his high ranking superiors. At 91 years of age, Mark Felt finally identified himself as Deep Throat. 

Sixty years earlier, coincident with the First World War, another far more serious crime against the People was committed by high ranking officials of both the Executive and Legislative branches of our government. It too, was covered up.

And just like Watergate, it was uncovered by one of the federal government’s own criminal investigators. The year was 1999. The investigator was Joseph Banister (Special Agent of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service).


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May 30, 2005


Let us also remember those who question(ed) and then confront our government in defense of Freedom. They boldly face and meet in hostility this domestic enemy of Freedom. They match strength with strength, confronting the power of the government with the power of words --- ten Commandments and ten Amendments.

Please support those citizens who are now standing in front of our government, face-to-face, opposing un-constitutional conduct and refusing to give ground.

Please support, in particular, Citizen Banister and the Plaintiffs in the Right To Petition lawsuit. All are on the front line in defense of Freedom here at home.

Please send for a We The People pin(s) and encourage other concerned Americans to do the same. Wear it proudly, signifying your remembrance of all Freedom Keepers, especially those opposing governmental tyranny here at home.

For more information about the Freedom Pin project, click here to see our previous article. We are very happy and grateful for the wonderful outpouring of support we received in the 48 hours following Friday evening’s announcement of the Freedom Pin fund raising project. We have reached 10% of our goal, which is to receive $100 for each of 1600 Freedom Pins. On behalf of Joe Banister and all the Plaintiffs, “Thank you.”

This weekend, please also remember Freedom Keeper Dick Simkanin, who sacrificed both his business and his Liberty in publicly confronting our government and further exposing the income tax fraud to our nation.  He would love hearing from those that are continuing the fight for Freedom:

 Richard Michael Simkanin
 30383-177 Unit F
 Federal Correctional Institution
 P.O. Box 7000
 Texarkana, TX 75505-7000

Oral arguments for Simkanin's appeal at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals are currently scheduled for the week of July 4.

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Provide further support in helping fund the legal costs of the Right-To-Petition lawsuit and the criminal defense of former IRS CID Special Agent Joseph Banister. 

May 27, 2005
Get Pinned  

WTP currently has two critical projects that take precedence in time, order and importance: 1) the Right to Petition lawsuit; and
2) Joe Banister.


In order from left to right: Jeff Banister (Police Officer), John Banister (Police Sgt.), Gary Banister (Police Officer Ret.), Joe Banister
(Former IRS Special Agent), and Jim Banister (Fire Captain).

The Right to Petition lawsuit remains our highest priority. At issue is the meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

We have asked the federal District Court in and for the District of Columbia to do what no court has been asked to do since the adoption of the Bill of Rights in 1791 --- that is, to declare the meaning and define the contours of the Right “to Petition the government for a Redress of Grievances.”


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May 21, 2005

Hard Evidence That Form 1040
Has NO Legal Basis In Law

IRS Withdraws Criminal Allegation,
Tax Convict Walks Free

Although the People's war against the income tax fraud and IRS abuse has been lengthy and daunting and has left many freedom fighters across our nation battered and bankrupt, there are continuing signs that the tide of tyranny may finally be meeting effective resistance.

On April 12th 2005, William Wallace Lear of Muskegon Michigan appeared in federal District Court in Grand Rapids to face IRS charges claiming Lear had violated the terms of his probation. William Lear had served one year in a federal detention facility in Minnesota following his conviction in 2002 for Willful Failure to File income tax returns (a misdemeanor). His probation began in March, 2004.

The basis for the probation violation hearing was an IRS claim that Lear failed to abide by the strict terms of his probation which included the requirement that he file all his delinquent tax returns and pay all back taxes and penalties owed.

Just as the hearing before Judge Gordon Quist began, the DOJ attorneys moved to dismiss the IRS's probation violation claim against Lear that would have sent him back to prison.

Although Lear had filed his missing returns signing them “under duress” (which IRS does not allow) and failed to pay the taxes owing on those returns, Judge Quist signed an order, completely releasing Lear from federal custody. As of April 12th, Lear has been a free man.

An important question remains: Why? Why would the IRS and DOJ walk away from a golden opportunity to make headlines and send a convicted tax protester back to prison?   (continued...)

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      & To Examine the Evidence That IRS
     Individual Form 1040 Has NO Legal Authority.

March 30, 2005

Appeal Exposes Sham Tax Trial

Simkanin Appeal Underway

DOJ Responds

Texas business owner Dick Simkanin's appeal is finally underway in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

This appeal is being made after two failed attempts by the government (in 2001 and 2002), before two separate grand juries to indict Simkanin (after hearing direct testimony from him), a successful indictment by a grand jury (where Simkanin was prevented from testifying), one mis-trial ending in a "hung jury" (where Simkanin testified freely on the witness stand), a second patently flawed criminal trial (and conviction) that made a mockery of Justice and Simkanin’s Due Process rights, and 21 months of incarceration.

Simkanin is appealing his conviction for multiple tax charges stemming from his belief that no law required him to withhold taxes from the paychecks of his workers and no law required him to file a federal tax return.  (continued...)

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      & To Read the Appeal and DOJ's Response Brief

March 23, 2005

IRS Retaliation?

Are you one of the thousands of People listed as a Plaintiff in We The People Foundation v. United States (federal District Court for the District of Columbia, Case No. 04-01211)? If so, has the IRS been in touch with you, your employer or your bank since last September? If so, has the IRS mentioned We The People?  If so, we want to hear from you.

We want to make sure the government is not retaliating against you because of your participation in the lawsuit. That would be impermissible and intolerable.

As we have reported, we are currently awaiting the District Court's decision on the Government's motion to dismiss the suit. The Court’s decision will be appealed by the IRS or by the People, depending on how the District Court rules.

In the meantime, we want to make sure no government agent gets the idea that he or she can begin to use coercive force against people who are Plaintiffs in the lawsuit and may have signed an affidavit that they are retaining their money until the government properly responds to their Petitions for Redress of grievances.

We want to know about any incident involving retaliation against a Plaintiff that may have occurred since the filing of the Complaint last September, and the public posting of the names and addresses of the Plaintiffs.     (continued...)

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March 21,2005

Tax Panel Chairman:
“Constitutionality of The Income Tax
    Will Not Be Addressed.”

WTP Supporters Confront Tax Panel In Chicago

The “Fix” Is In, Unless We Act.

On Wednesday morning March 16, a group of WTP supporters gathered at the University of Chicago downtown campus with signs, information packets, and reprints of the full-page ad WTP recently ran in The Washington Times to hand out to members of the press and other attendees of the meeting of the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform.

After a minor confrontation with a U.S. Treasury security detail questioning the activities of the WTP group, security officials, with the full blessing of the Chicago police, eventually allowed WTP to continue its activities outside the meeting hall. In addition, members of the group were allowed into the building to attend the meeting.

The modestly sized (7-8) group was successful in engaging and distributing information packets to members of the press, the panel's witnesses, the public and those attending the meeting. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley was one of the people who accepted an ad reprint. He was observed studying it as his limousine pulled away.  

