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Title Description
**FREE** Schulz v. IRS @ The 2nd Circuit Date: December, 2004
To Quash An IRS Summons Event Schulz v. IRS Appeal, Oral Argument
(24 minutes, Windows audio) Content: WTP Chairman confronts the U.S. Attorney at the 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals in oral arguments.  To defeat Schulz's lawsuit, the DOJ (representing IRS as defendant) paradoxically argues that IRS Summons can be ignored and have NO force of law
24 minutes, Windows audio 
**FREE** IRS Evades THE Question  Date: September, 2003
(4 minutes)                   Event:  IRS Press Conference at the U.S. Treasury 
  Content: IRS Commissioner Mark Everson is directly confronted by New York Times reporter
David Cay Johnston regarding the WTP protest outside the U.S Treasury building and asks the Commissioner, "What law requires Americans to file or pay income taxes?" 

See who does the real "evading"... 
**FREE** More Evasion of THE Question Date: March, 2004
(3 minutes) Event: IRS National Taxpayer Advocate on C-SPAN

Content: IRS National Taxpayer Advocate, Nina Olson appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal program. A phone-in caller noted the Kuglin and Simkanin trials & then asked the question, "What law requires Americans to file or pay income taxes?"

Again, a lead IRS spokesperson declines to use a national broadcast forum to cite the law!
**FREE** White House Press Briefing Date: May, 2002
(2 minutes) Event: White House Press Briefing
  Content: On C-SPAN, Press Secretary Ari Fleischer is asked about Bob Schulz's hunger strike and about IRS & DOJ reneging on their formal agreement to answer the WTP questions about the income tax.    
$ 8.50 Freedom Drive 2002  Date: November, 2002
Cable/DSL --ONLY-- at this time!
(3 hours of video)
Event: Freedom Drive on the Mall in Washington
Instructions, Terms & Conditions Content: WTP's across-America drive ended in front of the U.S. Capitol to demand a response from the Government to the WTP Petitions for Redress.  Excellent speeches, memorable patriotic entertainment and live music, and Bob Schulz declaring the "Moment of Truth:"
               No Answers, NO TAXES. 

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** FREE ** The Simkanin Trial, KC Talk Radio Date: January, 2004
((2) 45-minute files) Event: Kansas City KCXL Radio Archives

(Audio ONLY)

Content: KC radio host Peter McCandless devotes (2) one hour shows to the tragedy of employer Dick Simkanin's tax "trial" in Fort Worth, Texas where the US Attorney and the Federal Judge broke every rule in the book to "railroad" Simkanin, deceive the jury, & secure a conviction. 
$ 7.50 IRS Walk-Around Date: April, 2001
  (1 hour)   Free preview (Cable/DSL)
Dial-up & Cable/DSL versions      
Event: WTP Walk-Around Protest at IRS HQ in Washington, DC
Instructions, Terms & Conditions Content: Hundreds of WTP supporters gathered at the Jefferson Memorial, then marched to (& around) the IRS Headquarters demanding answers from IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti, repeatedly shouting, "Show us the law!"

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$ 9.50 Tax Remonstrance Delivery to DC Date: May, 2000
(2 hours)  Dial-up OR cable Event: WTP Income Tax Remonstrance Delivery
Instructions, Terms & Conditions Content: Bob Schulz, former IRS CD agent Joe Banister and delegates from all fifty states personally deliver the WTP tax Petition for Redress (Remonstrance) to the White House, the Senate and the House.

Obtain the set of (2) VHS tapes  
** FREE ** Irwin Schiff on NY FOX News  Date April, 2003
(5 minutes) Event: FOX News story, Schiff in NY
  Content: Self-evident news piece with Schiff leading FOX- TV news reporters around New York City asking professional tax preparers and leading tax attorneys, "What law requires me to file?"

** FREE ** The Liberty Hour,  Video #1 Date: January, 2003
(1.5 hours) donation appreciated! Event: Liberty Hour Video #1 -- No Answers, NO Taxes,

No Answers,

Content: Bob Schulz and WTP activist Charlie Beall boldly articulate the irrefutable moral and legal basis for the People to stop paying, withholding and filing.

These 90 minutes may change your life and your understanding of what steps the People must take to reclaim our Republic and our Freedom. The little known "Right to Petition for Redress" is the ultimate, non-violent means toward that end.
No Answers, NO TAXES! 

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  The Give Me Liberty 2004  Date: January, 2004
Conference Archives  Event: The WTP 2004 Give Me Liberty Conference
    Content: In January 2004, WTP hosted the historic 3-day conference to publicly unveil the fight for the long-forgotten 1st Amendment Right to Petition & the exercise that Right to Restore Constitutional Order and reclaim Freedom. 

The 3-day conference witnessed an array of unforgettable freedom speeches in the defense of Freedom and panel discussions by nationally renowned legal scholars, authors, columnists, attorneys and activists.

The gathering included: Alan Keyes, columnist Joseph Sobran, Hutton Gibson (father of Mel Gibson), Kay Buchanan, Joseph Farah (WordNetDaily.com), film producer Aaron Russo, and many, many others others. 

Click Here for a full description of the GML2004 webcast archives

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Panels at the conference covered the ongoing attack on 2nd Amendment Gun Rights, the fight to expose the faltering income tax fraud, the Federal Reserve, the media and how to exercise the Right to Petition to restore Constitutional Order.

Over 25 hours of professionally produced video of  high-value, intellect gripping, liberty-oriented content that rivals the best offerings found on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Public Television or C-SPAN.

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Instructions, Terms & Conditions All Archives 56k Dialup
OR Cable/DSL
$8.50 Webcast Archive # 1   3.5 hrs.  
  The Right to Petition
+ Bob Schulz, Charlie Beall
& Attorney Mark Lane
$8.50 Webcast Archive # 2   5 hrs.  
  The Right to Petition & 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Battle
+ columnist Joseph Sobran
$8.50 Webcast Archive # 3   4 hrs.  
  Federal Reserve v. Constitution
+ film producer Aaron Russo
$8.50 Webcast Archive # 4   4 hrs.  
Constitution v. Income Tax Fraud
 & Judicial-Prosecutorial
Misconduct, PART 1
Hutton Gibson, (father of  actor/producer Mel Gibson)
$8.50 Webcast Archive # 5   4.5 hrs.  
Constitution v. Income Tax Fraud
 & Judicial-Prosecutorial
Misconduct, PART 2
Bay Buchanan 
$8.50 Webcast Archive # 6   3.5 hrs.  
  Reclaiming America & Fighting Back
+ Joseph Farah (WorldNetDaily)
$6.00 Conference Archive #7   1 hr.
Cable/DSL --ONLY-- at this time!
  Alan Keyes Keynote Address:
The Destruction of America &
 Immorality of an Income Tax
That IS a Slave Tax