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The First Amendment Right of Petition


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In July 2004 almost 2000 Americans filed a landmark lawsuit against the U.S. Government seeking to have the federal Judiciary declare
-- for the first time in history -- the constitutional meaning of the First Amendment Petition clause including the Right of the People to enforce the Right of Petition if Redress is denied.

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We The People believes the Right to Petition
is, in fact, the "capstone" Right of the Bill of Rights and that its effect is the direct exercise of Popular Sovereignty -- the First Grand Right of the Founding documents that declares government is the servant of Men. 

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The Justification for Withholding Monies From The Government Until Our Grievances are Redressed
The Legal & Moral Case
Transcript of Jan. 2003 WTP Liberty Hour

"No Answers, NO Taxes"
Text: DC speech by Bob Schulz, 11/14/2002

Latest Lawsuit News:
    U.S. Supreme Court DENIES
    Petition for Writ of Certiorari
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MAY 2007:
    U.S. Court of Appeals DENIES WTP Appeal
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8-page news article, history of the Petitions

“If money is wanted by Rulers who have in any manner
oppressed the People,
they may retain it
until their grievances are redressed,
and thus peaceably procure relief,
without trusting to despised petitions
or disturbing the public tranquility.”

1774, Journals of the Continental Congress, 1:105-113

Read the Founder's Resolution
to the Inhabitants of Quebec


July 2004: Read our Update covering the
                DC Kickoff Event & Live
w/ Photos 

July, 2004 AFP News Coverage of Kickoff

May, 2004: More Petitions & Damning Research

Order the C-SPAN live video of the DC "Kickoff"

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What Can I Do To Help
Restore Constitutional Order?


SIGN The Petitions For Redress:

- Abuse of War Making Authority
- Abuse of Rights by the "USA Patriot Act"
- Abuse of Taxing Authority
- Abuse of the Money & Banking Powers
- Abuse of Right to Keep & Bear Arms
- Abuse of Right to Controlled Borders
- Abuse of National Sovereignty (no NAU)

GET READY to Demand Redress:
      What Must A Free People Do?
The Revolution Continues
                -- details coming....


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The Landmark Lawsuit

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Preliminary Statement of the Case  


Read the 537 Legal Questions about the income
tax code the Government refuses to answer
The Complaint WTP v. The U.S. Government The Constitution  & Bill of Rights
Supporting Affidavit detailing the People's path
to the Judiciary to Secure Redress

Study the Legal
& Historical Research


The following are academic & research papers from law publications that detail the history, significance, function and power of the
First Amendment Right to Petition: 

(Note: all are large Adobe .pdf files
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A Short History
S. Higginson, Yale Law Journal
319 KB
Vestigial Constitution
G. Mark, Fordham Law Review
716 KB
Neglected But Absolute
N. Smith, U. of Cincinnati Law Review
454 KB
Sovereign Immunity & The Right
J. Pfander, Northwestern U. Law Review
340 KB
Bill of Rights as a Constitution
A. Amar, Yale Law Journal
749 KB
Court Access: A 1st Amend. Challenge. C. Andrews, Ohio State Law Journal 1084 KB
Implications For Rule 11 Sanctions
Harvard Law Review
233 KB
Petition & Access To The Court
C. Andrews, Ohio State Law Journal
991 KB
How The Judiciary Stole The Right To Petition
J. Wolfgram, UWLA Law Review
Libelous Petitions
E. Schnapper, Iowa Law Review
146 KB