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March 9, 2005

IRS:  Gut Schulz v IRS
DOJ: Court's Opinion Threatens Tax System

Schulz Responds

On March 1st, IRS and DOJ filed a motion with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals asking the Court to amend its January ruling in Schulz v IRS (Case No. 04-0196).

Today, Bob Schulz mailed to the Court in Manhattan his brief opposing that motion.

The government's motion is evidence that IRS is obviously upset with the Court’s opinion that held that the recipient of an IRS administrative summons “cannot be held in contempt, arrested, detained, or otherwise punished for refusing to comply with the original IRS summons, no matter the taxpayer’s reasons or lack of reasons for so refusing.”

In Schulz, the Court also held that “IRS Summonses apply no force to taxpayers, and no consequences can befall a taxpayer who refuses or ignores, or otherwise does not comply with an IRS summons until that summons is backed by a federal court order.”

Clearly troubled by the potential implications of the Schulz decision, the DOJ engaged their “top guns” from the Attorney General's office in DC to request that the Court of Appeals gut its decision in Schulz, which clearly binds IRS to the due process requirements of the Constitution, limiting IRS’s ability to use force against tax payers absent a court order. The IRS obviously sees its ability to acquire personal and private property, on demand, as being constrained.    (continued...)

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& To Read The DOJ's Motion & Schulz's Opposition

February 27, 2005

Court Grants Our Motion For Sur-Reply

DOJ Faces Tall Constitutional Hurdles
On Its Motion To Dismiss

Last week, the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC granted We The People the final word in the now months-long battle over the government's Motion to Dismiss the People's landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit.

The court, in a relatively infrequent move, granted WTP’s
motion for permission to file a “Sur-Reply” to counter new arguments raised in the government’s Reply to WTP’s opposition to the government’s motion to dismiss the complaint.

The government had expected its Reply would be the final pleading on its motion to dismiss, and then opposed WTP’s motion for permission to file a Sur-Reply.

In its Reply, the Department of Justice did not rebut the formidable arguments put forth by WTP in opposition to the Government's claim of “sovereign immunity” as a bar to being sued.


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& Read the WTP Sur-Reply

February 26, 2005

President's Tax Panel
Seeks Public Comments:
Lets Give Them Some

Panel To Meet Soon In DC, Tampa & Chicago

On February 16, 2005, at the first public meeting of the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform, the Panel announced that as part of its process of making recommendations on fundamental tax reform it was seeking comments from the public regarding the current tax system.

In its first request, the Panel is soliciting comments (only) on the following specific topics: (Quoting from the panel's website,

  1. Headaches, unnecessary complexity, and burdens
    that taxpayers - both individuals and businesses -
    face because of the existing system.
  2. Aspects of the tax system that are unfair.
  3. Specific examples of how the tax code distorts important business or personal decisions.
  4. Goals that the Panel should try to achieve as it evaluates the existing tax system and recommends options for reform.  

    (end quote)

We The People is encouraging everyone to take a few moments out of your busy lives and pen an articulate, deliberative note to the Panel with your comments. Your comments will become part of the public record.

We urge everyone to consider the significant consequences of missing this historic opportunity to put before the Panel, and document for our children's National Archives, the most important matters of constitutional abuse, moral outrage, and concern for the future of this nation as the Panel ponders whether to continue to impose upon the People a method of taxation that violates virtually every constitutional principle and protection provided by the Bill of Rights.

Indeed, the time has come to personally Petition the President's tax panel with your Grievances.   (continued...)

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February 18, 2005

Unless The People Rise Up, Here's What's Coming:  Federal Consumption Taxes PLUS The Income Tax

Conflicts of Interest Apparent In President's Tax Panel

Panel Focused on Economic “Modeling”
NO Voice For The Constitution

Presidents Bush's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform held their first public meeting in Washington on Wednesday.

At that meeting, the first witnesses appearing before the panel put forth facts and professional opinions to establish the framework the panel will build upon as it moves toward its recommendations this coming July.

The panel's discussion focused extensively on econometric “modeling,” the rapidly growing federal revenue requirements and technical factors affecting the efficiency of tax administration and enforcement.

Despite the full-page ads placed by this Foundation this week in the Washington Times, and information packages sent by the Foundation to each individual panel member, NO discussion took place regarding the impacts of the panel's recommendations on the protection of the rights of People or the Constitutional limitations that explicitly bind the taxing authority of Congress.

If the projections arising out of the financial “Perfect Storm” depicted by the panel regarding the need for greatly increased federal revenues are accurate, and if the President and Congress adopt the reforms apparently already emerging from the panel, the People will soon experience a new, and never-before-seen condition of economic slavery, openly achieved through the tax "laws" of this nation.    

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February 12, 2005

President's Tax Reform Panel Put On Notice

Full-Page Ads To Run Next Week

Schulz Petitions The Panel For Answers

Thanks to the generous and rapid response of the People, our full-page, color ad will appear in the Daily Edition and the National Weekly Edition of a principal Washington DC newspaper, in time for next Wednesday’s first public meeting of the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform in Washington. The ad will reach hundreds of thousands of Washington Times readers on Monday and Tuesday.

The ad challenges the President's Advisory Panel to address the constitutional issues relating to the government's operation and enforcement of the federal income tax system.

The ad highlights the willingness of IRS and DOJ to ignore the Supreme Court's never-overturned holdings regarding the income tax, the collusion of the Executive, the U.S. Congress and the lesser courts to perpetuate the fraud, and the government's steadfast refusal to answer the People's Petitions for Redress regarding constitutional abuses.

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    And to Download the Full-Page Ad

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    Referenced In The Ad

February 8, 2005

Our Full-Page Message
To The President's Tax Reform Panel

WTP Plans Provocative Series Of Full-Page Ads

Income Tax Advisory Panel Meets February 16th

This week it was announced that on February 16th, President Bush's Advisory Panel On Federal Tax Reform  will convene in Washington, DC for the first of a number of public discussions regarding fundamental reform of the nation's tax system.

To insure this nation, the dominant media and our elected leaders clearly understand the constitutional and legal fraud of our current income tax system, and to make sure that it continues no further, We The People must have a voice in this discourse.

In direct support of our ongoing Right to Petition lawsuit and the fundamental questions we have put forth directly challenging the authority of the IRS, we would like to begin a series of eye-catching, provocative, full-page color ads in the Washington Times, specifically targeting the nation's Capitol and those across the nation that subscribe to the Times.

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February 2, 2005

Not Without A Court Order”

WTP Commences “Project Luther”

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses of Contention” to the front door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.

This single, bold gesture openly challenged the doctrine of the Catholic Church and set off an unforeseen chain of events which came to be known as the “Reformation.” The effects of Luther's action that day would forever alter Western Civilization's perception of the authority of the Church – and in practical terms, call into question the very authority of the state.
Luther was consequently summoned to appear before a tribunal of the church-state hierarchy, and was ordered to recant his damaging assertions.

In response he uttered, “
Unless I am convinced by proofs from Scriptures or by plain and clear reasons and arguments, I can and will not retract, for it is neither safe nor wise to do anything against conscience.
Here I stand. I can do no other.

God help me. Amen.”

