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March 15 The Revolution Continues
Jan. 31 "Shameful & Treasonous" Petition for Rehearing filed w/ SCOTUS
Jan. 13 U.S. Supreme Court DENIES Landmark WTP Appeal
Dec. 7 Supreme Court Sets Schedule
Nov. 29 U.S. Supreme Court Dockets WTP Appeal
October 24 Speaking to Power WTP files Petition U.S. Supreme Court for Certiorari
August 25 Sleightful - more on Right to Petition & 6700 retaliation by IRS
June 24 En Banc Request Filed in DC
June 4 Epic Unfolding: Constitution v. Law  US COA Denies WTP Appeal
October 31 Update: Schulz Furthers Oral Arguments
October 27 Update: Government's Position Is Monarchic, WTP Motion to Expedite Filed
October 10 USCOA Hears Oral Arguments for RTP,  WTP Files Motion for Injunctive Protection
June 9 1040 Checkmate?  DOJ Dismisses Felony Tax Charges After PRA Defense Raised
May 15 High Courts Grapple With Meaning of Right to Petition
March 31 Powerful Amicus Brief Filed
Feb. 28 Right-to-Petition Case Now Before U.S. Court of Appeals
Sept. 13 USDC Dismisses RTP Lawsuit  WTP article: "The Greatest Threat"
Feb. 27 USDC Grants WTP Motion For Sur-Reply -- Final Word in Motion To Dismiss Battle
Jan. 29 U.S. Court of Appeals to IRS: No USDC Order, No Enforcement Action (related)
Jan. 26 IRS Commits Fraud On the District Court
Dec. 22 In Defense of the Petition Clause
October 20 The Right To Petition: Stopping Undeclared Wars
Sept 23 Amended Complaint Filed
August 23 Amended Complaint to Be Filed Shortly
July 26 Lawsuit Begins w/ 3 hrs. Live C-SPAN Coverage & DC March to IRS/DOJ
May 10 Government is Wrong: New Damning Research, Next Steps in Petition Process
April 4 Give Me Liberty 2004 -- Conference on the Right To Petition, Record Available
Oct. 20 Phase One: Complete. Phase 2: $285,000 Needed
Sept. 4 Update: Retaliation Against Those That Question Government Continues
August 3 Two Questions for the Supreme Court
July 25 We The People v. The U.S. Government  (Lawsuit Announced)
July 20 A Message to the Leaders


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