Several years later, Luther went on to translate and publish the first non-Greek-Latin version of the New Testament, enabling average Europeans, for the first time, to study and comprehend the “hidden mysteries” of the Church.

It's time to take a page from Luther's book.

It's time to challenge IRS doctrine by posting a message on its front doors,



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January 29, 2005

Dramatic Development:

U.S. Court of Appeals Rules IRS
Cannot Apply Force Against A Tax Payer
Without A Court Order

Tax Payers Free To Ignore An IRS Summons

Queensbury, NY
On January 25, 2005, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held that taxpayers cannot be compelled by the IRS to turn over personal and private property to the IRS, absent a federal court order.

Quoting from the decision (Schulz v. IRS, Case No. 04-0196-cv),

“...absent an effort to seek enforcement through a federal court, IRS summonses apply no force to taxpayers, and no consequence whatever can befall a taxpayer who refuses, ignores, or otherwise does not comply with an IRS summons until that summons is backed by a federal court order…[a taxpayer] cannot be held in contempt, arrested, detained, or otherwise punished for refusing to comply with the original IRS summons, no matter the taxpayer's reasons, or lack of reasons for so refusing.”

Without declaring those provisions of the Code unconstitutional on their face, the court, in effect, nullified key enforcement provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, stripping the IRS of much of its power to compel compliance with its administrative demands for personal and private property. The court characterized IRS summonses issued under Section 7602 as mere “requests.”


Click Here For The Full Article And The Court of Appeal's Decision.

January 26, 2005

IRS Commits Fraud On The District Court

Right-To-Petition Lawsuit Enters Critical Phase

Lawsuit Plaintiffs Being Retaliated Against,
Motion For Preliminary Injunction Against IRS Nears

WTP Website Functional Again

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December 31, 2004

2nd Circuit To Decide SCHULZ v IRS

IRS Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

On December 13, 2004, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan heard oral arguments regarding an IRS Summons formally served upon We The People Chairman Bob Schulz in apparent retaliation for, and to unlawfully infringe upon, the exercise of the Right to Petition. 

Schulz had sued the IRS in District Court to quash the Summons claiming it was a direct infringement upon his First Amendment Rights, including -- and primarily -- the Right to Petition. 

Even though defendant IRS did not file any response to the lawsuit, the District Court decided in the government’s favor.  At the Appeals Court however, IRS finally did respond, only to orally argue that Schulz’s lawsuit should be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction because – in their words – IRS Summons “can be ignored without consequences” until IRS pursues additional enforcement actions through the District Court.   

Click Here to listen to the DOJ present this argument to the Court of Appeals. (approximately 25 minute long audio)

At the conclusion of the oral arguments, the Court of Appeals ordered Defendant IRS to answer the following two questions, in writing, within ten days. The Court gave Bob Schulz until December 30 to reply.  

Q.1       “Whether, in the view of the IRS or any case law, the taxpayer is under some compunction at the initial moment of receiving the Summons or Subpoena, which might then create jurisdiction for a motion to quash, and if not, what is the policy of the IRS, either in regulations, case law or otherwise, as to what it is the IRS sees as occurring in the enforcement proceeding, that is to say, whether that proceeding is intended and seeks only an enforcement order, which if not complied with may thereafter lead to contempt, or whether that proceeding might in some way initially place the taxpayer in jeopardy of contempt or some other unforeseen circumstance.” 

Q.2       “What is the government’s understanding of the law as presented by the Second Circuit, not by the District Courts within the Circuit, but by this Court, starting with Judge Friendly’s opinion in Colton and as you see the cases developing thereafter.” 

In its response to the Appellate Court, Defendant IRS submitted a 2 ½ page letter brief and Schulz replied on December 29th.

RIGHT-Click here to download (Save) a copy of the IRS’s letter-brief defending its Summons authority (1.2 MB)

Click here to read Schulz’s reply (.pdf)

Click here to hear a recording of Schulz and the DOJ argue before the Court of Appeals on December 13, 2004

Read the cases relied upon by the IRS: (,pdf)
Colton  Reisman  Kulukundis 

Please remember, the Right to Petition Lawsuit and the operations of the WTP Foundation are funded solely by your

December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Please Obey The Government

Civil governments everywhere, even though often controlled by evil men, are ordained of God to serve as His ministers of justice, and to restrain the criminal elements of human society.  

God commands us to be law-abiding citizens of the Civil Governments under which we live, for there are no legitimate Civil Governments anywhere that God has not placed in power. 

We The People of America, at the dawn of our nation’s history, elected to govern ourselves under God’s sovereign authority.  America’s Civil Government was established by men who placed their complete confidence in God’s Word as the ultimate source of wisdom, truth and justice on earth.  It was their abiding faith and trust in Him that most inspired the minds and hearts of those brilliant men as they wrote the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the Untied States. 

By these sacred documents, our nation was conceived in faith and dedicated to the eternal cause of freedom.  In America, the People established the Fundamental Law, the Constitution, as a reflection of their understanding of God’s plan and purpose for Civil Government.  And, it is We The People who reserved the Right to interpret that Law. Only in America has God made the People the source of all political power. Only in America has God made all political power limited by written Constitutions. 

In America, those who refuse to ensure that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are obeyed are themselves breaking God’s law. They are lawbreakers. This applies to all People, whether they are elected officials, judges, or ordinary citizens.  

Every American should obey the Constitution and Bill of Rights for two reasons: First, because this is America’s Fundamental Law, given to us as a testament to God’s grace and love for His People.  Second, because America will not survive if We The People turn away from our true heritage, and the knowledge of who we are as one nation under God.  

The We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc., and the We The People Congress, Inc., are acutely aware that our government at all levels is operating in sharp contrast to the way it was designed to function. We are also painfully aware of the heavy price being paid by those who are defending God’s Civil Government in America--honorable, patriotic men and women including Dick Simkanin, Joe Banister, Sherry Jackson, John Turner, Nick Jesson, Al Thompson, Phil Hart, Irwin Schiff, and others too numerous to mention. 

We are indebted to these courageous Americans who have placed their love of Country and faith in God before their personal security and welfare.  It is most appropriate that we acknowledge their sacrifices at this special time of the year. 

Here at WTP, we remain focused on defending every American’s sacred, unalienable Right to Life, Liberty, Property and Due Process of Law, primarily through the Petition Clause of the First Amendment, and we are committed to assisting those who are similarly focused. 

We extend to you, the entire WTP family, our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

December 22, 2004

In Defense of the Petition Clause:

Battles Now Underway on Three Fronts

2nd Circuit Directs DOJ to Explain
Lack of IRS Summons Enforcement Authority

As is now widely known, since July of 1999 the We The People organization has led a nationwide legal and educational attack on the federal government, utilizing the force of “popular constitutionalism.” This assault has come in the form of an intelligent and rational exercise of the First Amendment Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances, relating to the government’s imposition of an unconstitutional, direct, un-apportioned tax on labor.  

What is also known is that in November of 2002, three additional Petitions for Redress were added to the People’s overall Petition process. These Petitions are related to the Constitution’s war powers clauses versus the Iraq Resolution, the privacy and due process clauses versus the USA Patriot Act, and the money and debt limiting clauses versus the Federal Reserve System.  

It is also widely known that the People’s Petitions for Redress have been legally served on the highest ranking officials of the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government, including the President and leadership of the Congress and every member of Congress, the Attorney General, Treasury Secretary, and Commissioner of the IRS. Undoubtedly, these officials know about the We The People Foundation and the Petitions for Redress of Grievances.  

What’s more, with dismay, the People watched their servant government’s reaction: they have seen the government trespass on the People’s First Amendment Right to Petition by striking out against the Petitioners -- infringing on that unalienable Right, rather than respond by answering their questions.  

The People decided to fight back – to defend against this invasion of their Right to Petition. Nearly two thousand joined the fight this year by becoming named plaintiffs in the lawsuit aimed at getting the federal courts to declare the meaning of the Right to Petition, including the Right of the People to retain their money until their grievances are redressed if the government decides not to properly and honestly respond as the Constitution commands. 

What has not been widely known is that parallel battles in defense against the government’s invasion of the People’s Right to Petition are now being fought on a total of three judicial fronts by the We The People organization. What follows is an update of the primary lawsuit and breaking news regarding significant developments in a related case that has reached the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. This second case was brought by Chairman Bob Schulz, as the sole plaintiff, against the IRS.  We will discuss the third case in a future article.  (continued...)

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November 1, 2004

USDC Releases Tax Protest Employer
Who Refused To Sign Perjured Tax Forms

Late last week, (October 28th ) the USDC in Sacramento ordered the release of business owner Al Thompson who had been held in Sacramento County jail since August 9th on a federal civil contempt warrant issued for Thompson's refusal to sign false tax forms for his business.

Several years ago, Thompson, an outspoken California business owner, ceased withholding taxes from his employee's paychecks and steadfastly refused to file income tax forms or returns because, according to Thompson, the law contains no specific provision that requires him to do so. Many attorneys, former IRS agents and legal researchers -- (including this Foundation), are on the public record as agreeing with Thompson's claims.

Despite being arrested earlier last April on the same issue, Thompson refused to fill out the tax forms the federal judge ordered him to submit asserting that, given his understanding of the law, he would be committing perjury for providing false information under oath.

Despite motions to the District Court requesting the IRS to provide a formal certification, sworn under penalty of perjury, that Thompson was an “employer” and a “person” liable under the income tax laws, none was ever produced.  (continued...)

Click Here For The Full Article

Al Thompson

October 20, 2004

Stopping Undeclared Wars

In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains
of the Constitution…”     Thomas Jefferson

The Rights of Americans are INDIVIDUAL Rights, guaranteed by the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

One such Right is the Right to freedom from a government that commits the armed forces of this nation to hostilities overseas without a Congressional declaration of war.

Since World War II, Presidents have repeatedly usurped this power which is explicitly reserved for the Congress, and Congress has consistently acquiesced by illegally "transferring" the power to the President via unconstitutional "resolutions". (See Article 1, Section 8 which specifically requires a declaration of war by the People's elected representatives in the Legislative branch -- not the Executive branch.)

To stop undeclared wars the People need only force the government to abide by the war powers clauses of the Constitution.             (continued...)

Click Here For The Full Article

October 14, 2004

DOJ Responds To The RTP Lawsuit

As previously announced, WTP filed an Amended Complaint in the Right To Petition lawsuit on September 16th, 2004. 

Last week, the Department of Justice responded to that filing with a Motion to Dismiss the Amended Complaint.

According to WTP Chairman Bob Schulz, "Nothing in the DOJ's response was unanticipated and we are preparing an answer to their motion." WTP will provide commentary and analysis of the Government's motion in the coming days.

We again ask for your consideration in helping provide the ongoing financial support necessary for this crucial initiative.
If you have not seen it, please read the "Challenge to Plaintiffs" article directly below. 

Again, we
apologize for the persistent problems we are experiencing with portions of the GiveMeLiberty.org web server. Until these technical issues are fully resolved, please make your donations via credit card to www.PayPal.com, addressed to bob@givemeliberty.org or by mail to:

We The People Foundation
2458 Ridge Road
Queensbury, NY 12804

September 29, 2004

A Challenge To Plaintiffs

Today, we received a request from someone who has just joined the Right To Petition lawsuit. He has asked us to publish a message from him to the other plaintiffs in the case.

Normally, we do not publish articles written by people who are not part of the management team here at the Foundation. However, given the timeliness of his message and the importance of the lawsuit, we have decided to honor his request.

Here is his message:

To All We The People Plaintiffs

Funding the cost of our legal case is of paramount importance, not only to us, but to all patriotic Americans. We are responsible, not only to ourselves, but also to each other to ensure the success of this endeavor, as the alternative is unacceptable to me and I hope to all of you as well. One of the things I have learned is that there is a tendency in human nature to expect that the other guy will do his part.  I, for one, am not willing to take that risk with regards to our lawsuit.

Therefore, today, I am committing an additional $1,000 donation to the legal fund. We only need another $158,000 in donations.  There are approximately 2,000 named plaintiffs.  Lets not leave it up to the next guy.  If you can match me, then the wise decision is to do so. If you cannot, then a minimal donation of only $100 from each of the named plaintiffs will more than achieve the lawsuit -funding goal TODAY. This is a very small price to pay for the best legal representation of our Constitutional Rights. The reason I challenge you to match me is simply, imagine the success we can achieve over a shorter period of time with a large and proper legal fund!!!!  

I, for one, am tired of the harassment by the IRS! We all use our credit cards every day for luxuries and even necessities that exceed the amount needed here.  Or perhaps we should just surrender now and continue to give the money to the IRS instead. NOT AN OPTION IN MY OPINION!!!  

The real question you must ask yourself is this, CAN I AFFORD NOT TO MAKE THIS DONATION AND RISK INSUFFICIENT FUNDING AND THE CONTINUED TRAMPLING OF OUR RIGHTS BY THE IRS??? The answer, without question, is NO!!! These are the very simple facts and all the questions have been answered.

Make your donation today and lets get on with our case.  I look forward to seeing the lawsuit fund fully subscribed over the next few days. Lets be a part of history and make the IRS history!

Best Regards,

Dale F Phillips
dale (at) heartlandenergy.com

We thank Mr. Phillips for taking the initiative. We ask all people receiving this message, especially the Plaintiffs, to pick up on his suggestion. We have been somewhat derelict in our responsibility to occasionally remind people of our ongoing need to meet our contractual commitment with the Lane Law Firm regarding its representation of the plaintiffs in this historic case.

Thank you for your consideration.

[ed note 10-15-04]
We apologize for the temporary problems we are experiencing with reconfiguring the GiveMeLiberty.org web server.

Until these technical issues are resolved, please consider making your credit card donation via
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PayPal accepts all major credit cards and bank e-checks. You do not need a PayPal account to send a donation. If you prefer, you can send donations by mail directly to the WTP office at:

We The People Foundation
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Again, thank you for your support of Freedom and our critical work.

September 23, 2004


We The People v. United States

What a difference 60 days makes: from 6 to 2,000 Plaintiffs.

Thousands of Americans are now learning the meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment and are exercising their Right to Petition the government for Redress of Grievances relating to:

  1. The war powers clauses of the Constitution and the Iraq Resolution.

  2. The “privacy” and due process clauses and the USA Patriot Act.

  3. The taxing clauses and the direct, un-apportioned tax on labor.

  4. The money and “debt” clauses and the Federal Reserve System.

On July 19, 2004, four People and two organizations filed a Complaint in the District Court for the District of Columbia. The Complaint seeks an Order (quote):

           “Granting declaratory relief to the Plaintiffs by constraining the defendants to meet their obligations under the law and relevant rules by entering into good faith exchanges with the Plaintiffs and to provide to the Plaintiffs documented and specific answers to the reasonable questions asked of them by the Plaintiffs and to address in their respective official capacities each of the issues raised by the Plaintiffs in their Petitions to representatives of the United States Government, namely: grievances relating to violations of the U.S. Constitution’s war powers, taxing, money, and ‘privacy’ and due process clauses.”

On September 16, 2004, the Complaint was amended
(1 MB right-click to download)

Nearly 2,000 people from every state in the Union have now been added to the list of named plaintiffs.

The caption of the Complaint is now 64 pages in length.


Click Here For The Full Article

August 28, 2004

RTP Lawsuit Attorney’s Phone Line Installed

Attorney Mark Lane is now able to receive phone calls directly from plaintiffs in the Right To Petition lawsuit and from those who are considering becoming plaintiffs.

The new, dedicated phone line has finally been installed.
The number is [856] 459-1223.

Mark will be available to receive calls at this number for two and one-half hours every Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 P.M. through 3:30 P.M. (Eastern time). If there are many calls he will expand the number of call-in sessions to 2 or 3 times a week until all calls are answered.

Due to the large amount of recent rainfall and flooding in the greater Philadelphia area, it took Verizon longer than expected to install the dedicated phone line.

Given the number of Plaintiffs involved in this lawsuit, please be respectful of Lane's limited availability and consider carefully reviewing the information already posted on the WTP website for answers to general questions and for matters applicable to all plaintiffs.

Join the RTP lawsuit and learn about the Right to Petition

Click Here for Lane's 7/04 Letter to Plaintiffs and to see the lawsuit kick-off in DC this July

August 23, 2004

Update: Right-To-Petition Lawsuit

Amended Complaint To Be Filed Shortly
Getting Serious About Freedom & WTP
New WTP Congress National Director Appointed


Thus far, almost four thousand people have signed up to be part of the landmark lawsuit that is asking the federal judiciary for a declaration of the meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America - the unalienable Right to Petition the government for a Redress of Grievances. 

The People claim their fundamental Right to Petition for Redress, rather than the Right to Vote, is -- and has always been -- the only non-violent way for the individual and the minority to hold the government accountable to the Constitution with its guarantee of individual, unalienable Rights, both enumerated and un-enumerated.             (continued...)

Click Here For the Full Article & Important Updates 
                    Regarding the Landmark RTP Lawsuit

July 26, 2004

We The People v. The U.S. Government

Case No.  04-CV01211

Landmark Lawsuit Begins With Live National TV Coverage And March Down Constitution Avenue

Letter From Lawsuit Counsel

On July 19, 2004, at 9 am, approximately 550 people from nearly every state in the Union gathered in the ballroom at the National Press Club in Washington DC. They again, were there awaiting a formal response from high ranking federal officials to a May 10 letter respectfully requesting those officials to attend the July 19 meeting and to respond to the People’s Petitions for Redress of grievances regarding the government’s violation of the taxing, war powers, privacy and money clauses of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


As has been its established practice, the government once more, chose to ignore the People and their Petitions. The officials did not send anyone to meet with the People, to address the issues or to respond to the Petitions by at least letting the People know when they would answer the People’s questions.

From 9 am to shortly after noon, the audience (including an estimated one million people watching the event live on C-SPAN 2 and an estimated 500,000 people listening on C-SPAN radio) was informed about the original meaning, history and significance of the Right to Petition, the now epic struggle by the People to get the government to respond to our Petitions, the futility of individual lawsuits involving constitutional torts, and the particulars of our landmark Right to Petition lawsuit that was filed that afternoon.

At 12:20 pm, the People marched to the District Court of the United States in support of their lawsuit against the United States Government. The lawsuit seeks a declaration of their Right to peaceably hold their servant government accountable to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, by retaining their money until their grievances are redressed and seeks the protection of the Court against retaliation against the plaintiffs for exercising their Rights.

Click Here For the Full Article & to See More Photos


Now Comes The Cover-Up

Income Tax Documents Missing From National Archives

Underway: Operation “What's Left?”
-- More Volunteers Needed

July 19th: Be There!  Push Is Coming To Shove

After years of government stonewalling in providing answers to basic questions about the fraudulent origin and illegal enforcement of the income tax system, another layer of the tax fraud has now been uncovered: the systemic removal of key legal and historical documents from the National Archives related to the meaning of “income” within the 1916 Income Tax Act, which was adopted by the political branches following the ratification of the 16th (Income Tax) Amendment in 1913, and the Supreme Court’s 1916 interpretation of “Income” within the meaning of the 16th Amendment. (continued...)

Click Here to read the Full Article


We Are Proven Right,
The Government Is Wrong

New Damning Tax Research Released
Appropriate Next Steps Announced

Our War Powers Petition for Redress

How right we were in the fall of 2002, when we formally served every member of Congress and the President with a Petition for Redress asking for answers to 23 questions regarding the War Powers clauses of the Constitution and the Iraq Resolution. Click here to view (and sign) the Petition for Redress of grievances.

If only the government had honored the Petition Clause by acting on our War Powers Petition: there would have been a Committee review of the Petition, leading to a full congressional debate on the President’s call for an invasion of Iraq, followed by an up or down vote on a declaration of war.

More than likely, there would NOT have been a decision to go to war against Iraq because the Executive would NOT have been able to prove its claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, was reconstituting a nuclear weapons program and was linked to 9-11 and al ‘ Queda. More than likely, cooler heads in Congress would have prevailed, leaving it up to the people of Iraq, not America, to rid the world of one of its dictators.

For the reason that we are still engaged in hostilities in Iraq without a declaration of war, and the expectation that there will likely be future attempts to apply the armed forces of the United States in hostilities overseas without a declaration of war, we must continue the Petition process, including enforcement through “No Answers, No Taxes.”

Our Income Tax Petition for Redress

How right we were in April of 2002, and in November of 2002, when we formally served the President and every member of Congress with a Petition for Redress asking for answers to questions regarding the tax clauses of the Constitution and the federal “income” tax system. Click here to view (and sign) the Petition for Redress of Grievances.

The most damning documentary evidence to date has now been compiled in two new research reports that demonstrate without a shadow of doubt that the government has been acting ultra vires (i.e., without bona fide authority), in forcing ordinary Americans to file and pay an un-apportioned, direct tax on their salaries, wages and compensation, and that the government has known since 1916 that it lacks the legal authority to do so but has gone right on doing it anyway.      


Click Here to access this important WTP news article containing "appropriate next steps," groundbreaking legal research and new evidence exposing the income tax fraud.

Ed Note
: This article and its lengthy attachments are of significant importance in the battle to restore Constitutional Order. Please allow ample time to study these important research materials and announcements. Readers are encouraged to distribute this link widely.


Another IRS Agent “Flips”

19-Year Revenue Agent Joins Truth-in-Taxation Movement
More Agents Waiting on Sidelines

This week, former IRS CID Special Agent and CPA Joe Banister announced yet another former IRS Agent has come forward publicly to stand with those that are fighting to expose the income tax fraud.

The most recent defector is former IRS Revenue Agent and Appeals Officer Clifton Beale. Beale, with 19 years of experience in the agency, joins a small group of former IRS agents that have begun to speak publicly about the fraud after studying the details of U.S. income tax law and learning that those laws are being improperly and unlawfully enforced against ordinary Americans.

In his announcement (which is reprinted below) Banister reveals that other IRS agents are waiting on the “sidelines” and many may soon go public as well.  (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article...


Show Me The Law” And I Will Plead Guilty

Schiff Makes Offer To DOJ On 33 Criminal Tax Charges
Arraignment Scheduled For April 14th

On March 24 a federal grand jury in Las Vegas handed down a 33-count indictment against Irwin Schiff and two of his associates, Cindy Neun and Larry Cohen. The indictment alleges an array of income tax crimes including Willful Failure to File, knowingly filing false income tax returns, income tax evasion, advising others to file bogus returns, and conspiring to defraud the Government of income tax revenues.

On April 1, Schiff responded to the indictment with several motions including an offer to plead guilty to all charges if the government will produce at his arraignment the U.S. tax statute that specifically makes Schiff “liable” for payment of “income” taxes. (.pdf format)

The core legal argument of Schiff's motion is that under U.S. law, as currently written, and despite the unambiguous language of virtually all other federal tax statutes which DO specifically impose a legal obligation to pay, NO such statutory language exists that imposes a legal liability to pay federal income taxes(continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


Four More Minutes of Video Every American Should Watch Before April 15th

Watch IRS National Taxpayer Advocate
Nina Olson on C-SPAN & see more IRS "evading"...

Click Here to access WTP-tv

Simkanin Judicial Fraud Continues

Illegal Alterations Discovered in Trial Transcript

Fraudulent IRS Civil Claims Raise Questions
About the Legitimacy of the Indictment

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram Balks At
WTP Message to Simkanin Jurors

On approximately March 10, USDC federal judge John McBryde released yet another portion of the trial transcript that he ordered kept under seal, away from public scrutiny following the Ft. Worth tax trial of employer Dick Simkanin ended in early January. The recently released segment of the trial transcript covered the arraignment and final pre-trial motions.

A number of WTP courtroom watchers that personally witnessed these portions of the trial proceedings, have examined the recently released transcript segment and, without exception, have concluded that there were substantial, and unquestionably deliberate, i.e., illegal, alterations made to the court record that apparently hide significant acts and rulings by Judge McBryde that would constitute a clear basis for reversible error in the 29 convictions decided at trial.

The spectators involved, including WTP Chairman Bob Schulz, have completed individual affidavits attesting to the gross disparities between what they witnessed and the content of the official, now unsealed, transcript segment. These affidavits will now become the basis for legal action against the court and court reporter.  (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


WTP-tv Goes On-Line

On-Demand, Multimedia
Educational Library Released

Liberty Hour” Programming to Resume

We The People announced today our multimedia, on-line resource library. The library features a number of full-length streaming videos, short-topic segments and audio files documenting the current and past work of the WTP organization. Through WTP-tv, you will witness our organization in action – our grassroots activism, our confrontations with tyrants and our fight to restore Constitutional Order.

We trust you will find this resource to be a continually provocative, highly valuable part of your WTP experience and an effective way to support our important mission. Ultimately, we want WTP-tv to become the Internet source where the entire country, (particularly those that know little of us), can quickly turn to experience in sight and sound how the battles for the Constitution are being waged.       (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


Four Minutes of Video Every American
Should Watch Before April 15th

At an IRS press conference on September 16, 2003 concerning tax "scams" and tax "evasion", the lead tax reporter for The New York Times, David Cay Johnston (in reference to the WTP Petitions for Redress) directly, and specifically, questioned IRS Commissioner Mark Everson about what law requires Americans to pay income taxes.

Click here to watch who does the real "evading"....

Dial-up   DSL/Cable  

We encourage everyone to forward this e-mail far and wide....
Click Here for the WTP original story about this confrontation.


America’s Judicial System Lies In Rot

We Need To Hear Directly From The Grand Jurors
And Trial Jurors In The Simkanin Case.

When something stinks, it is usually rotten. And, the stench emanating from the indictment, trial and conviction of Dick Simkanin is more than We The People can stomach.


Click Here to read this important WTP article documenting the significant judicial and prosecutorial misconduct in the federal tax trial of employer Dick Simkanin.

The article also contains excerpts and analysis from the transcripts of the trial. 


129 Years For Asking to See The Law

Perfectly Illegal:
Non-Withholding Employer Simkanin
Convicted in Rigged Trial

There is no doubt: Dick Simkanin was illegally convicted. The law cannot be used, or more appropriately, abused -- to penalize the citizens of this nation for failing to do something that NO specific law obligates them to do.

Dick Simkanin studied the details of the U.S. tax laws, he repeatedly asked the government to “show him the law” and when it refused – he acted upon the words and letter of the written law. 

With the law as the only significant issue of contention before the court, and with defendant Simkanin facing a sentence for his life in federal prison, USDC Judge John McBryde, in direct violation of Simkanin's due process Rights, prevented him and his legal counsel from presenting ANY substantive defense based upon on the actual written laws of this nation.  McBryde simultaneously denied the jurors their unalienable Right to exercise their discretion and judgment regarding the proper application of the law as it applied to business owner Simkanin. 

In the end, twelve women and men of Fort Worth, through their own misperceptions of the law, ignorance of our constitutional system of justice, and the unlawful manipulation of the trial by a tyrannical judge, unwittingly aided and abetted the unlawful prosecution, and conviction of Dick Simkanin. 

These Texas jurors unknowingly conspired with a corrupt government intent on imprisoning Simkanin as a political prisoner and making him the federal “poster child” for any American that dares ask, “What specific U.S. law requires me to file, pay or withhold?”   (continued...)

Click Here to read the full article


2nd Amendment Battle Leaders Come
To The GML 2004 National Conference

What Does a Free People Do After Silveira?

If the People are disarmed, can they protect their country from their government? Can a People be free if they do not possess the means to defend freedom?

On December 1, 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to disturb a recent decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which held, in effect, that the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms is NOT an unalienable Right that belongs to individuals, but rather it is a right that belongs to the “State” – i.e., it is a “privilege” to be granted to, or taken from, the individual by government fiat. 

With this decision, our government has taken another significant step toward total disarmament of the People and the demise of our constitutional Republic.

Will the People acquiesce? Will the People enforce their Right to Keep and Bear Arms?  (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Judicial Lemons

Black Robes Dispense Kangaroo Justice
US Courts, DOJ Collude to Delay the Inevitable

On September 27, 2003 we posted an article in our website titled, “Tell the IRS to ‘Drop Dead,’ Lemons’ Response Last Straw.” We expressed our astonishment and anger over the response an IRS senior spokesman, Terry Lemons, gave to a New York Times reporter (David Cay Johnston), who asked Lemons why the IRS was refusing to answer, in writing, our Petitions for Redress regarding the fraudulent origin and unlawful enforcement of the  income tax upon ordinary Americans.  

As reported by the Times, IRS’ Terry Lemons told Johnston the IRS was answering our Petitions through “enforcement actions.” 

Finally, an honest answer from our government.  

For the record: other than its police actions, the US Government has steadfastly and repeatedly refused to answer our Petitions.

But, it is also true, that while our government has been sustaining the livelihood of tens of thousands of bureaucrats in the IRS (one of the few growth industries remaining in America) it is been unlawfully abusing its constitutionally limited prosecutorial and judicial powers in order to compel the federal income tax upon average Americans even though they lack any bona fide legal authority to do so.

Our cherished Republic has recently begun to adopt fascist practices where average Americans are now “brow beaten,” incarcerated and forcefully dragged before IRS and DOJ “legal” tribunals.  These are honest working men and women and small business owners, whose only crime has been to dare to openly question the legal authority for the income tax and have subsequently exercised their constitutionally protected Right to retain their money until their grievances are redressed. 

But, let’s take a closer look at what Terry Lemons means by “enforcement actions.”  (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Tell IRS To “Drop Dead”
Lemons’ Response Last Straw

Watch as IRS Commissioner Everson & Officials
Evade & Obfuscate the Truth

For many months, Americans caught up in resisting the IRS’s income tax fraud have contacted WTP for direct legal assistance and advice.  As you know, WTP’s primary mission is education and facilitating citizen vigilance and activism.  It does not include providing specific, individual assistance on tax or legal matters.

However, after last Tuesday’s “Enforcement, rather than Answers” insulting retort from IRS’ Terry Lemons to David Cay Johnston of the New York Times, WTP is now offering advice worthy to be followed by all People contacted by the IRS or their state tax collector, looking for money directly or indirectly related to Subtitle A or C of the Internal Revenue Code.

Below is a memorandum from Bob Schulz that is now being sent to anyone who contacts WTP for such help.  It announces that WTP Congress has just released a (template) letter that can be sent to the IRS and/or State tax collectors in response to their attempts to unlawfully enforce the income tax code.
(continued. . .) 

Click Here to Read the Full Article


Thank You New York Times

IRS Questioned About Our Questions

Thanks to The New York Times, we achieved a measure of success in DC last Tuesday in our attempt to get the media to include some of our side of the story in its coverage of the press conference held at the Treasury Department to announce a new agreement between state and federal tax officials to fight “abusive tax avoidance schemes”. More on that in a moment.

Attending the event were officials from Treasury, IRS and nine of the 40 states that have signed the agreement. We believe about thirty print and broadcast reporters from the dominant media were in attendance.  (continued...)

Click Here to Read the Full Article


An Open Letter To The People
Of Alabama & All Americans:

If We Remove God From
Government In America,
The Constitution And
Bill Of Rights Will Be Next.

We The People Must Not Let That Happen.

Churches and their symbols do not belong in our courthouses and statehouses--but God belongs there.

225 years ago, The United States of America was conceived in faith and rocked in the cradle of liberty by God’s guiding hand.  It was their strong faith in the Creator, and their humble reliance on Divine Providence, that gave our Founders the wisdom and courage to create the magnificent experiment in human freedom called America.  The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States expressly recognize God as the source of our unalienable rights, personal freedoms and system of laws in America.

The First Amendment clearly states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...”  So, by what authority does the federal government or courts presume to dictate to the People of Alabama, or any other sovereign state, that they may not recognize God as the supreme authority in their courts and institutions of civil government?     (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article

This article is being run as a full-page Ad in the daily Montgomery, Alabama newspaper, The Montgomery Advertiser this Thursday, August 28th.  
Click Here
to see the Ad (121KB, .pdf)


Must Elected Officials Answer Our Petitions?

Can We Withhold Our Money If They Refuse?

We The People say “YES” to both questions. 

The Founders said “YES” to both questions.

Now we will ask the United States Supreme Court to say “YES” to both questions.

Whether the Supreme Court confirms this self-evident truth, depends on you -- your passion for liberty, truth and justice, and your active participation and financial support.

At this serious moment in the life of our Country, we ask each of you to consider making the eternal cause of freedom a real and permanent part of your life.   (continued. . .)

Click Here to Read the Entire Article



The Lawsuit to Restore Constitutional Order

History Making Lawsuit Proceeds
Legal Team Engaged

Law Professors Back Us:
Right to Petition is THE Cornerstone
of Popular Sovereignty

Join & Support The Lawsuit

Note: This article is the long awaited announcement that we have  referred to repeatedly for several weeks.
It may be the most important update we have ever posted due to the extraordinary events that will soon unfold for our nation as a direct result of this legal initiative.

We urge everyone to read the entire article, study the supporting materials and to widely distribute news of this history making lawsuit.

Click Here to Read the Entire Article


Message To Bush, Frist, Hastert And Hyde:

Prepare Yourselves.
You Are In For An Awakening.

You will soon be called to account for your acts before you make further mockery of our Constitution.

Be forewarned, we are not talking about Election Day.  We are wiser now.

While the government entities under your leadership have been on a nationwide Reign of Terror against the People, abusing the limited legal authorities that have been delegated to you, infringing upon the constitutionally protected Rights of the People and seeking to suppress even the People’s Right to public discourse concerning such abuses – we have been doing our “homework”.

We are a small, but committed group of ordinary Americans.  Over the years, we have become dedicated students of history, law, political philosophy, the nature of our Constitutional Republic and the nature of the men that are drawn to influence and control governments.  We have sought solutions for what ails our nation.

As the recent course of events has played out across our country, we have learned much.  As we have prepared to peacefully repel your acts of tyranny by public examination of the law of the land and our Constitution, we have come to rediscover knowledge that, for whatever reasons, has been systemically suppressed, hidden and virtually eradicated from the public discourse of high school civics classes, college history courses, law school text books, daily newspapers, the debate floors of our representative government and our courtrooms of justice.

Here’s what we’ve learned:  
 (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article


Judge Bans Schiff Book on Income Tax

1st Amendment Thrashed to Buy the Tax More Time
New York Times: More Deception

On Monday, June 16, Federal District Court Judge Lloyd D. George issued a preliminary injunction banning the sale and distribution of Irwin Schiff’s book about the income tax titled, “The Federal Mafia: How The Government Illegally Imposes And Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes And How Americans Can Fight Back.”

Schiff’s book, which is a personal and legal examination of the income tax fraud and includes extensive and specific quotations and analyses of US tax law and Supreme Court rulings on the tax, was banned even though the Department of Justice (which bears the burden of proof) presented no evidence and no witnesses at the April 11th preliminary injunction hearing. Click Here to read the first portion of the censored book (.pdf).

In short, Judge George banned Schiff’s book as “false commercial speech” without any specific analysis or any in-court evidentiary examination establishing the “falsity” of Schiff’s actual speech and by blithely ignoring the substantial body of established Supreme Court constitutional law protecting free expression and publication.

 Click Here to Read the Entire Article


Other Past Significant News
 & Events

Please see the Archives Below for the
Complete Record of Previous WTP Web Articles


March 15

IRS & DOJ Put On Notice:
National Campaign To Stop Withholding

On March 15, 2003, Bob Schulz officially put the IRS on notice that WTP has initiated a national campaign to educate officials of private companies that under U.S. law, their workers are not subject to withholding, that the companies are not legally "withholding agents" and that the individual income tax is fraudulent in its origin and unlawful in its enforcement and operation.

WTP’s letter was addressed to the new IRS Commissioner, Mark W. Everson. A copy of the full packet of information to be presented to each company during the campaign was enclosed with the letter to Mr. Everson.

Copies of the letter, with the enclosure, were also sent to: President George W. Bush; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist; Speaker J. Dennis Hastert; Attorney General John Ashcroft; Treasury Secretary John Snow; and David Cay Johnston of the New York Times   (continued. . . )

Click Here to Read the Entire Article and Access the Legal Forms to Terminate Withholding.

Dec 31


It Is Now Out In The Open In Congress:
Constitution Is "Inappropriate And Anachronistic."

Only One Non-Violent Option Left For The People: It Is Un-American To Fund This Government

The power to tax and the power to wage war are the two most potent enumerated powers; most sought after by government; most potentially harmful to individual Liberty; most in need of citizens’ scrutiny.

As further justification for the People to stop sending money to the federal government, this article reports on the treasonous behavior that occurred in the halls of Congress on October 2 and 3. 2002, regarding the unconstitutional commitment of this nation to war.

The government’s disdain and disrespect for the Constitution came out into the open on October 3, 2002, in the House of Representatives, during the second day of a two-day hearing on the Iraq Resolution (H.J. Resolution 114), "AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAQ."

Congressman Ron Paul reminded the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on International Relations that the Constitution required a congressional Declaration of War before the armed forces of the United States could be applied in hostilities overseas, not H.J.R 114, a congressional Resolution authorizing the President to decide if and when to apply that force.

However, Chairman Henry Hyde is quoted, for the record, "There are things in the Constitution that have been overtaken by events, by time. Declaration of war is one of them…There are things no longer relevant to a modern society…Why declare war if you don’t have to?…We are saying to the President, use your judgment…So, to demand that we declare war is to strengthen something to death. You have got a hammerlock on this situation, and it is not called for. Inappropriate, anachronistic, it isn’t done anymore…."                  (Continued. . . )

Click here to Read the Full Article.

Dec 30

DOJ Crosses the Line:
Schulz Demands an Apology

US Asst. Attorney General Turns Coat
Schulz Rebukes DOJ Letter to Congressman

Early this year, following the decision by DOJ and the IRS to renege on their agreement to appear before the People, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (Maryland) formally requested that DOJ respond, in writing, to specific legal questions that had been submitted by Bob Schulz and the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education as part of a Petition for Redress of Grievances.

On the People’s behalf, Rep. Bartlett sought to obtain official government responses regarding significant matters of US income tax law, federal jurisdiction and Constitutional violations posed by the current law enforcement practices of DOJ and IRS relating to the federal income tax system.

On November 21, 2002, We The People Foundation came into possession of a letter dated April 18th, 2002 sent from US Assistant Attorney General Daniel Bryant to Rep. Bartlett articulating the reasons Department of Justice was offering for refusing Bartlett’s request and refusing to answer the People’s questions.                          (Continued. . . )

Click here to Read the Full Article.

Click here to Read Bryant’s letter and Schulz’s Reply


Dec 8
Hanging By a Thread: 
Divinely Inspired Civil Government

We Must Not Acquiesce: 
It Would Be Un-American.  
It Would Be Un-Godly.

We Must Retain Our Money: 
It is The Only Remaining Non-Violent Option.

No one should doubt the historical significance of November 14th. History will come to record that The Moment of Truth on the National Mall, culminating Freedom Drive 2002, marked the place and the moment in the 21st century when the People took a stand against governmental tyranny in America and began the process of restoring the Constitution of the United States of America to its rightful place.              (continued. . . )

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June 16
Schulz to Feds:
No Answers, No Taxes.

Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education today released a letter sent to his regional IRS processing center, IRS Commissioner Rossotti, President Bush, Speaker Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Daschle declaring his total commitment to personally instigate sufficient civil action across the nation to end the income tax as we know it.

Schulz’s letter publicly proclaims and staunchly states that after 45 years of willful compliance he now refuses to file a tax return for 2001, 2002 and for all future years.

Citing the record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing and the government’s steadfast refusal to answer the Foundation’s well-documented charges that the income tax system is fraudulent in its jurisdiction and is unlawfully enforced against the American people, Schulz said, "The gloves are off. Enough is enough.  The evidence phase is over. I will now do everything in my power to mobilize the People in defense of our rights. Our children and our neighbors are entitled to constitutional governance carried out in decency and good order."

"Our liberties have been seized. I call on all right minded citizens to do something – now! Spread the word. Join the We The People Congress. Sign up for duty as a county or state coordinator. Get ready to act."

Schulz’s letter chastises the government for its blatant disregard of the Constitution and his absolute right, as a sovereign citizen, to a formal response from the US Government to the petition for redress of grievances regarding the income tax system.

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May 15

Congress Ignores the Petitions.
More of the Same: 
Insolence !

One month has passed since all 535 congressmen were petitioned for a redress of grievances regarding the federal income tax. On April 15th, thousands of letters from constituents were hand delivered with copies of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing record to every member of Congress.

Not one congressman specifically acknowledged the record of the Citizens’ Truth-In-Taxation Hearing, much less the Hearing’s 537 statements of fact, supporting evidence and conclusions of law.  

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April 7
Racketeering at IRS:
WTP Holds DC Press Conference

Hard evidence of unlawful computer file tampering and other illegal acts were publicly exposed at a press conference from the National Press Club.  Over 25,000 watch this press conference.

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Mar. 3
Historic Truth-in-Taxation Hearing Concludes

Former IRS Agents, Tax and Constitutional Attorneys,  CPAs and Researchers Testify Under Oath for Two Days Exposing the Government Fraud --- And Abuse Of Power Against American Citizens. 

The Evidence And Record Of Facts Now Stand Irrefutable.

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Feb. 11
WTP Runs Full Page Ad in Sunday      New York Times, February 10, 2002

IRS and DOJ:  Why Won't You Answer?

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Jan. 28

We Now Have A Constitutional Crisis

U. S. Government Officials Refuse To Answer Questions On Legality Of The IRS And Income Tax System

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (MD), Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant, and IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti have broken their written agreement with the American People and have betrayed the United States Constitution.


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ARCHIVE-1    1999 thru January, 2002

  Archive includes: the first National Press Club symposiums on the income tax, the tax Remonstrance, Project Toto, our series of full page ads in USA Today, the IRS "Walk-around", Bob Schulz's Hunger strike (July 2001), early preparations for the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing and the government's reneging (in Jan. 02) on their formal agreement to answer the Peoples' charges challenging the legal authority for the income tax. 

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